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Kevorkian Did NOT Kill Himself ... But Would Have

6/3/2011 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Kevorkian did not end his life early ... but he WOULD HAVE if he had the strength to do it ... this according to Kevorkian's longtime lawyer Geoffrey Fieger.


During a news conference moments ago, Feiger explained, "I think had he been able to go home, Jack would have not allowed himself to go back to the hospital."

The cause of Kevorkian's death was not released, but he had reportedly been suffering from kidney and respiratory problems.

Feiger continued, "The circumstances were such that he was so weak he could not get out of the hospital, he was primarily sleeping most of the time."


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A brave man that had the guts to help suffering people die with dignity in ways our idiotic law makers and religious figures wouldn't allow.

May he rest in peace

1184 days ago


You're really not that bright. Who says he was mentally able to make that decision himself? His lawyer said he didn't have the "strength" to do it. Have you ever been really sick - where you can barely move because you're in too much pain, too tired, too disoriented, too weak, etc?

He was in no shape to leave the hospital. He would of had to find someone willing to get him home.. and have the energy to make it happen.


@ Lanie
It sounds like Dr. Death wasn't the one too bright.
So many claim that he was well ahead of his time, but he didn't have the knowledge or guts to do any pre-planning for his own death. What a coward to die like we're meant to die!
It's called a living will. Legal and not any hidden secret.
Dr. Death could have easily appointed someone to haul him out of the hospital if he was incapable of making such a decision because he was ''too weak''.
The hospital would have had no authority to have a say in the matter when the time came.
He could have easily pre-arranged someone to toss him into the back of a van or some motel room and inject him like he did to 100's of people.
Dr. Death was a spineless murdering coward. In the end, he could not practise what he preached or even had the guts to arrange it beforehand.

1184 days ago


For those of you who are soooooooo offended by Dr. K. go visit a terminally ill ward. More specifically someone dying from Liver cancer that can't process the pain medication.

I am sure you will either have a change of heart or your just a heatless soul.....

My cat gets sick he gets put down....a human gets to suffer go figure.

I think Dr. K. is a trail blazer and now a martyer, good luck stopping his work now......

RIP Dr. K.


1183 days ago


I met Dr. Kevorkian a few years ago while my mother was in a long term hospital floor in Grand Rapids Michigan. Familys would hire him to visit a dieing family member . The pain and hell that humans have to go thru. A person should have the right to end their life instead of being in a hopital "waiting" to die. Very sad.

1183 days ago


The pain and hell that humans have to go thru. A person should have the right to end their life instead of being in a hopital "waiting" to die.


The next time we see a headline about someone, young or old, offing himself, I would hope we see celebrating threads. Afterall, the person HAS THE RIGHT TO DIE whenever they want. The right to die applies to any age, right?

1183 days ago


Dr Kevorkian was a hero and my idol. I hope he finds the peace that he gave to so many ppl. If I was in a position of needing his help, I for one would've have contacted him. May u finally rest in peace Dr. Kevorkian God Bless you.

1183 days ago


any pictures of his schlong?

1183 days ago


To those who state that Kevorkian should have gone out the way he had helped patients die have to realize that he did not have access to someone who would help him kill himself or get him the machine. Do you really think that his suicide machine ('thantron") would be allowed in a hospital?? Would anyone risk jail?
Also, he advocated choice. He didn't say people SHOULD kill themselves, only that it should be ALLOWED, if they have a terminal illness and if it's what they want.

1183 days ago


When there's a will there's a way.
He chickened out !!

1183 days ago


Assisted suicide is murder. If someone is 'near death' (which by the way unless you are a psychic you have no idea how long someone may or may not live) they have many psychological issues which would make someone question their judgements. What if a healthy 20 y/o wanted 'assisted suicide' because they had a bad day... Would that be alright too because the person wanted it?? Certainly not!! No one should play God-- end of story. A near death person could have a miraculous recovery before true death has arrived and never got the chance to see.

1182 days ago
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