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Amy Winehouse -- At Her Best

7/23/2011 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's easy to remember all the bad that went on in Amy Winehouse's life -- but here is a video to remind people that when she was on top of her game ... she could really sing. 



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Canada Guy    

Not to sound disrespectful but I couldn't understand what the heck she was singing other than Valerie.
I hope, as others have stated, that this wasn't "her best" because if I were a talent show judge I would have buzzed her after the first minute.
Anyway, her death, as all avoidable deaths is a shame and thoughts go out to her family and friends, but not to the enablers that fueled her habit.
Choices and consequences.

1149 days ago



1149 days ago


Very sad...she was a lost soul, hooked on the drugs not able to get off the **** she was on...:>( I hope they catch the person that got her onto the drugs!!!
RIP Amy...You will be missed..your music will live on I hope you find peace whereever your going...

1149 days ago


Is there supposed to be a video here?

Fix your site. Bloated, too much javascript, and flash. grow up.

1149 days ago


Hellava ******* voice...shame she died so young she was so talented but like many before her she must've been tormented by her demons..

1149 days ago


Good Song,this is how I will choose to remember Ms Winehouse. While you all are bashing her,try to remember this was a human being and someones daughter. Have some heart people!! RIP Amy Winehouse,Thanks for the memories

1149 days ago

Allison Ray    


Settle down. And no name calling! Amy would say the same about herself. "Garden variety" is not an insult. It is a way addicts claim one-ness.

1149 days ago


******* ignorants! have you heard the greatest ladies of jazz? have heard the ggreater than life Billie Holiday sing?...go on and rush to youtube, the ******* university for morons like all of you, and learn how use all that rich heritage of amazing ladies to sing with her heart not with the throat like stupid cows nowdays...Amy Winehouse was a gift from God himself to remind us the era when music was a soothing comfort for the soul and aches of the heart and mind!!!!!! stupid ******* retards!!!!

1149 days ago


R.I.P. Dear Amy!!! May you have peace, and eternal song your musical talent could not be denied. this is my dedication in your honor.....

1149 days ago

PRO US    

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Allison Ray 20 hours ago

shut up you self righteous people! SHe was a garden variety drunk and drug addict. sad, indeed.
Listen to Adele. She has THAT voice and is clear and sober and responsible. I am relieved Amy passed. I bet she is too.
@Allison Ray:

You should read what you wrote above. And you're telling other people to "settle down" and to stop "name-calling" after you tell people to "shut up"?

You must be off your rocker, you crazy hypocrite.

I have one word for you: "Nuts" which is a description of you and also the proper answer to anything you say.

Now, run along and take your prescription meds, but don't abuse them, dearie.

1149 days ago


"It's easy to remember all the bad that went on in Amy Winehouse's life"

Yeah, thanks mostly to you, TMZ.

1149 days ago


It's sad when someone dies (obviously), but dear f#$*ing god what is this drivel coming out of my speakers? It sounds like an auto-tune program of a squirrel glitching out. This is horrendous, and honestly a travesty to call this Jazz. I'm not sorry for saying this, but she was a junkie and she did it to herself. Don't pity her, feel happy that she can't inflict anymore torture on herself in this realm.

1149 days ago


This is not Amy at her best. Not at all. You could have done a better job TMZ.

1149 days ago


Not my style of music, but have respect for those with talent. And Amy had talent... Wasted talent in the recent years, but still talent! More than those a**holes who judge people by acceptable social standards! Which is what??? No drugs, alcohol and sex!!! I don't know what music you like or are influenced by, but in my world... if these weren't part of life there would be some legendary songs never made! Now Amy had her issues, and she obviously had an addiction who has killed many wonderful special talented people. Stop judging and just appreciate what they had to give us! R.I.P Amy.

1149 days ago


"It's easy to remember all the bad that went on in Amy Winehouse's life"

Yeah, thanks mostly to you, TMZ.

1149 days ago
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