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Casey Anthony


7/16/2011 9:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony has been released from Orange County Jail in Orlando, FL. 

Casey Anthony Released From Jail
Anthony walked out of jail shortly after midnight ET on Sunday, accompanied by two sheriff's deputies and her attorney, Jose Baez.

She was behind bars for nearly three years and was acquitted on July 5 in the murder of her daughter Caylee. 

Anthony was found guilty of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer. She was sentenced to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine for each count.

She was released with time served. 



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mardev less than a minute ago
THANK GOD! SOMEONE WITH COMMON SENSE! I believe the same...She drugged her kid to go out & party without needing a babysitter (I always wondered if she left the kid IN the trunk, knocked out when she was partying (the times Caylee was with the fictitious Nanny???).
The child obviously died from ACCIDENTAL chloroform poisoning. Why else the searches, the fumes AND THE GATORADE BOTTLE WITH CHLOROFORM IN THE CAR, PEOPLE???
Casey panicked, (put the girl in the trunk) and drove around deciding WTF to do to get her butt out of ho*****er.
DING!~ "I know! I'll make it look like a kidnapping! I'll cover her face with duct tape to make it look authentic, because NOONE would expect a loving mom like ME to do that! Besides..I'm SUCH a good liar!"
She's one lucky girl, because a member of the police department messed up and some cop slid in the mud and threw a fit, not finding her in August. No soft tissue left by December 11th to do chemical testing on.
100% of accidental drownings are reported. George would have done the right thing & reported it. And what about the Winnie-the-Pooh blanket? That's a DIRECT connection. The car is a connection. The duct tape is a connection (do people really think she couldn't gain access to "George's duct tape"???
So no, I don't think it was on purpose. But I do think she should have gotten convicted on Count #4- child abuse leading to death.
BTW...has anyone else noticed that the majority on Casey supporters are MEN? The little head rules the Big one.
I think she's guilty too and i'm a guy....i use the big head for thinking and the smaller one for, well....u know

1158 days ago


I can't stand the sight of this B$#%H!! She is a child killer!!
To Laura, Using Chloroform is aggravated child abuse and is punishable;e by life so even if it was an accident using that...She should be in prison the rest of her life!!
I pray people don't buy anything to make this killer rich!! This is sickening and those jurors are as stupid as stupid gets!!

Hope you have a crappy life child killing Slut Casey!!

1158 days ago

truth teller    

2idiots4 minutes ago

@ Truth Teller - if it WAS an accident why did she COVER IT UP?

Good question, and a easy one to answer. That's because Casey was clearly afraid of her Mother and Father. I mean did you hear the testimony ? Casey's Mother Cindy was always calling her a idiot, and a loser, and a Bad unattentive Mother, ect. So, lets say it was an accidental drowning..even IF there was no criminal charges,,,Casey would still know that her Mother would be calling her out for her Grand daughters death. Saying to Casey,," Look what you done! You killed your daughter by not paying attention to her, or whatever 2idiots. That would likely cause Casey to panic. So she placed Caylee in the trunk, and waited for some time to go by so she could make up the story about Zanny. To make it look like an abduction. Yes that IS Egregious. Yes I believe Casey, and NOT her Father did dump Caylee in the woods just off the road. But NO...NONE of those actions are Pre-meditated Murder 2idiots. Yes she should have also been charged with Hindering an investigation and dispossing of a body. BOTH are felonies. And BOTH I think she would have been found guilty of.

But the prosecution failed to add those charges. But the bottom line is that...Casey would have delayed reporting her daughter missing,,even if it was an accident to avoid the criticism from her Mother. That 2idiots makes alot more sense then Casey, who has no history of ever hurting or abusing Caylee would kill her. And if she DID wanna pre-meditatedly wanna kill Caylee, she would have arranged it to BE reported right away. That way the onus is taken off her. The whole waiting of 31 days only shows you that it WAS a reaction of " Panic " And not the act of a cold blooded Murderer.

1158 days ago



Good One! Really liked that!

1158 days ago


To those who "support her" remember her attorney called her a liar and a WHORE and her parents, thru their attorney, made a statement saying she WAS NOT INNOCENT. Face it supporters SHE IS GUILTY and EVERYONE KNOWS IT INCLUDING HER

1158 days ago


"I think she's guilty too and i'm a guy....i use the big head for thinking and the smaller one for, well....u know"

Well that explains the "2idiots" moniker you go by...

1158 days ago


she blamed caylee for making her vagina look like the predators mouth.

1158 days ago


hide ya kids, hide ya wife, hide ya checkbook.

1158 days ago

Selen Gomez    

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1158 days ago


Correction on my previous post: Count #3- child abuse leading to death.

1158 days ago

truth teller    

Mardev...there was never any gaterade bottle of Chloroform in the trunk. And there was never MULTIPLE searches either...just ONE. Only the LIAR, Nancy Grace said there was like 64...a total lie. And there was never any evidence that proved that there was a huge amount of Chloroform in that trunk either. That so-called witness was destroyed by the defense on cross examination. I mean Cindy Anthony herself said she about used a whole bottle of Fabreeze in the car. And during cross, that expert himself admitted that the use of Fabreeze would also leave a Chloroform like result in his tests.

Please B!tch,,,stop making **** up.

1158 days ago


@Laura 55 minutes ago

I couldn't agree more with every word you said. Kudos!

1158 days ago


hopefully she will turn her life around
But I doubt she will

1158 days ago


Only she knows what really happened, I wonder will her conscious eat at her. How does she sleep at night? Poor Caylee ...

1158 days ago


2idiots4 minutes ago

@ Truth Teller - if it WAS an accident why did she COVER IT UP?


Why do innocent people break down under interrogation and confess to crimes they didn't commit in detail, only to be exonerated of the crime later? Because it's well do***ented to have happened, many times.

If you can't answer that it's pointless to be asking rhetorical questions and expecting common sense answers to apply.

Like asking WHY would an innocent person confess to murder? ... expecting the answer to be, they wouldn't.

Face it, just because you don't have a fvcking clue and can't fathom why anyone would do something other then the obvious, that doesn't mean you know sh*t about what someone else will do in the same situation, or what their motive is.

1158 days ago
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