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Casey Anthony's Lawyer FLIPS OUT

7/7/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony's defense lawyer had one hell of a message for reporters and spectators Tuesday ... in the form of an extended middle finger.


Attorney Cheney Mason -- who worked alongside Jose Baez -- shot the bird to a crowd outside an Orlando restaurant Tuesday while celebrating the not guilty verdict with the rest of his team.

UPDATE: The Associated Press had reported that a complaint was filed against Cheney with the Florida Bar Association over the gesture ... but the AP has now WITHDRAWN the story ... after a Bar spokesperson said the report was false.


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Did he expect the public to cheer them on??? They be so proud of themselves!!! Hope that all lose sleep over this...

1175 days ago

CJ Laity    

Why do you have to black it out? It's a finger, not a penis. LOL

1175 days ago


Bogus ... no complaint has been filed. AP withdrew the story. 'Complainant' was no lawyer and has no standing at the FL bar. More amateur 'lawyering' in the 'court' of public opinion.

1175 days ago

Harley Nut    

Why do you people BLACK out his Finger? Everyone knows that he has his finger up, who you trying to protect? Your TMZ is trash anyway.

1175 days ago

John Smith    

I love this man.

All the protestors and those outraged who did not know Casey Anthony personally ARE idiots.

Were they sequestered for 6 weeks, forced to listen to witnesses, look at evidence, transcripts, and eat and sleep nothing but the trial (jurors get evidence directly from the defense and prosecutors)?

No, they watched short clips by Nancy Grace. LOL

My lawyer friend once told me that the test for reasonable doubt is so very high because the court would rather let 1000 guilty men go than sentence 1 innocent man. It's hard to argue with.

1175 days ago


Every bit as classy as their client! This speaks VOLUMES. What a kind and loving tribute to Caylee. Putz.

1175 days ago


im not surprised, look who he just defended. its the same "f" you that she is giving the entire country right now. they are all trash.

1175 days ago


You can't take the red out of redneck!

1175 days ago


Talk about unprofessional. . .just shameful that we're suppose to agree with their verdict, but when we don't, we get the middle finger! That fossil needs to retire!!

1175 days ago


Cheney? Didn't another sleaze bag, named Cheney, while on the floor of the senate tell some other sleaze bag, I think its name was Patrick Leahy, to go f*** itself. Listen to Cheney use the word civil as if he knows what civil is.

1175 days ago


That is just immature and rude. Yes, he may have "won" for his team, but to act like this just shows that he is very unprofessional and angry. He acted like a jerk throughout this trial as well so for him to get on his little "soapbox" afterwards and spout off about the rudeness of the media and whatnot when he is acting the same is just hypocritical. whatever dude. See how well your career ends after this. Afterall, did anyone hear about OJ's lawyers afterwards? Not til they died.

1175 days ago


What an idiot. Just before that he was complaining about how other lawyers were acting on tv dicussing the case, that it was disgusting. And what, his behavior isn't? they are all s*** for getting this sicko off...

1175 days ago


Has everyone forgotten that poor innocent child who was lost? I hope this attorney, just like Casey, rot in HELL

1175 days ago


Nice, exactly what you, your client, and the jury did to Caylee.

1175 days ago


Disrespectful, what are you trying to say, "ha ha, got away with murder"? Should be ashamed, after all, a girl was murdered and no one on the defense or her MOTHER is wondering who did it. I guess they know the answer. People always fail to cover this part up, when they know the person is dead they never even pretend to worry about them, or call them when they supposedly go missing and in this case at least call her parents or the police the first minute Caylee was missing.

1175 days ago
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