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Probation Report: Lindsay Lohan Just Won't Change

6/23/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's probation officer thinks she's a spoiled brat and asked the court to lock her up in jail -- because she wouldn't change her partying ways.


The probation report which was submitted to Judge Stephanie Sautner ... indicates Lindsay failed an alcohol test on June 13 -- the day after she was seen partying on her rooftop deck in Venice, Ca.

It also states Lindsay refused two prior narcotics tests -- on May 31 and June 2 -- and passed another on June 9.

LiLo's probation officer writes, "The defendant's behavior indicates she is not attempting to change. It appears that the defendant does not view being on the electronic monitoring program as a privilege.

The report goes on to recommend Lindsay should serve "suitable time in custody."

Of course, we now know Lindsay should NOT have been tested at all ... since the order requiring testing expired on February 25.


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Yeah yeah Go Shawn
F0ck you LA county probation department.
Why don't you publish how much this pointless hearing cost.


1221 days ago


Interesting that she refused. Wonder why that could be.

1221 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

Ignore her please.

1221 days ago


Stupidity sure does run deep in the Blohan clan!

1221 days ago


Drinking alcohol in the privacy of your home is NOT a crime. Driving while under the influence is!!. That's the only thing that should matter. To keep things in perspective: the real criminal is the bartender who kept serving drinks to that Jackass-guy.

1221 days ago


Fkcuing OWNED, in your face drooling LiLo haters. She refused because it was her legal right and the test she did take didnt count because basically it was done ILLEGALLY b!tches!! owned owned owned FACE OWNED! Keep living the good life Linds, thats what these haters REALLY cant stand. You are beautiful, dont let these peon mutt inbred haters bring a frown to your face.

1221 days ago


Who cares anymore let her drink herself to death that's clearly what she wants to do.

1221 days ago


if that was me i would be in prison

1221 days ago


So in other words....the judge didn't give a CRAP about the truth in this report! Come on! How bad do you have to be for them to call you out? Stupid rich white beyotch who thinks she is above everyone!

Yeah right Nicole. Its the Probation departments fault huh? Typical loser enabler you always are. Never wants her to take responsibility for her own actions. Losers like you are the reason losers like her exist and continually soak US TAXPAYERS for her drama. F u too Nicole!

1221 days ago

Ghost Rider    

These Judges are a bunch of softies that couldnt handle a couple of girly shots! I say throw her in the gallows.

1221 days ago


You absolutely knew she wasn't going to make it.
Jail time is coming.

1221 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

Does the court system in LA have nothing better to do than to keep messing with her? Geez they are worse than the media. She should sue the probation dept for harassment for testing her in the first place, since they had no legal right to do so...and dragging her into court adds insult to injury. They act like she is the master-mind most evil criminal in all of California. Stop wasting tax payers money!!!

1221 days ago


Well that was fast, Nicole. Do you believe there is any law that Lindsay can break that will put her in jail, or do you think that she is above the law because of who she is? We all know you are her #1 fan/stalker, so please give us more insight on this subject.

1221 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

So If I was given house arrest, I could do as many drugs and drink as much alcohol as I wanted.
I did not know that!

1221 days ago


She might pulls a Ryan "Well" Dunn when she's out in general population. So let her drink alone at home until her liver bursts

1221 days ago
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