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Gay Cop Told Marching in Gay Parade a 'Discredit'

6/7/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a gay cop will file a complaint against his department, after he was denied the right to march in uniform Sunday in the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade because it would bring "discredit" to his department.

Gloria Allred is repping the California officer, who made a written request to march in uniform with other gay law enforcement officers and citizens.  Allred says the Department responded IN WRITING that the march would be a "discredit" to the cop shop.  Yes, in writing -- stuuuuupid.

Allred will hold a news conference Tuesday at 11 AM PDT in her L.A. office and the cop will appear.

We're told the cop will announce he's filing an employment discrimination complaint against the department based on sexual orientation ... though Allred won't reveal which department she's targeting until she takes the mic.

TMZ will live stream the news conference.



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hotrn216 about a minute ago

Why do we have to constantly here about gay rights? If you don't agree with anything that the gay community does you're public enemy number one. I don't care if your straight or gay that means I don't care about who you choose to sleep with. Please just wear the uniform you worked so hard to wear and get over yourself.
to him its not a uniform its a costume for a ****** pride parade.

1198 days ago


Police uniforms arent for gay parades or Halloween. Since he doesnt know how to properly respect it, perhaps he should never wear it.

Isnt there a desk back at the office that needs filling?

1198 days ago


exactly chaps..there is a time and place to wear that uniform..and the time is when you are on duty and the place is where ever you do your beat.

1198 days ago


NOT true, 'Bobo,' gay cops here in Chicago have a float which they stand/sit on in the Chicago Gay Pride parade, representing G.O.A.L. (Gay Officer's Action League of the CPD). Black officers march in the annual Bud Billiken Parade (an annual back-to-school parade held each August). Although the Gay Pride parade gets a little wild here, the officers on the GOAL float present a dignified presence (no crazy outfits, conservative business attire) as they are police officers.

1198 days ago


I can't disagree with the Department here. Have you ever BEEN to one of these parades? I have. While most participants march respectfully and OBEY the law so far as public behavior goes, there are participants that go way too far with near nudity and sexual exhibitionism that is frankly against the law. If this type of behavior were seen in ANY other parade, there would be arrests. But for the sake of political correctness, simulated sex acts and said near nudity are ignored by police departments across the country. I was horrified at what I saw at the New York Gay Pride parade and I'm pretty open to just about anything culturally speaking. There were families and small children in the audience supporting Gay Rights, but there was a porn show in the parade. Unfortunately it demeans the many MANY floats and marchers that were there seriously standing up for what IS important -the right to simply be who you are. But who you are does not negate your legal responsibilities to be held to the same standard and laws as EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!

1198 days ago


What's the big deal? They didn't tell him he couldn't go in his own clothes. His uniform should be for police work or things supported by the department.

I am fully in favor of equal rights for gays, but this is silly. Imagine if he had added some red stilettos and a tiara to that uniform.

1198 days ago


It's not the Police Department's fault that the LA Gay Pride Parade isn't the dignified event it could. Just sayin'

If it was the organizers wouldn't have a problem with officers being threatened with discipline if they march in uniform. It's really that simple. I mean really, just do a google image search for 'la gay pride parade'. What you'll find is a bunch of NSFW photos. Now imagine those photo's with one of your officers in it looking like he's back stage at a Village People concert.

Besides what department wants to be associated with Gloria Allred on parade waving to the crowd with her drag queen alter ego dressed just like her at the wheel, and a bunch on transvestites wearing novelty devils horns bringing up the rear not to mention the rest of the freaks who wear next to nothing, engage in simulated sex acts etc.

Someone needs to tell the organizers that for a parade it sure looks like a circus. lol

1198 days ago


Sorry Buddie you have no case.

1198 days ago


Totally agree with the previous posters about wearing a duty uniform for private use. Don't they charge officers for wearing their uniforms for using the uniform as a fraud? Under 'color of law' or some such.

In a crowd looking for help, you look for the uniform. If whatever jurisdiction wants to have a marching contingent in a parade in uniform as a goodwill gesture -- totally different.

As far as 'gay' rights -- do not really want to know someone's orientation because it is none of my business.

1198 days ago


It's great of TMZ to give time to the officer who is rightly marching in the parade, but why Gloria Allred?!?

1198 days ago


Well then let him wear his Daisy Dukes and be done with it.

1198 days ago


bobo 6 hours ago
No Police Officer, Firefighter or Military personel are allowed to participate in political activity while in uniform. Common sense. Doesn't matter if its pro or anti gay, republican, democatic, communist, equal rights, abortion, what have you. You want to participate and exercise your rights as a private citizen, fine, great, then dress like a private citizen. While in uniform, you represent the department, not yourself, and the department is supposed to be neutral, if you are marching, you are not neutral.

Agree 100%!!!

1198 days ago


Sadly prejudice is alive and well !!

1198 days ago


I dont gay bash but this is stupid on his part, what you beleive in is on you, but you are a dummy. If you want to particpate in the parade go ahead on your time, but dont expect the department that you work for to allow you to use their uniform to do it, this department is suppose to stay neutual and what you want to do is put it out there as if they are all for it, this mess has gone to far, what you do is your business stop tryin to change the world to go along with what you believe in, some matters just need comon sence and guess who is lacking it, what should be looked into is this mans lack of judgement. serving on the force, one needs to make sound decissions in curcail situation and this shows you lack that, he dont even need to be a officer, what i*****ay is robbing a bank is gonna say its ok cause thats his choice or do his dam job. it makes you wonder.

1198 days ago


The only "dis" I see here is that the LAPD remains "dis-gusting" as they have been for many decades. This is the reason too many people in our society are still gay-bashers, because there remains "mainstream" organizations - ie: professional sports, the military, police etc - where it's STILL unacceptable to be gay. Are you all kidding yourselves? There IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY - and there are gay people everywhere. Are you one of those people who think you don't know anyone who's gay? Watch out, it could be your own kid - gadzooks.

1198 days ago
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