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Gay Cop Told Marching in Gay Parade a 'Discredit'

6/7/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a gay cop will file a complaint against his department, after he was denied the right to march in uniform Sunday in the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade because it would bring "discredit" to his department.

Gloria Allred is repping the California officer, who made a written request to march in uniform with other gay law enforcement officers and citizens.  Allred says the Department responded IN WRITING that the march would be a "discredit" to the cop shop.  Yes, in writing -- stuuuuupid.

Allred will hold a news conference Tuesday at 11 AM PDT in her L.A. office and the cop will appear.

We're told the cop will announce he's filing an employment discrimination complaint against the department based on sexual orientation ... though Allred won't reveal which department she's targeting until she takes the mic.

TMZ will live stream the news conference.



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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Yeah, 'cause nothing else would or could discredit "The Department"!!!! This may be the ONLY case, where I am on Gloria Allred's side. I know there will be some gay-bashing in the comments ahead. Just remember, somebody that you love, that is either family or close friends is gay and you may not know it so you will be bashing them as well.

1237 days ago


Its Obama's fault

1237 days ago


I wonder what he does with his nightstick on his days off?

1237 days ago


No Police Officer, Firefighter or Military personel are allowed to participate in political activity while in uniform. Common sense. Doesn't matter if its pro or anti gay, republican, democatic, communist, equal rights, abortion, what have you. You want to participate and exercise your rights as a private citizen, fine, great, then dress like a private citizen. While in uniform, you represent the department, not yourself, and the department is supposed to be neutral, if you are marching, you are not neutral.

1237 days ago


I noticed that some of them have happy faces in the middle of the sun on the back of their that how they can tell which are "catchers" & "receivers"?

1236 days ago


I am not a gay-basher and I have friends I fought for in a working relationship back in the 80' only thought is why does he HAVE to do parade in uniform? Did I mis-read...most my real gay friends never would do anything than act how they want, march how they like...but I did have 1 gay friend who was a cop...and he came to most marches/parades without the silly uniform.....seems like another fast sue/get rich quick ...../sigh sad when gay friends are being used ones again:((((

1236 days ago

RJ Hunt    

I can see the departments point...If he is not on duty why would he need to be in uniform. He could wear other police issue attire other than a full dress uniform...Besides how is anyone going to know if he's a real cop or not...I bet there will be plenty of other "boys" in uniforms...hahahaha!!!!

1236 days ago

Love Star Wars    

I am sure Glria Alred will make it home with a few new GIRLFRIEDS & some new play toys as well!

2 4 the price f 1.

1236 days ago


i understand the department's side. i just think it's sad that gay rights are still considered to be a "political" issue.

1236 days ago


This seems a little bit too opportunistic. Seriously, wearing a uniform in a gay pride parade is a discredit to the uniform, not because the officer is gay, but because the parade is an exercise in sexual exhibitionism. I don't want to see anyone at any public gathering in a police uniform, except for the police on duty.

1236 days ago



1236 days ago

Ya Mon    

How can you tell a cop is a lesbian?

Anser: her nightstick smeels like fish!

(in reference to alt-life male Anser: his nightstick seels like

aW let it march, California is goin down the toilet anyway/

1236 days ago


okay, this cop should really dress very similar as Lt.Dangle for for the parade then!

1236 days ago


Hey vcxs ~ I would never support a chithole website like because you are stealing advertising space, without permission, from I can only expect that the quality of your product is as chiteous as the quality of your integrity.

1236 days ago


Why don't the cop dress in regular clothes and stop making a big issue out of this. The parade is not about cop pride it's about gay pride.

Is the parade on TV...if so what channel and time does it come on?

1236 days ago
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