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Sarah Palin -- Bad to the Bone

5/29/2011 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes politician Sarah Palin hopped on the back of a Harley and took part in the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally in Washington, DC today.



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Vivid Video has gotta get on this....Bristol...Sarah...&...Michelle Bachmann in a three way !!!!! I'm In.................

1220 days ago


All you haters have bought the Dem line hook and sinker. Shame none of you can be independent thinkers, or thinkers at all for that matter.

1220 days ago


Oh God, don't get us started on Michelle Bachmann! LOL!

1220 days ago


Rick: Believe it or not, some of us are independents and are independent thinkers. Not everyone drinks the proverbial kool-aid that's being shoved down our throats.

1220 days ago



You haven't heard of "geowhiz"? It's a lot like Cheese Whiz except you put it over a steamy cow pie. Accompany with a tall glass of something grapey.


Hey, if Rudy's gonna love you I'll do my part too: Go with a white wine the next time you have salmon.

1220 days ago



Tru dat!

Just wanted to say "Tru dat" again.

1220 days ago


She isn't my first choice to be the next President but Obama is very close to my last choice. Another 4 years of his Socialism and this country will be ruined.

1220 days ago

Nature Freak    

Thanks for the kind words JustSayin'.

1220 days ago


WoW..... some of the comments here are really harsh.
And I bet 'Most' of you have far more a uneducated opinion than an educated one.

Sure, you can like dislike whomever you want, I welcome it. Yet the 'Poison' from some of you... embarrassing.

I'm mixed depending on the subject matter however, if you think government is too big, you think it wastes too much, then you have to give her some of the credit for bringing such a movement against it to light.

I believe she's well intentioned, loves this country, has led the pack when it comes to political social media and for the 'positives' she's brought to the table, I salute her. The negatives... none affect me or my loved ones so.

So Ride On Sarah! And your a LOT tastier than Hillary Clinton I'll tell ya that!

1220 days ago



I'm mixed depending on the subject matter however, if you think government is too big, you think it wastes too much, then you have to give her some of the credit for bringing such a movement against it to light.

I do agree with you on those matters. Has any politician ever had the whole of everyone behind them? I think not. It is true, you can not please all the people all of time. They all, at some point make gaffes and blunders. Sadly, some more than others.

As for being the media whore everyone is saying Plain and/or Obama are, I think, to a degree you have to have that desire for the spotlight to get into politics, otherwise it would be easy. There is that similarity between every politician. There are times I have thought I could do some good for my town or district but as I do not like being in the spotlight, I would never go into that arena but I will push and support others. Hell, I'd probably cause the rednecks to burn their own trailers, meth labs and the Waffle House in a riot.

1220 days ago


"The spending has to stop somewhere." - LDAWG

Yeah, to bad today's so called Republicans haven't gotten the memo. They spend like drunken Democrats AND they're obsessed with pushing their social agenda down our throats through legislation, just as bad as any liberal Democrat, the only difference is their social agenda is....

ONLY teaching Abstinence only education in schools.

Teaching alternative "creation science" in schools. You know, "teaching the controversy" about "Intelligent Design".

Legislating what your doctor can and can't discuss with you medically, in a private medical office, and mandating the exact language he uses through legislation.

Banning gay marriage at the federal level, despite always arguing the federal government should defer to states rights when it suits their agenda.

Effectively side stepping Roe vs Wade by making it next to impossible for a woman to met the conditions necessary to have a legal abortion.

etc. etc. etc. etc. etc...

Face it the Republican party has been hijacked by right wing extremists just like you the Democrats get hijacked by the liberal left in the party.

When extemists are in control nobody wins except them. I don't give a damned if they are liberal or conservative they are both a cancer on our society.

When today's Republican party gets back to *gasp* being small 'c' conservatives, like *gasp* Rachel Maddow would put know fiscally conservative and committed to smaller government, not bigger government that enforces their own social beliefs on everyone else, that's when i'll think about voting for Republicans again.

I don't even recognize today's so-called Republican party as Republicans. They are a small and extremist slice of the much bigger pool of conservatives in American, and they don't represent our values.

1220 days ago


Ldawg 9 hours ago
Yeah, I'M a loser. LOL! Let me guess - confederate flag, The Klan and apple pie? God Help America.

The KKK was founded by Democrats, but keep trying.


Yes it was, but oh how times have changed...

That original Klan is long dead and todays third generation splinter group counterparts to it are decidedly un-liberal in their political views. They as likely to be right wing extremists as anything else.

1220 days ago


Wow - you right wing Americans are retarded.

I mean, really REALLY retarded.

Separate yourself from your erroneous perceptions for a second and you'll realize that you will fall for any old lie as long as it's dressed up in red, white and blue and said by someone whose skin is as white as snow and uses the phrases "mama bear" and "smoke 'em out". It's like you're still 8 years old watching Gunsmoke, Bonanza and Have Gun Will Travel reruns.

That's what you are: grown ups living with the practical intelligence of 8 year olds. No wonder why you're frustrated with American life - you have standards that aren't capable of being met!

Seriously - do the rest of the world a favour and stay in your bedrooms having the rough gay sex you're trying to oppress through legislation and Westboro Baptist Church protests.

Now pick up your safety scissors and we'll have craft time and you can leave the important jobs to the smart people who actually care about more than their portfolios and hidden agendas.

1219 days ago


Never before have we had a potential candidate this confident to the point where she avoids the media, yet they follow her around like paparazzi do to Lindsay Lohan. It is mind boggling.
Read more of our thoughts on Sarah Palin at "I Mean... What?!?"

1219 days ago

Nature Freak    

Regarding Palin, here's an idea. There needs to be another season of the Canadian television series "Trailer Park Boys" produced. Sarah Palin, listen up. Sarah you will play Mr.Lehay's new love interest. As the season progresses it becomes all about you taking over Sunnyvale trailer park, and your acting role will be one of descending into a alcoholic and meth induced madness. Bristol and Willow television roles will be of puck bunny daughters who move into the trailer park and cause further chaos. Palin, this role is you. The set will be a trailer park, should make you feel at home. Even you can take direction in this environmen­t as it will come from your soul. And you will be too busy shooting episodes in Nova Scotia (sorry Nova Scotia, the needs of the many sometimes outweigh the needs of the few) to go around in your really annoying highway of hell bus tour or to run for President. You will get paid. Maybe you can buy another home, this time in Halifax, and you can tell people you see Europe from your house. And this reality I mean mockumenta­ry show I will watch. It will almost be like an alternativ­e version of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" I may even buy the DVD.

Mike Clattenbur­g, please pick up the phone. Please....

1219 days ago
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