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Cheryl Cole OUT As British 'X-Factor' Judge Too

5/30/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cheryl Cole was a judge on two different versions of "The X-Factor." What a difference a week makes!

The judges for this season of the popular British show were announced today and Cole's name was off the list. This year's judges panel is made up of music mogul Louis Walsh, Take That's Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child and Tulisa Contostavlos of N-Dubz.

As TMZ first reported, Cole was supposed to be on the U.S. version of the show, but was given the boot because producers thought her accent was too thick for American audiences.

Guess the Brit's don't have any issue with Rowland's thick accent. 


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AH Americans ever the synics, maybe we brits should treat kelly rowland with the same distain, but as Brits we won't but because we don't cut from the same cloth, It is plain and simple The show format was changed, that sent alarm bells, I don't think Simon was ever going to let cheryl be on the show he used her and dropped her at the drop of the hat, As for casting up her alleged assault, hmm she married a black man called ashley cole, google him if you don't knwo who he is, cheryl is a good role model and I really dont get all the slating she is getting and for what, getting up of her ass and actually doing some work, cheryl has beent through alot in her life hell she nearly died last year from malaria she has a good following, and she don't need to suck up the the American big wigs to get some where in life, Nicole is justt he sort of girl that simon falls for she will be his new pet project look at leona lewis shes made millions for him he dont allways get it right either robson and jerome, they are on google to by the way it's a great meduimf or finding out ABOUT FOLKS YOU DON'T KNOW AND JUST PRESUME BECAUSE YOU READ IT IN A TABLIOD TABLIODS ARE THERE TO DO ONE THING SELL PAPERS EVEN IF IT IS LIES AND WELL ONLY NEED TO LOOK AT NEWS OF THE WORLD AND THEIR HACKING SCAMS THEY CAN'T GET IT TRUTHFULLY THEY GOT TO BUG PEOPLE TO GET A STORY LEAVE CHERYL THE HELL ALONE SHES WORKED TO GET TO WHERE SHE IS, HAVE ANY OF YOU OR YOU JUST ALL A GENERATION OF LETS SEARCH THE INTERNET AND SEE WHO I CAN SLAG OF TODAY

1240 days ago


Some people still seem convinced that Cheryl is Irish or has an Irish accent.

She's English and has an English accent.

1240 days ago


LOL at all the Cheryl fans who think because shes gone the rating of the show are gonna go down, hardly anyone in the US knows who she is, if anything the ratings would of been low with her on it, shes a awful judge who didnt even know what she was doing as you can see from the choices she made on the last series here most people here are glad shes not a judge on the UK version anymore, she made the show all about her, and didnt even care about the contestants, going to America when her group needed her, refusing to vote, ignoring two of her girls to focus on the talentless ones to make them be more like her, yeah thats someone that deserves to be judging American talent, the only reason she really wanted that job is because shes desperate to crack the US as she knows she has nothing else to offer e.g talent, its not about her wanting to find talent.

1240 days ago


@ANONYM I'm guessing your not in the UK? The Hoff was panned on BGT, the highest rated episode was the week he was replaced by Louis Walsh because he was in Panto - as you'll see from the article below;

Although given that BGT is another SyCo production its probably just the Cowell PR machine in motion.

I was so excited to see Cheryl on the US X Factor and had already decided against watching the UK version after Dannii left.

As ever it clear that the majority of the posters are ill informed or trying to insight an argument.

For anyone who would actually like a bit of background on why Simon thought Cheryl would be good here is a bit of general UK X Factor facts for you! (Took me ages so please don't slag me off!)

X Factor & Cheryl Cole : The Facts:
-Although Cheryl Cole is successful in the UK and has had 6 British number 1s, (4xGirls Aloud 2xSolo) the X Factor format is less about 'Judging' and more about coaching and mentoring the acts. This isn't American Idol, it's much more about the acts building and sustaining a fan base for an act, than simply a singing competition. (Just look how far Jedward have gone!!) It all about what would sell records in the real world, not 'oh that was a good vocal'.

-The judges are responsible for their categary, so the acts they pick to take to the finals, the song choices each week, the stage production and the styling. - This really shows how important it is that the judges get involved and are not just an industry suit who hires people to do it for them.

-Cheryl really excels as a mentor for the exact reason that she is not a veteran performer, she is still performing, still trying to be cool and is facing similiar struggles as the contestants on a daily basis. This would be even more applicable for her as a US coach.

-The songs she picks for her acts are contemporary (much much better than Simon or Louis Walsh'!) and her stage production and styling teams are much much better than SyCo et al.

-She helps, supports and guides her acts, for example last year one of her girls (Cher Lloyd wore Cheryl's shoes to perform in!) like the older more 'executive' judges never ever do. - Another example of this is that last season one week Simon didn't even see his act perform until the night before the show went out live and he hated their performance so changed their song at the last minute, with no consideration for the performers.

- Originally Cheryl got the UK X Factor mentor job because she had won a similar competition to find fame (Popstars the Rivals in 2002- which was created by Simon Fuller, who went on to produce American Idol) this really comes across in how she helps the contestants.

-As a UK judge/mentor/coach Cheryl won her first two years on the UK X Factor! Which was 2 out of the 3 seasons she took part. Simon has never beaten her! Simon has only won 2 out of 7 seasons, once with a guy who now sings at weddings and the other way back in 2006 with Leona Lewis.

To give you a flavor of how much better she is than Simon I'll post a couple of examples of their acts.

I honestly think that in all this it will be Paula who flops. Afterall she probably can't even remember what it was like to perform and she hardly has her finger on the pulse! Yes she will have the old bickering 'chemistry' with Simon, but who cares, if the acts are rubbish and there isn't a Carrie Underwood or Leona Lewis coming out of the first season then I don't think the X Factor will be taken seriously Stateside.

Good Luck Cheryl! (From a fellow Northern - albeit Yorkshire girl!)


1240 days ago


Simon's Rubbish

1240 days ago


More rubbish from Simon!

1240 days ago


Cheryl's Acts:

In the old X Factor saying....


Rant over... sorry!

1240 days ago


I am from the deep south in the United States and I have never had any problems understanding anything Cheryl said. Shame they dropped her though; that is one hot woman and I was planning on watching solely because she was a judge.

1240 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

hey, she just needs to look at the bright side. maybe there is still a cardboard box available on skid row somewhere. it's really not that bad, when you look at it from that perspective!!

1240 days ago


It's a totally messed up situation when Cheryl Cole gets fired from two gigs while that skank Kim Retardshian gets paid millions to endorse all kinds of ****. What the hell happened to this world?

Hey, network execs - Hire Cheryl. She's gorgeous, talented, charming, trustworthy, dependable, stylish, honest, down-to-earth, sexy and smart. She's Basically everything that wastful pile of **** Lindsay Lohan isn't. (

1239 days ago
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