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Casey Anthony -- America's Most Hated?

7/17/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been almost two weeks since Casey Anthony was found not guilty of killing her daughter Caylee -- and it seems the American public will never forgive her.    

So we gotta ask ...


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george fudge!    

Change up one of the survey questions:

In 10 yrs, Casey Anthony will be ... hopefully no longer here.

1203 days ago


I bet Casey Anthony might not even need plastic surgery before long. Some crazy woman might just cold **** her in the face and ugly her up so bad that people won't recognize her. Then, NOBODY would want to look at her ugly face on TV. The ugliness of her face would at least match the ugliness of her soul. Karma is gonna hit this lying, conniving, scheming little witch eventually.

Hopefully, Caylee is haunting Casey in her dreams every night ... telling her "mommy, why did you kill me and throw me away like garbage"?

It is just outrageous that this evil manipulative child killing monster is going to be unleashed on the streets of America or who knows where soon.

Casey should be registered as a child sex offender so people can at least know she's living in their neighborhood. No telling what this crazy, scheming witch might do once she's drinking, doing drugs, partying and god knows what else.

1203 days ago


I sure hope to God that Casey never has anymore children cause if she does will only be a matter of time before the next one "drowns in a pool" its obvious Casey killed her daughter because she was "in the way" of her partying lifestyle, she killed Caylee, then went out and partied like nothing ever happend, you people on here that think she is "innocent" need serious help, if you think she's so "innocent" then hire her to babysit your kids, maybe she will tell you your kids "drowned" in a pool too, Casey may be free of jail tomorrow, but she wont be free from everything else with all the damage she has caused, I really could care less what happens to her, but of course she will make her millions and carry on with her life without Caylee (like she wanted the whole time)

1203 days ago


@Gugga Manson

The searches, it was proven that it was NOT Cindy who made them even though she confessed to it. I also beleive they were made on Casey's persona lap top

Chloroform doe not appear naturally in a trunk of a car. There is no explanation from the defense why it should be there, regardless of the level.

The sample of the rug from tested positive for human decomposition, are we supposed to believe that another body was in the trunk? We KNOW Caylee is dead, we KNOW the body was moved. It stands to reason that was the car it moved in.

The car smelled like a dead body. The first thing I would do would be to try and find my family. When Casey couldn't produce Caylee and gave them a BS abduction story the police were called. They ""beleived" her.

Can you put duct tape on someone after they are dead? Sure, but why? Are you saying Casey wouldn't have access to duct tape that was in the family home?

So..not reporting the death of your child, having your child's body dumped in a swamp, lying to family, friend and the police about the whereabouts of your child isn't proof of anything?

She also lied to her lawyer, since originally Baez claimed that Caylee was abducted.

That's not proof of anything?
You sound like that idiot alternate juror 'the fact that Casey is an admitted and proven pathological liar didn't influence his opinion of her' but the 'thought George was deceptive' despite no PROOF of that.

1203 days ago


Casey Anthony murdered her little daughter. Just couldn't be prooved. Reasonable Doubt and that's all it takes.

When she is released and off of jail grounds, She is on her own. Her saftey and security is no longer the jail's concern.

Reports are that Jose Baez want's to appeal Casey's 4 charges of lying to police and giving false information. Florida taxpayers will pay for this as well.

1203 days ago



No psychologist who evaluated her has given an interview. Ever hear of HIPPA?

1203 days ago


She makes Tanya Harding look like a wonderful person.

1203 days ago


I Love Casey Anthony! tough girl

1203 days ago



Here, here...

Obviously the jury was too stupid to consider the lesser charges even if they believed the defense, it doesn't mean there wasn't criminal negligence.

1203 days ago



How do you feel there was 'reasonable doubt' raised? Is it in any way reasonable to stage an accident to look like a murder?

1203 days ago



If you don't believe that a jury can't be swayed based on charismatics and the demeanor of the attorneys, then you obviously aren't aware of some of the elements that go into making someone a a good trial lawyer.

1202 days ago

chaz lane    


How white is OJ Simpson???

1202 days ago


@ karlew 4 hours ago

"We have a woman up here in Canada named Karla Homolka 20 years ago she and her husband kidnapped, raped, tortured, killed and dismembered 2 teenage girls. They also drugged and raped Homolka's sister who consequently died of an OD "

I remember that case well. Has it really been 20yrs? Doesn't seem that long ago. I think you are right. I suspect the same will happen with change, a big move, and if there's an interview, my guess is the ratings will be even bigger than Karla's.

1202 days ago


I bet you her parents know what really happened. To you tards that don't get it. The parents were begging to see Caylee for about 24 days. Casey kept making up excuses and lies for weeks until she had to dump the car and had to confess. If you lost your FN dog/cat today. How long would it take for you to start looking for it. If you answer 31 days I'll.....

1202 days ago


Mr. Baez said that no one wins with the verdict. Bet 100 to 1 he didn't thought he could win the case. He spent the whole money ABC gave him and now Casey Anthony owes over 70 thousand to IRS. The defense team, most of them, took the case for fame or recognition, now they have to even take care of her. Bet you they didn't saw that outcome either. Mr Mason said the defense team is her only family right know. Good look defense team, we saw in court a Casey shouting to Mr Mason about Jose Baez and that in front of the jurors, how would she contempt herself when she is a free woman and you are on her way from freedom! The outcome of the trial was not what I expected but somehow knowing the defense team will have to take care of her and put with her craziness make it worth it! Good Luck Defense Team with your new family member!

1202 days ago
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