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Charlie and Brooke's Deal -- No Drug Testing

7/12/2011 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's custody settlement provides that neither is required to undergo drug testing ... something that is becoming increasingly troublesome.


As TMZ first reported ... Brooke was photographed last week holding what appeared to be a crack pipe (below). And there are other problematic images as well -- like the one recently in Hawaii, when Brooke walked up to a parked car in a seedy area with cash in hand.


The two rehab veterans each have selfish reasons to avoid drug testing, but Brooke is especially worrisome because she is the primary caregiver of the twins. Although Brooke's parents step in when she goes to rehab -- and she goes a lot -- Brooke ultimately calls the shots.

So the question -- who is looking out for the kids. The judge hasn't called a hearing to determine if the parents are unfit, and the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services has not visited either Charlie or Brooke for more than 6 months.


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We should mention: it's illegal to burn money ... so if the Feds decide to pursue an investigation, Floyd could face up to six months behind bars, and, ironically, a $100 fine.

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No Avatar


Steve- Not only is it possible that is not Brooke in Pic also, if you zoom/enlarge that "Pipe" as close as you can, It seems quie obvious to me that she's holding a red lighter, a piece of some kind of paper and a cell phone. It's the way the paper hides most of the cell phone that gave room for tabloids to exxagerate.

1198 days ago

Ave Joe    

Well, Seems to me, if a person is a Convicted Drug user? That should be reason enough to have them do drug testing until they test clean for the next 2-3 x, wouldn't you think? Especially when their are Little Children envolved?

Good Lord..

Or is it that the Judges, who are Elected people, are Celeberty Friendly?

1198 days ago


ya'all are idiots if you have ever eaten a hershey candy bar you would know that the bar is rectagular same at the silver piece that everyone thinks is a pipe oh yeah and by the way crack pipes are ROUND not rectagular...NO I DONT SMOKE ANYHTING BUT AM I THE ONLY ONE AROUND HERE THAT KNOWS PIPES LOOK LIKE!!! also on one last note who cares what the so called "stars" are doing ...the question is why is every so interested in other peoples life is it because no one has one and just so ya'all know i have a life this just caught my eye thats all

1198 days ago

joe blow    

That is not a crack pipe that is pipe you make to smoke weed. You fools.

1198 days ago


Brooke has family in Palm Beach Fl. I was working a party, and Brooke was there she was so coked out, she was in and out of the bathroom every 3 min. This girl needs long term help not 28 days more like 1 or 2 years in therapy !!

1198 days ago


Brooke is in worse shape than Charlie is . How many times will she have to go to rehab before she straightens up for her kids ? Jus*****ching her on Pari******on's new show you can tell how unstable and messed up she is . These two need to get their act together for their kids sake . But at this point in time Charlie would be the better parent because Brooke can't even take care of Brooke .

1198 days ago

Lastat Bain    

Dont gossop about there private lifes and come to a conclusion before you know the truth.

1198 days ago

jovan lucarelli    

social services--please get going and get the sheen twins--they don't deserve 2 drugged up parents--especially the mother---shame on them

1198 days ago


I sat in agony the other day, having to give in to my girl friend wanting to watch the stupid show, Two and a Half Men. I have NEVER heard so much "canned laughter" since Hanna Barbera! Someone please tell me what the fascination is of this show? The story lines are stupid. The acting is pathetic (except for the housekeeper, and then it's only funny because she's taking jabs at their behavior.) Does canned laughter convince the morons who regularly watch a show that the show is good? Too bad that piss poor products produce fame!

1198 days ago


I feel so sorry for those twins, having those two drug addicted losers as parents. She should have her tubes tied and he should be castrated, thereby, assuring they won't bring any more kids into the world.

1198 days ago


Why would Denise want her children? She has her own to worry about... Both are drug addicts. If they weren't wealthy, White... The children would be taken out of the picture...

1198 days ago


I say this every time I read BS like this.... I need a license that must be renewed annually to own dogs, that I treat like royalty BTW.... Why are "people" like this allowed to just pop kids out?

Licenses are needed to drive, wash & cut hair, sell liquor, to be an unarmed security guard, and so on. Any old screwball can create life.... WTF?

1198 days ago


she is holding water, iphone, lighter and what looks like a gum wraper. dont u people know what a pipe looks like.

1198 days ago


there both dope heads,
wake up

1198 days ago


If there is any court or child protective service that allows either Charlie or Brooke custody of the twins when they refuse to take random drug tests, then those two adorable little boys might just as well be put into foster care NOW without letting them go through the hell Brooke, who will never sober up for any length of time, traumatizes them for ever.

I believed Charlie's protestations that HE is living a fairly clean life
and that he is a wonderful father and adores his boys. However, I think he NEEDED the female companions to help him with the every day needs of the twins, bathing, etc.

Charlie, if you can get custody of the boys, hire a sensible, affectionate over 40 nanny for them who will give them 24/7 care in every way and YOU can bond with them simply as their DAD! You know drug testing is a MUST and we, your loyal and loving fans, will never understand if you refuse to be tested. We believe in you Charlie, please don't take that away from us.

1198 days ago
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