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Dr. Drew -- Conaway Did NOT Die From an Overdose

5/27/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite widespread reports, "Grease" star Jeff Conaway did NOT die from a drug overdose -- but rather his body gave out after long-term prescription drug abuse ... this according to Dr. Drew.


Drew -- who treated Conaway on "Celebrity Rehab" -- tells us there is no evidence showing Jeff died from an overdose ... saying, "This was aspiration with overwhelming pneumonia and sepsis."

Drew tells us Jeff's condition was inevitable because the actor had been a serious pill popper for years and the constant substance abuse wore down his body.

Drew explains, "Jeff is another pharmaceutical death from the overutilization of prescription drugs. Please continue to pray for friends and family. They appreciate your support.”


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Dr. Drew is just trying to cover his tracks. Everyone knows that this is now the second of his patients that has died in a matter of months, more victims of his "rehab" that exploits patients and encourages them to act out instead of take their sobriety and drug abuse seriously in a safe anonymous setting. This man is a vulture and its comical he writes books about celebrity narcissists because he is one. The media keeps giving Dr. Drew shows and opportunities to continue selling out patients and breaking confidentiality agreements and hippocratic oaths he apparently doesn't feel he has to abide by. RIP Jeff and addicts out there who don't get the help they really need from their 'doctors'.

1247 days ago


Once they begin using, its rare they recover. Seems like a slow and painful suicide.

1247 days ago



1247 days ago

She's baaaack    

Dr Drew pimped this poor man out for all he was worth. Dr Drew is *not* his doctor. Dr Drew got what he could from Mr Conaway, and even after that poor man is dead Drew is coming back for more, like vultures to carrion. I hope there is a special place in hell for people like Dr Drew. As for Jeff, his own hell has ended. I hope he is finally at peace.

1247 days ago


Screw that self important Dr. Drew douchebag!

1247 days ago


Does anyone know what he was taking?

1247 days ago


He died from a drug over dose, plain and simple. Whether that overdose happened in one fell swoop or over multiple years is irrelevant.

Drugs kill.


1247 days ago


Only YOU can save yourself from your demons.

1247 days ago


Not to make light of someones death......but Dr Drew should wake up and realize that HE is one of the bastards that prescribed him drugs. More proof that doctors and the modern medical establishment will kill you. The answers are found in nature....not on a scrip pad from some a-hole doctor who could not cure athletes foot.

1247 days ago


Of course he's going to say that. This is the 2nd person who died after being in his treatment program. It doesn't look good for him.

1247 days ago


Anyone having trouble with TMZ's comment button. The button stops functioning after you publish a comment, then you have to refresh the page or sign back in again if you want to make another comment.

1247 days ago


Sin D 4 hours ago
Very disrespectful pic of Conway TMZ. WTF happened to this site? Need ratings?

I couldn't agree more. TMZ....what the h@ll is wrong with you freaks. you make light and fun of everything. you search for the worst pics of any and every celebrity. F@CK off Levin, you and your 'didn't even graduate from high school' POS internals are a bunch of losers. Can't wait until one of you pass away, or lose a family memeber, maybe then you can post crap about them, make fun of them, search and post the worst picture of them. Frickin' freaks there at TMZ. Get a life, stop stalking celebrities 24/7.

Drug addiction is no joke, it kills. RIP, Jeff Conaway and all who suffer and cannot kick this addiction!

1247 days ago


I bet they start playing grease a lot on cable this week/month.

1247 days ago


It is sad that another of Dr. Drews drug addicted "cellebs" has ended up dead..I don't know how much money they are paid to entertain us...But the pain you do see, in the worst of them is clear..They are very sick...I think the draw,for the paycheck...Which in most of them is needed...Makes them try to conform to the program, they cannot fuffill during the short time they have ..With the cameras..and all the drama!! These sick people need a quiet safe place, they can learn to become non-dependent on their drugs alcohol etc....I think Dr. Drew does tries so hard to help them.... I feel his compassion...But in the long run, two dead in 2011???????

1247 days ago


Dr. Drew should treat Lindsey Lohan.

1247 days ago
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