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Cops Swoop in After Photogs Chase Paris Jackson

7/12/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two paparazzi were handcuffed by cops after allegedly blowing red lights while chasing Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson ... TMZ has learned.


 The photogs -- not TMZ -- were allegedly chasing the car Paris was in, blowing red lights and driving recklessly, trying to get a shot of MJ's daughter.

We're told the cops are not going to arrest the photogs because police didn't see the chase.  In fact, they will not even be cited for the same reason.

 Instead, we're told a crime report will be written and forwarded to the L.A. City Attorney for possible prosecution.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, cops have decided NOT to refer the incident to prosecutors due to insufficient evidence ... but Paris is still free to sue in civil court.


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Stupid losers, leave the kids alone!

1197 days ago

myrna hernandez    

wow i just cant believe those stockarazzis i mean jerks w cameras leave those kids alone they deserve privacy, you guys chased michael for years and years, know his children. what are they waitiing for a tragedy...hello princess diana....we all know how that ended....

1197 days ago

Phantom of the Opera    

1197 days ago


Interesting how there is so much hate for the Jackson's and Michael's kids being posted on here. Are you people that jealous over someone's kids. I suppose until these photogs cause an accident like what happened to Diana, only then will they be satisfied. I think they all should be locked up and given a huge fine.

1197 days ago


Well, I guess that's why Michael covered childrens faces.
They had to expect that this will happen.

1197 days ago


Some people just seem to hate themselves.


1197 days ago

What I Think    

I seriously doubt Michael Jackson would moonwalk all over the paps, Abraham Lincoln, but he would probably hit them with his purse.

1197 days ago


leave katherine alone Michael and his was always been chase by paparazzib that poor lady has nothing to do with this do u think Michael would be happy to hear the way u people talk about his mother? no because he love her very much anyway u take it these kids will be chase by the press because they are Michael's kids.

Love u forever Michael

1197 days ago


They are Sandro Rodriguez and Filipe Teixeira. They work for X17. This isn't the first time they've pulled stunts like this. This time they were let go with no charges. I guess someone has to die before they get more than a slap on the wrist.

1197 days ago


You knw I don't agree with the Paps chasing Paris-look what happened to Princess Diana!
But everyone has fallen hook line & sinker for a scam that is going on with Paris right now.
On Twitter her username @PariisJaxn she tweeted while all this was supposedly going on.Well I know if that was happening & I was a 13 yr old kid I would be scared sh*tless,never mind finding the time to tweet to people.
This account of hers is being run by someone close to her that has access to personal stuff like cameras & phones.
Note how she always Retweets her cousins tweets but never tweets them directly.Also if you look down her cousins timelines they have never tweeted her once.
She recently uploaded a video on YouTube and said she was borrowing her friend's account to post it,when you click on to her so called friend's account on Youtube,there is only 1 video on there,the one that Paris posted.Why go to all the trouble of setting up a fake account on YouTube and use a friends name when Paris has put her name to the video anyhow? Why didn't Paris just set up her own account?
Jackie,Jermaine & Tito have also previously said that she is not on Twitter.
I believe that this account is being run by a bodyguard or member of staff or a member of the family that lives with her who is able to post photos,they are pretending to be her.
Whoever this is they are doing a good job of fooling alot of people on Twitter into thinking that this is Paris.
I'm glad that no one was hurt,it could have been alot worse.
Whoever this poser is I hope you will get found out soon,and that the account will be suspended.

1197 days ago


My personal opinion is that there should be some sort of law with a hefty fine and at least one day in jail for the paparazzi if they chase a celeb down in the car. And for stalking after children for photo's - the fine and the jail sentence should be higher. The paparazzi today not only violate's a person's privacy but they endanger people now as well. I am so afraid of anoter "Diana" type situation happening. The paparazzi today - seem to have no regards for anyone or their safety - just get the pic's and sell it to the highest bidder. Discusting!

1197 days ago


They are Paps that work for Regis/X17 S*** Brazilian Agency and the 2 paps name are Philipe facing away and sandro. Go back to Brazil you idiots...

1197 days ago


These no-life punks are going to Kill somebody one of these days!
And will TMZ show the pics then?
C'mom guys, TMZ's rep is pretty good at times but it gets over-board at times.
Try to stick to being a reputable celeb news org...its what u do best!

1197 days ago
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