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Amy Winehouse -- Signs of Life When Help Arrived

7/23/2011 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Amy Winehouse death investigation tell TMZ ... paramedics found "signs of life" when they arrived Saturday afternoon, but she died before they could transport her.

0722_amy_EX4Our sources were not specific as to the exact nature of the "signs of life."

According to our sources, law enforcement "is operating under the suspicion" this an overdose, although police will not say on the record it's an overdose until the first postmortem exam Sunday morning.

As TMZ first reported, police on the scene determined there were no signs of foul play and there is nothing suspicious about the death.


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RIP Amy.This can be a lesson to all the youth. Drinking and doing drugs are the norm is kids today. Everyone needs to understand that drugs are out there and kids are pressured to do them. BUT IT IS ONE THING TO BLAME OTHER PEOPLE OR TALK **** ON THE PERSON WHO HAS PASSED AWAY FROM DOING THEM. THE PEOPLE WHO TALK **** ARE THE PEOPLE WHO NEED TO ROT IN HELL. AA ali i doubt that ur a rare little miss sunshine who has never done ur probably a confused little girl

1150 days ago


no loss, nothing but a useless drug addict....

1150 days ago


gee what a surprise another drug addicted rock star wanna be dies of a over dose

1150 days ago


Signs of life could be she was in v fib where the heart is just fibrillating and not really beating; that's a sign before death. I don't understand why they would not start CPR if there was any signs of life. Maybe it's different there but in the U.S. they would.

Michael Jackson was pretty much near death at his home but they still tried. Especially with a celeb this statement is strange.

1150 days ago



I dont' like Joplin but she was the Queen of rock and roll, was the first woman rocker, was wanted and did every festival in the country and also was wanted on every and any tv show and talk show which she did.

Whinehouse put out 2 cd's. NEVER had a #1 song or CD in the UK or US and even she said the first cd was just ok.

She toured to make money to get high and didn't care about her music after 2006, never putting out another full length cd.

Joplin was a legend; an all time great. Whinehouse was famous because her life was a train wreck and the media loved it.

1150 days ago


RIP Amy. I'm no Prince myself but Amy was one butt ugly chick.

1150 days ago

Diane Iannone    

Amy won multiple Grammy AWards for her Music and had a Unique, Fantastic Voice. She also had a Creative Style about her that made you look. I can't believe that so many people want to focus on her hurt and pain and she died without giving her credit for her talent. That is what is wrong with our society.
I haven't seen anyone give her props for the amazing work.

1150 days ago


Her body was just tired and wanted to go to sleep and it did. It could only take so much of the on/off drug use. She tried on several occasions to get help but it (the drugs) got the best of her body, mind and soul. It was hard for her to break that cycle. Her mother said it all, "It was only a matter of time." RIP Amy

1148 days ago


Running in the wrong circles... Aym an awesome raw talent was not helped by the so called friends she had only too happy to provide her with drug as much she is to blame for her own death friends that don't care abou*****ch and say nothing

1148 days ago

lin newell    

Maybe mourners for AW bring their alcohol to her memorial site cuz they are quitting the booze.

1148 days ago


I knew 3 people just like Amy. One of them had cirrhosis of the liver at age 34 which is virtually unheard of. She literally drank herself to death, even though she was in and out of live-in and outpatient rehabs all her life. Another drank every single day until he drove drunk on his motorcycle and died. The third mixed drugs and alcohol for years and years before her heart finally gave out at age 47. I have learned that these people simply just are SOOOOO addicted that there is truly noting we or they can do. Very sad. Hopefully they all find peace after death somehow.

1148 days ago

Ocean Eyes    

I am sad to say i laughed and did not believe she was dead...i told God i was sorry for saying this, Poor Soul that couldn't get clean...Drugs takes everything away from you and very very hard to stop...RIP Amy...God will take care of you now..

1147 days ago


TMZ YOU ARE SLIPPING; there was no signs of life. 5 minutes after they arrived they put her in a body bag. There are some reports that rigor mortis had already set in.

bad sources

1147 days ago


It IS possible to have found someone with "signs of life" who dies, but it is NOT POSSIBLE for someone who has "signs of life" arriving at the coroners maybe an hour later who is in full rigor mortis. That person died HOURS before!

1145 days ago


Rip Amy. Your music is amazing!

1144 days ago
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