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Lindsay Lohan -- The ART Of The House Arrest

5/27/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan plans to spend her stint under house arrest doing lots of painting ... reading ... and relaxing at her townhouse by the beach -- exactly the kind of hard time the judge intended.


Sources close to the actress tell us ... Lohan is looking at her confinement as a "time to relax, focus on her recovery and figure out her new game plan for her life and career."

Before she started to serve her time -- Lohan stocked up on art canvases so she can paint to release the stress.

We're told Lohan also has a stack of scripts she intends to read -- so she can decide on her next project.

Lohan is confident she will be released from house arrest before her birthday on July 2nd -- and we're told she's already making plans for a sober celebration. 

No wonder she was smiling yesterday.


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If you replace, painting with snorting and canvases with cocaine, the story makes a lot more sense.

1242 days ago



1242 days ago


Can she figure out how to paint a color by numbers piece? She's probably doing whippets (Small cartridge filled with nitrous oxide used for huffing) with cans of Redi Whip.

1242 days ago


Oh Vinsetta, you really are such a dumb person. That comment about Freaky Friday was an indirect reference to herself and was said tongue in cheek.

Stop spending your precious time searching the internet for comments which you can deliberately misinterpret. Go out and enjoy your life.

The poster talking about Lindsay dying...NOT FUNNY!

1242 days ago


Messenger....hey, I took a shot, so I was wrong. She probably will O.D. in there.

1242 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

Sorry folks ...This is the best we could do on new "exclusives".(Sighs heavily)
I guess I'll stick with what I know and let HL do what he does..
In between sets, back to the squat rack.
peace be upon you ..enjoy the holiday weekend 'TMZ USERS'

1242 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

The California justice system is such a joke, it is nauseating at how much this girl has gotten away with over the years. House arrest in a mansion-give me a break!

1242 days ago



The internet is a tool (like you) and I'll use it. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt, I thought she still had a few million left. So I had to know. I never expected someone who had 30 million to piss it away to 100 grand.

1242 days ago


Poor thing...

Next project? What was her last project? She has't done anything except make TMZ for years and years,

1242 days ago


@ Cleveland Gal

Where would you like her to serve her house arrest? in a hotel? Thats such a ridiculous statement.

She's in her home for 35 days at her expense. Would you prefer 14 days in jail at the Cali's expense? Duh!

Good luck Lindsay and God bless, so many are rooting for you.

1242 days ago

Seal Team 6    

I guess "Doing Art" is Lohanese for drinking Grey Bulls and Tweaking.

Urban dictionary entry time?

1242 days ago

the Seeker    

I agree with the messenger.
Lindsay is complying with all the requirements of her sentence.
We should all show support for this young lady as she struggles to re-invent her life and career.

Be strong girl you can do this.
How much for a signed painting ? I would buy one or two !!!!!!!!

1242 days ago


She'll end up selling that crap art at one of those struggling artist sales at a Holiday Inn for the weekend.

1242 days ago


@ Vinsetta

Seriously honey, you really must try harder to be more objective. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Many stories are embellished to the point of being farcical.

On that note I'll leave you to roll around in the filth of the gutter websites. Bye bye.

1242 days ago



Ok, now on a real subject: WHY house arrest when most of us would be in a 4X4 jail cell, pissing in metal bowls and eating and drinking a bunch of jail crap. Why does she get house arrest? Its shameful how the court systems work and how SHE gets off while 100% of us, NON-CELEBRITY folks would be stuck in that little cell, wiping shi& off our asses with our bedsheets!!!!!

She calls herself a designer yet I havent seen a single sketch or a single button being sown. EVERYONE these days seems to be a designer and what not where there are no skill to back it up. DILLUSIONAL little girl, go back to red hair and get real with yourself. Buy 100 large mirrors from and try really looking at yourself for once rather than looking at yourself from a magazine stand point. EGO is way too large.

1242 days ago
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