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Cheryl Cole OUT As British 'X-Factor' Judge Too

5/30/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cheryl Cole was a judge on two different versions of "The X-Factor." What a difference a week makes!

The judges for this season of the popular British show were announced today and Cole's name was off the list. This year's judges panel is made up of music mogul Louis Walsh, Take That's Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child and Tulisa Contostavlos of N-Dubz.

As TMZ first reported, Cole was supposed to be on the U.S. version of the show, but was given the boot because producers thought her accent was too thick for American audiences.

Guess the Brit's don't have any issue with Rowland's thick accent. 


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PRO US    

Her plastic surgeon did a good job reducing the size of her nose.

Beauty is in the hand of the holder of the scalpel.

1207 days ago


They are making a HUGE mistake! Cheryl is adorable and we can certainly understand what she's saying! I watched X Factor on line last season and loved her! I was really looking forward to America falling in love with her as well!
Too bad - BIG mistake Simon!

1207 days ago


What's being reported in the UK press now is that Fox was unhappy with her performance during the audition process and that she failed to take their advice to lose weight (huh?) and participate in the Hollywood PR game.

Check out the Fox exec who fired her - Simon Cowell's network boss.****tered-Cheryl-Coles-US-dream.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

1207 days ago


She can go all ****ney on me anytime..


Cheryl give me a call, I'll be there..


1207 days ago


@dragontattoo The US doesn't have hate speech laws. You are legally allowed to use racial slurs as much as you want, as long as they are not /realistic threats of bodily harm that

Secondly whoever said that Cheryl was selling music is off his/her rocker. Cheryl is not selling ANY music in the US and barely selling in the UK at this point.

1207 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Well I think its safe to say that Cole isn't "Winning"

Maybe she could become a Charlie Sheen goddess.

1207 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

Well.... I guess somebody wasn't putting out to an important person on the show like *cough cough* Simon

1207 days ago


That's too bad. She would have been good. And I wish they would hire Robbie Williams. I think he doesn't really want to be famous over here anymore, though, and I can respect that. This is the only place he can live in relative obscurity and not get molested by the paps/fans since he never became that big over here. Good luck to Ms Cole. And for the record, it has been reported that the UK version DID want her back and she turned them down. So she is NOT being dumped except by some paranoid American producers or whomever is in charge...

1207 days ago


LOL@ anyone saying Cheryl's music is good. Even with Auto-Tune her voice is weak. She has no talent at all. But, neither do most Pop stars of late.

1207 days ago

Mary Bailey    

What's the point of this? I mean you don't even have the standard "our sources are telling us" attached to this "story."

Have you heard that she expected to be on X Factor UK? Did your sources specifically tell you X Factor UK snubbed her? TMZ trying to stir crap once again, no surprise there.

1207 days ago


Dragon Tatoo! I think you should take a long hard look at your country! The Uk is one of the most liberal and accepting countries in the world it is by no means racist! America is one of the most racist nations on earth!

Cheryl did 120 hours community service for what she did! BUT IT WAS NOT A HATE CRIME! If you bothered to do some research before you posted about her you may have found out it was not a racially motivated attack!

Cheryl cole was married to a black man Ashley Cole for 4 years...explain to me how she is a racist! So get your fact right, its comments like your that make me thankful that i dont live in America and that only a quarter of you narrow minded people own a passport!

1207 days ago


Those darn Brits ALL talk they have a mouthful of marbles like that fellow in "The King's Speech". Some, not even THAT well.

1207 days ago


I bet you anything she arrives at the next round of auditions and BANG! the x factor and Cheryl have their publicity!

Paula said she knew nothing about it, Nicole hasn't said whether she is or is not a judge, no official statement released, no one has seen sight nor sound of cheryl in the USA or the Uk! no paparazzi pictures at all! Simon looked way too sly on Britain's got talent the joke was on all of us!

It just doesn't add up how unprofessional and up in the air this still is after a week!!!


mark my words....

1207 days ago

Mary Bailey    

@anony uk Really? How do you explain your British National Party, anony? Yes, the USA probably has more race problems than most countries, but I don't think anyone can sit there and say one country is more accepting and liberal when they're not entirely what they proclaim to be.

I do like Cheryl and don't think she's a racist, but plenty of bigots have married, slept with, been involved with people of other races. Not the best example to clear someone of being a bigot.

1207 days ago


Anyone who thinks this was all about Ms. Cole's accent is pretty crazy. I'm sure the execs had seen tapes of her on the UK show & that she tested for the role. No surprise there! It seems that Simon pushed hard for her, & the execs were very skeptical. Four days in they decided to cut their losses. Having a talentless unknown Brit judging a US singing competition never really made sense!

1207 days ago
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