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President Obama -- This Chili Dog Tastes Ironic

6/5/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The day after his wife unveiled a new USDA guide for healthy eating, President Barack Obama stopped at Rudy's Hot Dog in Toledo, OH and scarfed down two chili dogs ... with fries.


Do as my wife says, not as I do ...


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Lots of hateful words coming from real educated people. The same people that think Sarah Palin should run for President! After shes elected we will finally be free to ride our horses while ringing bells and shooting guns in the middle of the night! LOL

1199 days ago


Harvey...have the idiot intern who posted the tag line about Michelle telling O not to eat hotdogstake an ethics class. They are a liar promoting lies. On your site. Michelle promotes a healthy diet...and an occasional chilicheese dog was never forbidden. Much ado about nothing...except once posted an innuendo as fact. And provide the klan with a nice platform to air their lofty thoughts on color of our President and the size of the ass of our first lady.
I swear.

1199 days ago


What's more American than having a chili dog? Obama is rail thin, has his health monitored more closely than just about anyone, so what's the harm?

1199 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Pucket - @Allie M. - Honey, you've obviously mistaken us for someone who cares that about your raging jealousy. We don't.

Wow. You interpret that as jealousy?!? Typical. When people on the left can't make a logical argument, they resort to name-calling, or bitterly referring back to the "Bush is Evil/Hitler" standard that they've been clinging to for over ten years.

I'm sure that people here hating on Obama are just jealous that he's spending tens of thousands of dollars for personal expenses like "date nights" and lavish parties. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he's wasting American taxpayer dollars in doing so!

Somehow, I'm pretty sure that the only response you'll have to this is to call me a racist or a moron.

Even though I don't know Allie M. I can guarantee they aren't jealous of Obama. From their post, it's obvious Allie is fed up with the current Administration frivolously wasting money while telling us we need to 'tighten our bootstraps' and be more careful with our spending - and *that* is a sentiment that many Americans share.

1199 days ago


Glory Bee about a minute ago
See? Call the ignorant haters on their weak mack and they just scream "racist" louder. Used to being called racist? hmmm, let's see, maybe those two little black girls ,who were adopted by their gay uncle, running towards me? No, they are throwing open their arms and calling me mommy, because they find love, acceptance and support from me. Nope. Just close minded fools. Oh, and the person who made the n word comment. Just as ignorant.


So you dispute that simple one worded comments, like "NI@@ER", are intended to be racially offensive? that there's some deeper political meaning to it? lol

Or is it that you dispute the fact that people who shout "NI@@ER" at the President are racists? lol

Please explain it to me. What is the political non-racial significance of simply calling the president "NI@@ER"?

1199 days ago


This post is so stupid, lol.

1199 days ago


Insane Husain doing what he wants while he ****tates what we have to do. He and his fat A$s wife and kids need to stop telling people what they should do if they are not going to follow their rules themselves.

1199 days ago


He doesn't have a weight problem, everyone is allowed to splurge once in a while, besides it looks pretty damn good!

1199 days ago

brown dynamite    

Worst president ever huh? I seem to remember a president sending us to 2 wars recently where I saw first hand where my brothers and sisters lost their lives cause we were sent without proper strategic guidance and equipment for war. I also remember a recession where many dems, republicans, and otherwise lost their job under his watch.

I want those of you that are calling him the worst president ever to try and rationalize your thoughts here instead of pouring out stupid arbitrary generalizations.

1199 days ago


There's absolutely nothing wrong with eating food like this in moderation. As long as it's not a daily thing, then you're fine. Plus, he exercises and works out every day. Furthermore, he's not a Muslim.

1199 days ago


STFU isnt an option?

1199 days ago

And thats the truth    

Kathy 43 minutes ago He is NOT the worst president--Bush IS the worst president ever! Anyway, Republicans have always been racist--it shows in this comments section. Losers.

David Duke was a former member of the KKK who ran for office AS A DEMOCRAT. Herman Cain is an intelligent articulate black man who is considering running for President. If he does, he will get my vote and I consider myself a Republican. I am white and I have family members that are not and I love them just as much. I also have a gay nephew that is my favorite. I do not attend any Church and I believe in abortions so you dont know as much as you think you do. Loser.

Clinton started deregulating home loans back in the 90's. Barney Frank/Frank Dodd allowed Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac to buy up home loans that were failing, repackage them, and sell them to Wall Street, meanwhile Bush went to Congress 17 times and tried to regulate home loans and was blocked every time by the Democratically controlled congress.

Clinton and Gore stated MANY times that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Saddam killed tens of thousands of Kurds with mustard gas, which are considered WMD. The lefties complain about Bush starting an "illegal" war but yet Obama starts bombing Libya for killing hundreds of their own people and he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. At least Bush got congressional approval which is more then I can say for Obama.

You and your kind keep drinking the Kool Aid and we will become a third world country before you know it. Then maybe you will be happy but I doubt it.

1199 days ago


LMAO!....This has to be one of the stupidest post ever on tmz!!!.... OMG! The President is eating hot dog.. who gives a f@@k! whats next?

1199 days ago

And thats the truth    

Jeep 16 minutes ago [in this thread] mostly Obama haters who are just waiting for the ANYTHING to conclude that he is a bad president. The first lady SUGGESTS healthy alternatives. No one is forcing you to not eat chilli dogs, idiots.

If it would of been President Bush doing the same thing all of the Bush haters would of been out in force. Oh no wait they were the ones carrying signs that read "Death to Bush" during demonstrations. Idiots.

1199 days ago


@HAMPTONDUDE, he is not Muslim @2 walk outside of the trailer park sometimes and you will realize that there are BEEF hot dogs and Kosher ones too...Live and Learn wake up from your ignorance! I bet that hot dog joint is going to make a bundle the rest of the year.

1199 days ago
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