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Amy Winehouse -- At Her Best

7/23/2011 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's easy to remember all the bad that went on in Amy Winehouse's life -- but here is a video to remind people that when she was on top of her game ... she could really sing. 



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She was so talented and she will be greatly missed ...and to all you haters "Get A Life" you're just showing your disrespect and ignorance!

1158 days ago


one less ugly junkie to worry about.

1158 days ago

Sock Monkey    

Amy loved your music. Tell God to send you back- we will trade three Kardashians for you.

1158 days ago


I'm heartbroken; such a remarkable talent gone! Her boyfriend had broken up with her after she canceled her concerts. How sad is it to depend on shallow people when your famous and especially need support to deal with all the pressures? Along with that she fought the addictions and as it appears, it was all just too much for her. She stood for something we will never forget in developing her unique and beautiful voice.
For those like Chris, Laura, and Kevin who so quickly and callously condemn and pass judgment, cannot see it, but may actually be in a worse state than Amy was with such a lack of depth of character, and also most likely accomplishments.

1158 days ago

I am Spartacus    

that doesnt say much if that is her at her best. She was really a 1 hit wonder. Other than the rehab song she never really had anything else that was big.

1158 days ago

RJ Hunt    

There's no doubt about it...Amy was a super talented singer/song writer...It's just sad that we watched this girl slowly kill herself and nobody could do anything about it...What a waste.

1158 days ago

And thats the truth    

I know that she is probably high in this video because her speech is slurred but I will tell you that her voice reminds me alot of Janis Joplin. Janis always put her soul into her songs and Amy did the same thing from what I see from this video. Both of them had raspy strong voices and unfortunately both of them had a similar personal life that ended way too soon.

1158 days ago


Sad day for her family indeed. Unfortunately, I don't see what the hype was. All of her songs sound the same and her voice isn't anything special. I'm sorry to say, if this was her best performance than that's pretty sad. Just by looking at her eyes you can tell she's not there.

1158 days ago


I fell in love with Amy Winehouse today and she broke my heart.

1158 days ago


It is sad to say but if she didn't care enough about her fans to stay off drugs, even for one night on stage, then why are we suppose to care enough to mourn her loss? She lived her life the way she wanted forgetting that it was her fans that bought the music and the concert tickets. All she learned to care about was the $. In the end she said...FU! I feel bad for her family. There was an article written about the way her mom felt when she saw her so skinny and drugged out. She was only 23 then. She worried about this day. RIP

1158 days ago


She really was talented, and it's so sad that she got so screwed up and died so young.

1158 days ago


Better version.

1158 days ago


Damn shame. That amazing voice without even trying. A true gift many would kill for. And she killed herself. I wish I could beieve she had some inner darkness and this was unavoidable. But it's the drugs. They ruin and end so many lives. Hope her family can survive this loss.

1157 days ago


Damn shame. That amazing voice with even trying. A true gift. Some would kill for such talent. She killed herself. Her poor family.

1157 days ago


Some of you people are so heartless. I bet if you had someone in your life batteling an addicting, weather it's drugs, achohol, or depression you would be sad to hear they passed away. Amy was probably that person in someones life and the fact that some of you wanted her dead is sick

1157 days ago
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