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Cheryl Cole's Accent

Too Thick for 'X-Factor'

5/25/2011 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cheryl Cole was dropped from the judging panel on "X-Factor" largely because producers were  concerned her English accent would be too difficult for an American audience to understand ... sources close to the production tell TMZ. .

There were other issues too -- we're told Cheryl and fellow judge Paula Abdul had a "lack of chemistry" ... and Cheryl was more expendable.

Producers now want Cheryl to return to the UK version of the show -- but according to sources, Cheryl's royally pissed over how this situation was handled ... and may sever ties with "X-Factor" entirely.

Steve Jones will now be the only host on the show -- which debuts in September -- since Nicole Scherzinger will be filling Cheryl's seat on the judging panel.

Calls to Simon Cowell still haven't been returned.


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The cow should never have been asked.... What is missed here is the comments she made about Americans plastic surgery... That was the final straw.. You don't come visit and then make fun of your HOSt, something this cow just doesn't get... On the accents - those who compare Simon to Cow you don't get the British culture her accent is equivalent to a person in the deep south full on... Smiles I can't wait to see dreamy Nicole ahhhhhh - she was amazing on the brithish version this year....

1244 days ago


I do think Cheryl is absolutely beautiful, and someone made a comment about Simon has a English accent and Americans can understand that it, I am from Brooklyn and live in London for 10 years now, and yes Cheryl accent is a Jordie accent and it is too thick. When I see her in the hair commercial, that advert would be better if she didn't speak. Jordie accents are amazing when you listen to it and get to understand what they are saying, Simon and Cherly have different British accent and she needs to either go to a vocal coach to help her tame her accent so she won't get turned down again.

1244 days ago


Can't understand Cheryl, pretty but lightweight talent, etc?
Are the producers and others missing ALL of their senses?

Cheryl is one of the best parts of the UK version of X Factor, in fact the whole judging team is spot on. What we're about to get is X Factor as if it were produced by the American Idol team. What a bloody shame.

BRING BACK CHERYL, KEEP SIMON AND PAULA, and let's get a real X Factor show for the States. C'mon people. And please, no rubbish about you can't understand Cheryl. Let the fans watch the UK version on youtube and make up their own minds.

1244 days ago

Mary UK    

This comes as no surprise, she is a nobody to Americans, little talent and i suspect pretty women are not thin on the ground in the US. I dont much like the X Factor here in the UK but when Nicole stepped in to cover for Cheryl i thought she was amazing, i didnt have much time for here before but she added more to the panel than any otherjudge, even visually the panel looked more authentic, Nicole is maturer than Cheryl, looked like a real WOMAN and has the talent to back it up!!!

1244 days ago


She is from Newcastle and she has a Geordie accent.
I think it's kinda cute the way she speak eventhough i don't understand a single word she say. :P

1244 days ago

Victoria UK    

Steve Jones has got a very strong Welsh accent and he's presenting the show!!! Very strange indeed!

1244 days ago


Why are people talking about Newcastle as if it's foreign country or a distant planet? It's in the north east of England, just south of the border with Scotland.

If you go to city in England or Britain for that matter, you'll find that accents change within miles of each and from place to place. It's not as if everybody speaks one way in London and that's the same for the rest of England and then, BANG, you're in Scotland or you're in Wales.

There's no such thing as a British accent anyway. Britain is England, Scotland and Wales.

1244 days ago


Are you sure she just wasn't too thick period!

1244 days ago


Result, the whole show is based on a US audience, who would have been bored to tears with contestants, fans and staff, saying "HUHHH?" "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" "PARDON?" every five seconds...

It is bad enough that they have a "WELSH MAN" presenting the show, who is nearly as goofy when it comes to repeating things 3 times...

The Xfactor USA has all the makings of a great, interactive and long term product for Mr Cowell and Co, however, all this bad marketing, staff allocation and judges ego's, could ruin it!

As the basis of the show is entertainment, we for one, are OVER the MOON that Cheryl has gone... maybe with a REAL SUPERSTAR like Nicole in place as a permenant judge fixture, things will be much more entertaining!

In the words of "A Newky Brown Ale Drinker... Away with ya lass!"

1244 days ago


Horrible timing on this, with Obama in the UK right now. The press there is in an uproar, as you might expect.

I listened to a YouTube clip of her giving an interview, and I had no trouble understanding her accent. Seems like a nice girl. Rotten thing to do to her.

1244 days ago

margaret main    

Less of the brit bashing, and the english language, this lady comes from the north of england, where the accent is very very strong, that even the sotherner's there cant understand them, just as you guys have regional accents so they do in england, see how hard it is to understand a broad scots or irish accent, and as for marble, i know where they should be and it not in the mouth,

1244 days ago


fair enough cheryls accent but what about steve jones haha

1244 days ago


American you missed out on one beautiful adorable woman. Her accent melts me I am an American and disappointed

1244 days ago



1244 days ago


I think it's utterly ridiculous, her "Geordie" accent is not strong at all! Once again it seems that the Brits can only get on in the US if they are sleeping with somebody. I'm sure If she was sleeping with Derek Hough this wouldn't be a problem. She's a fantastic judge on UK Xfactor. Paula Abdul to me is so boring. She's mutton dressed as lamb and needs to put some clothes on!
Americas lose!

1244 days ago
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