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Amy Winehouse -- Signs of Life When Help Arrived

7/23/2011 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Amy Winehouse death investigation tell TMZ ... paramedics found "signs of life" when they arrived Saturday afternoon, but she died before they could transport her.

0722_amy_EX4Our sources were not specific as to the exact nature of the "signs of life."

According to our sources, law enforcement "is operating under the suspicion" this an overdose, although police will not say on the record it's an overdose until the first postmortem exam Sunday morning.

As TMZ first reported, police on the scene determined there were no signs of foul play and there is nothing suspicious about the death.


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Typical TMZ . . . you dogged her in life . . posted horrible photos and stories of and about her . . and now that she is dead, you are posting decent looking photos of her.

1166 days ago


Maybe the only sign of life was seizures and she may have been having it before they arrived. We have no idea how long help was there. They probably couldn't do much at that point. Just my thoughts.

1166 days ago

PRO US    

Erik about an hour ago

Im actually glad she's dead. We don't need addicts taking up media space. She might have had a great career waiting for her, but she chose drugs and alcohol instead. Good riddance to be honest.

Can you please arrange it with someone you know that on the day that you pass away, of natural causes of course, that that someone notify TMZ of that sad event, so the whole world can express the fact that no one gives a frack that you're worm-meat? Some people I believe will want to treat you with all the sensitivity you treated Amy Winehouse. Thanks!

1166 days ago


Come Back Amy, come back............
Sounds crazy, but I am devastated. I feel shame that we(society) could not help her. I is the loss of of all fans of music , deep seated soul, and passion........................................
Any one that has only heard Rehab, should listen to every song on FRANK, and BACK TO BLACK. Blows me away everytime I listen to them, as I am doing now.............
Bless her soul. I am so sad.

1166 days ago

PRO US    

Superman 40 minutes ago

Enough with this overrated waste of space. She dug her own grave. I have no sympathy for her. And I won't have any sympathy for any other rich skank that drops dead. Celebrity deaths come in threes...soooo, I'm predicting another rich skank to bite it soon. Let's see...Lady Gaga, Paris, Christina, Lindsay, and Casey A. are probably leading contenders for the next dirt nap. Better become a repentant Christian before it's too late.
@ Superman:

You sound like such a sweet person! (Rolls eyes)

1166 days ago


such news is always sad. can we just mention that she ROCKED the pouf long before that skaggy troll from the jersey shore? peace be with you Amy.

1166 days ago


Just another music talent dying at the mysterious age of 27...How old is Lindsay? ****, we have to stomach her for another two years! (That's if you technically count her as a musical TALENT)

1166 days ago

PRO US    

mike 49 minutes ago

who cares
mike 48 minutes ago

who really cares about a drug addict who couldnt get it together its her own fault

Her friends, family, fans and decent, warm-hearted people with some sensitivity and empathy for other poor, suffering, lost people. They care.

You don't because you'e a cold, inhuman, heartless blankety blank.

Your loss.

1166 days ago

PRO US    


1166 days ago


British papers are saying she was already dead when paramedics arrived. Could not revive. Already getting rumours flying aren't we? I will believe their reports before these.

1166 days ago


RIP Amy. Your talent will live on forever. Sorry that there wasn't anyone strong enough around you to help you.

1166 days ago


COUNTDOWN: 2 more years we have to stomach Lady Gag Gag and 10 more years for Bieber...Come on magic 27 ! (This is the end...My only friend, the end)

1166 days ago


RIP, troubled soul

1166 days ago


Well, we know who is next - Lindsay Lohan. At least the singers left a legacy of talent.

1166 days ago


hope she can find her own heaven. and live the dream she wanted.
too bad she gave out a cry for help on so many occasions.

Nicole this is what I talk about.

some one better take note on gaga. and a few others that fame has destroyed them.

here today gone tomorrow. should make stars and artist more humble.

1166 days ago
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