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Paula Abdul -- I Was Traveling When Cheryl Got Let Go

5/28/2011 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Time zones and air travel combined to leave Paula Abdul out of the loop -- because when she arrived in Singapore to promote "The X Factor" ... she had no idea what was going on with Cheryl Cole.

Paula seemed to have just heard the news when she took the stage earlier this week to face reporters. When asked about Cheryl leaving the show, Paula responded, "This apparently has captured the news while I was traveling so I'm just finding out things as you are ... You probably know more than I do."

As TMZ first reported, Cole was replaced as a judge on the show by Nicole Scherzinger ... because producers feared Cole's British accent would be unintelligible to American viewers.


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She was ..........

1242 days ago


With or without Cheryl Cole, I don't see the show making it anyway.

1242 days ago


Paula Abdul is unintelligible to the american audience..... had to be another reason!?

1242 days ago


Cheryl will be a big international star. Saying in America of all places that her accent wouldn't be understood when we have accents such a Cajun, Brooklyn, Texas Draw, not to Spanish, Germans...ect, is just un-American. Are they saying Americans are too dumb to get use to a new charming accent? I will not be watching this program any longer. We as a country disgraced ourselves by letting this happen without protest.

1242 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

That's not what I heard..Word is you planned and organized her departure.

Simon says ..."Paula is hired"

"talk to the media", I didn't say Simon says.........

1242 days ago


They fired her because of her BRITISH ACCENT?? Wow. That is incredibly lame....

1242 days ago


At first i didnt know who the hell she was but her music is pretty good. I can understand her just fine and i would rather than that bitch nicole smh

1242 days ago


Im not a Cheryl Cole fan but i'm just wondering, why did they give the job to her at the beginning if they weren't sure about her accent? and secondly why Nicole has to replace her? she can't even sing! so how can she be a good mentor for those poor contestants?

1242 days ago


From what I heard, Paula was Queen Bitch and didn't like Tweedy. I heard Queen Bitch instigated Tweedy's departure.

Queen Bitch and Tweedy were not getting along so the producers had to let one of them go so Tweedy was it since American is hot for Queen Bitch and Simon.

1242 days ago


Frankly I'm American and I like Cheryl 50x better than loopy Paula who has trouble stringing a sentence together.

I think they should have given her a chance. Get rid of Paula and have Nicole, Cheryl and Simon as judges. JMO

1242 days ago


I spent enough time abroad here and there to see three seasons of XFactor in the UK, and I'm a big Cheryl fan. I think it really sucks that she got fired. She really deserved the chance for America to get to know her.

1242 days ago

Cheryl Cole    

Poor Cheryl. America didn't want her, most of the UK don't want her back & now her x band mate Nadine Coyle is going to release a single in the states. That's not counting the "Put Your Hands Up(Armin van Buuren remix)" that's already avail on US iTunes. Also she just tweeted this 30 min ago

"On our way to fire island. Very excited to see @Vitofun spinning tonight." 29 minutes ago via Echofon

Take note Cheryl, Dont rush into something that you aren't familiar with. You want to be better known do something out here first and not just jump in all guns blazing and assume everyone will love you.

1242 days ago


C'mon people, it's always about the ratings which is money. No ratings, no money. This is a business.

1242 days ago

Aileen (Canada)    

Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell have been an item for quite some time now. He has rammed her down the throat of the British in his usual arrogant manner - she's with me - and thought he could sway the same arrangement in America! His star is obviously slipping. This is more telling about Simon Cowell's clout than Cheryl who has always been out of her depth. Interesting indeed!!

1242 days ago


Whoever said Nicole could not sing. Of course she can sing. She is practically the main singer in PCD with the other girls serving as backup. I don't have a problem with Cheryl. I can understand her. They shouldn't have let her go. The Brits seem to hate her more than Americans do. She has a longer history over there than in the U.S. Not really a fan of her music though. The only reason I know who she is is because I used to go on certain reality tv forums and Brits would talk about X Factor. She doesn't have that kind of history in the U.S. so Americans would have loved her regardless of whether they could understand her or not. Just the fact that she is pretty English woman and seems nice would have been enough to sway the American public.

1242 days ago
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