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Amy Winehouse -- Signs of Life When Help Arrived

7/23/2011 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Amy Winehouse death investigation tell TMZ ... paramedics found "signs of life" when they arrived Saturday afternoon, but she died before they could transport her.

0722_amy_EX4Our sources were not specific as to the exact nature of the "signs of life."

According to our sources, law enforcement "is operating under the suspicion" this an overdose, although police will not say on the record it's an overdose until the first postmortem exam Sunday morning.

As TMZ first reported, police on the scene determined there were no signs of foul play and there is nothing suspicious about the death.


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no signs of life here for a very long time

1186 days ago


I come from the same part of North London as Amy. It's called Southgate. She was 4 years older than me and I went to the same Junior School that she did although she had left when I started. It's called Ashmole.
Southgate isn't a huge town and she is one its most famous exports.
Everyone locally will be so affected by this and my grandparents still live on the same street that Amy grew up on although her parents don't live there any more. I've got no doubt people will visit their old house after this.
We'll miss you Amy and no matter what troubles you faced in your short life the people that grew up with you or grew up near you like I did will always be proud. RIP, Lauren xxxx

1186 days ago


How about some new laws to bypass the existing laws making it ok for the media to hound people in a negative light. Media reaches millions there should be some accountability.

1186 days ago

2 And a Half Cents    

Amy Winehouse was a human being- not a soundboard for insults for her shortcomings.

Amy Winehouse was someone's daughter- may God have mercy on that this will never be your child's lifestyle.

Amy Winehouse is not a celebration party. "One less junkie in the world" F*** you to those who are relieved she is gone, the world needs more compassion, certainly not the treatment of Captain Obvious over there rejoicing that a human life is gone.

** Let he who is without sin cast the first stone **

Mercy and prayers to ANY parent who is forced the unbearable task of burying their own child.

1186 days ago


I wish people would stop with the "27 club". Every website I visit - I see that in the comments ad nauseam - it is getting a little old. Next someone will bring up death in 3's - or something equally retarded.

I am sure there are tons of people who died at 28, too. Heath Ledger and Brandon Lee - died at 28. Groups of people die at every stage of life. No reason to go all conspiracy theorist on the issue.

But sheeple will keep spewing the stupidity of "club 27".


1186 days ago


Regardless what people think of her private life, she was an Awesome Talent and Lovely Soul.


and again I say to all the Haters, Suck it! When you die it won't be Worldwide news and noone will care :D

1186 days ago


Expected but shocking nonetheless. Talented beyond measure. RIP Amy.

1186 days ago


signs of life?why didn't they do cpr and the works's a lot like princess Di not getting to the hospital for 2-3 hrs.less than 3 miles you folks really want socialized medicine.with all the rules,unions and crap.she might have lived with great American paramedics that give it their all.

Sad how the skies get a little brighter each time we lose a star here.shine baby shine.

1186 days ago


Expected but shocking nonetheless. Talented beyond measure. RIP Amy.

1186 days ago


If there was a fit involved all bets are off as to the assumption this was an overdose. If she had latent epilepsy, and wasn't using, or dementia tremens, on account of maybe finally giving up booze (would have thought she'd be aware of that) it's quite possible this was even more tragic and inexplicable. She'd had fits before, which also can be a side affect of hard drug addiction and alcoholism. It's still a shame. The post-mortem won't including toxicology immediately, but will give an indication. Whatever. RIP Amy Winehouse.

1186 days ago


Oh Amy, Amy, Amy...RIP. So talented...prayers to her family.

1186 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Amy is now in the very special club of real blues men and women, and the only thing I feel bad about is that she did not record more albums. I know her soul would feel the same.

1186 days ago


If there was signs of life...she would have been transported to the hospital and not taken out in a body bag. Come on TMZ...use your brains. duh.

1186 days ago


Sad but no surprise!! I suspect her on going drug addiction is the cause of death!! I am waiting for others to follow her as these young people simply don't get it and rehab is not working!!

1186 days ago


Hey Nicole...That c@nt Lindsay you adore is next!!...I'm going to start a "death pool" in Vegas...firecrotch will be dead by N.Y.E. 2012..I got 50K on it.. wanna bet me? Amy Winehouse was nothing but a loser just like your washed up hag at 25 Yrs. old. Lindsay will be incarcerated or dead very soon, thanks to enablers like yourself.

1186 days ago
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