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Anthony Weiner -- 'Tense,' 'Miserable' Lunch with Wife

6/26/2011 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good news: Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin are still together.
Bad news: It's still reallllllllly awkward.

The disgraced former congressman and his wife were spotted having lunch in New York City on Saturday where she "looked miserable," a witness told the NY Daily News

The couple (who both sported wedding rings) dined at La Bottega in Chelsea's Maritime Hotel and spent most of the meal attached to their cell phones (see below), the witness told the paper.

Their waiter told the NYDN that Weiner was a bad tipper and looked "really tense. Just like he was carrying some intense baggage."

Later, Weiner was seen carrying actual baggage ... as in her purse. 

That's probably not changing any time soon. 


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That's going to be one ugly baby, for sure!

1217 days ago


I would touch his hand w/a 20 foot pole!~ he's an embarrassment to her! Run Huma Run!

1217 days ago

sara fine    

i see he's still Sextin girls and probably sending Dirty pic's he still has on file out...NASTY BASTARD WHO WOULD EVER WANT TO SEE THAT IN A SEMI NUDE NAKED PIC!!!YUCKKKKKK..He really looks into his wife Huh?yeah right!!!all he's thinkn about is what color the waitresses underwear can't Quit a Fetish

1217 days ago

Nick Harger    

Looks like he's tweeting **** pics again.

1217 days ago

RULIS G.    


1217 days ago


DOES ANYONE KNOW IF SHE'S REALLY PREGNANT? She doesn't look 3 months pregnant in the pics. Maybe his people said she was, so people would feel sorry for her and leave her alone.

1217 days ago


If every dumb bitch is saying dump hm they havent caught there husband on internet yet.

1217 days ago


Is this really necessary? While I agree that what Weiner did was wrong; he has since left office and is no longer a public figure - since Arnold made his hundreds of millions as a celebrity, I'd contest that whether or not he is my former Governor, he is still a public figure, however neither Anthony nor Huma are.

TMZ ran a story that their own readership felt that Weiner was treated more harshly than almost all other politicians who have been involved in "sex scandal"s, yet you are still running stories about them, even though she has never spoken to the press and while she works for Secretary Clinton, she is far from a public figure and he has resigned and not taken another position.

TMZ - please lay off, until there is actual "entertainment news" to report.

1217 days ago


Whether she stays or goes is her business, but I just can't believe that some guy who humiliated his pregnant wife on the national stage as he did would have the gall to sit at a restaurant in public and pay that much attention to his phone! He should put away the very tool which got him in so trouble and focus his attention on his wife.

1217 days ago

Bernice Madoff    

He will be rewarded soon with TV show like Mark Spitzur. At the very least a book deal. Cheap tipper why be surprised,he's living of our backs as all politic and x's.

1217 days ago


some of you are pathetic...sheesh the poor guy isnt even allowed to enjoy a icecream cone, without get hasselled, what the hec is the matter with you Americans...this is really silly

1217 days ago


Hmmmm wonder who he's texting...and what?

1217 days ago


I went through a similar situation with my ex-husband where he felt online relationships didn't count as they didn't involve physical contact. Betrayal is betrayal whether it be physical or emotional. Any couple who deals with this will need to determine how to deal with it and where they go from there.

Will these two make it? Don't know. They seem to be trying, but the photos do not show a happy couple. But then with people snapping your picture everywhere you go, it would be difficult to feel comfortable. For me it was difficult to sort through things and figure out what I needed to do, and no one was interested in my pain. I was able to run errands, have lunch, etc. without being stalked by photographers. I cannot imagine having the world watching and obsessed with my pain.

1217 days ago


In the picture of them sitting at the table, she is looking at the menu and he is on his phone....what they look like normal married couple to

1217 days ago


Always had my doubts about the marriage. She is Islamic and he is a Jew. It is either true love or public relations. For such a skinny chick, she sure has a big ass though..

1217 days ago
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