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Casey Anthony to Mom: Turn on Me, I'll Turn You Away

7/9/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony exacted some payback against her mother Cindy yesterday ... by refusing to see her in jail ... this after Cindy testified against Casey.


Orange County Correction Department spokesman Allen Moore said Cindy tried scheduling a visit for 7:00 PM, but Casey wasn't having it. Anthony has only met with her attorneys since the acquittal.

After Cindy testified, she mouthed the words "I love you" in Casey's direction -- but Casey simply rolled her eyes.

Casey is set to be released on July 17.


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Don't know why her parents want to see her, after the way she accused her family of those terrible things. They should just let her go.

1200 days ago


The only thing most people want to read about Casey Anthony is the story of her being run over by a runaway steamroller that is on fire.

1200 days ago


this family needs to cut their daughter loose--as hard as it may be--they need to stop enabling and supporting her through her lying life after all of this has transpired

if Cindy wants her to come back home- then I wouldn't blame George if he left

myself, I would not want to live with a sociopath

1200 days ago

the real diva    

tough love.. the parents need to cut her loose..she needs to be all alone in the world. where when she walks down a street people can tell her where to go..she needs a life of misery all by herself. she deserves it. the moment she killed that poor child. she screwed up her life . so i hope her idiots friends who stuck by her leave her. her parents leave her and soon she will be all lone. not able to work. noone will want to hire her. unable to find a place. noone will want to rent to her. and walking the streets in misery with the taunts of people on the street.maybe she will get lucky and some pimp who beats girls will take her and she can live that lifestyle. as she does not deserve any happiness. i hope she everyone walks out of her life. for what she did to that poor caylee

1200 days ago

get real    

I Cant believe Cindy wants to see Casey after what she did. Sloane has said it all. Casey is a sociopath. Nobody seems to think that she needs help. All Cindy and Georges family in OHIO think she is Guilty. Cindys sister. Georges Brotherinlaw. Casey Needed Life in Prison. Period. She is a Killer. She is a Lier. She is a Killer of her own child.

1200 days ago


Casey is not guilty! Live with it people. It's all of us who support this tabloid society (especially the jury) that freed her. Thanks TMZ and Radar!

1200 days ago

Home Skillet    

@Canon - Casey IS guilty. She got away with murder, and anyone without their head up their ass knows that.

1200 days ago


Cindy PERJURED herself for her daughter. It's not like she turned state's witness. Casey is soulless and likely will never speak to her family again unless it benefits her in some way. The evidence is there to imply she actually planned on killing her parents, but when she met Tony Lazarro Caylee became an easier target because she had an escape route. She told her best friend that her parents were moving away and that they could have the house that next weekend. For good. Scary.

1200 days ago


If the mother is willing to talk to Casey then maybe the stories about the father and brother are true. If the mother stays with the father then they are all freaking crazy

1200 days ago


Whether the jury found her not guilty. She was the only one with Caylee till Caylee was dead and thrown in the woods. George and Cindy should walk away.

1200 days ago


after cindy and george lied to save her stupid life.

this has to be a set up, one big lie. If anything cindy helped Casey more then anything.

I think they are all just playing the game.

the prosecution used lee and cindy as witnesses. and they turned the whole thing around on the stand.

the family should be stoned to death.

mothers loose their kids in accidents and morn for years.

casey just wants to get out and party. something is going to happen she is not safe in america.

And lynch her lawyer cheney damn he talks like he has marbles in his mouth or garggleing peanutbutter. looks drunk all day and thinks he did great things. the whole tribe needs to be shot

1200 days ago


Cindy wants to know what happened to Caylee and she wants to ask her face to face.The reason Casey doesn't want to see her is because she can not Face her, she knows her mom and dad knows she is a KILLER

1200 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Casey is a cold-hearted sociopath who manipulates anyone who gets in her way. I hope George gets away from Casey and Cindy ASAP.

Lee is supposedly getting married next year. Do you think the bride's side of the family wants to have the Anthonys there?

1200 days ago

Studley Buck    

Casey Anthony rocks! She is so pretty, and she looks very innocent.

1200 days ago


So..Casey, the most hated woman in America, is mad that her mother wouldn't lie to help her cover up the fact that she murdered her child? Her mother's grandchild? And since she is the most hated woman in America, she really isn't in a position to be turning anyone away. She would be safer staying in jail.

1200 days ago
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