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Amy Winehouse's Dad -- Spotted at JFK

7/23/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse's dad, Mitch Winehouse, was spotted at JFK this afternoon ... just hours after his daughter's death. 

Mitch was reportedly in the first class lounge, pacing up and down as he talked on his cell phone.

He was scheduled to perform at the Blue Note in New York City, but canceled the performance.


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HARVEY LEVIN ~~~ I hope you die of A I D S you dumb ************

1196 days ago


when I heard of her death, i thought of her father immediately. he was always open and desperate for a change in her addiction. his life will never be the same. my parents have/went through a similar situation with my sister and it will always hurt more than i can imagine. my heart goes out to her father, mother and extended family.

for all those talking ****-shame one you!!! you clearly have never suffered a tragic loss of a bright, troubled person well before their time.

1196 days ago


It's not right to follow that poor man around and photograph him. Yes I know his daughter was famous, but let the man grieve, that was his daughter.

1196 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

These filthy photographers taking pics of this dude as he goes to see his dead daughter. Harv, you are a piece of crap for ok'ing this shot. I hope your boyfriend makes you sleep on the couch for a year and no gay sex for you.

1196 days ago


My initial reaction was the same as everyone else's - how crass to throw up a photo of Amy's grieving father on a gossip site. But then it occurred to me that I've spent the last 24 hours looking at news photos of shell-shocked survivors of the horror in Norway, and I didn't feel outrage for those people. What's the difference?

1196 days ago


Excellent week for the makers of embalming fluid....

1196 days ago

Workin my way to Trump status    

I hope I never have to take a plane ride to either of my daughter's funeral. I don't know how I'd make it.

1196 days ago


Jesus, guys. How about going bat**** on him and shove a mic into his throat? Come on.

1196 days ago


@jays - you are a jerk, I didn't come to TMZ for news on NORWAY you idiot. Do you really think TMZ is the only one taking pictures and posting articles on this her. Sites like TMZ shouldn't be glorifying this junkies death, no media outlet should but they all are. FYI - TMZ has reported on situations like that in Norway.

1196 days ago


If that picture had been taken by a photographer for Reuters or the AP, it would be considered a news photo. I think part of the reason it seems so skeevy to everyone is because the photo was taken by the paparazzi.

1196 days ago


This is sad I cant believe someone would even take a picture of him in all this mess. I feel so bad for him you can tell from her "daddy's girl" tattoo and pictures with him and him accepting awards on her behalf that they were really close. so so sad!

1196 days ago


This is disgusting!! Whatever happen to privacy. I think pic has gone to far a race to capture his reaction of his daughters death?

1196 days ago


Who cares? This bitch had no talent. Oooooh wow she copy cat the 60's sound. Her voice sucked, needless to say you people who though she had talent thought her stuff was original. Ha....guess again.

She's a no talent hack that got what she had coming.

1196 days ago

Kylie's injected lips    

TMZ jerks should have some sympathy for the man, he just lost his daughter! I'm a parent of young children but I just can't imagine losing a child..much less one that has demons and in the end that ended up taking her life (Allegedly) but please Harvey, let this man grieve.

1196 days ago


He really is just the most pitiful one of all. He tried so hard to help her, hopefully, he will not blame himself, he tried everything he could not be with her every minute.

She seems to have always not been really healthy, and her father seemed to worry about her constantly, I know she did drugs, and I'm not too familiar with the drugs that she did, but it seemed like she probably had some medical issues, I don't know I never paid much attention to her except she had great music. It's very sad she reminds me of Anna Nicole, she was going to do exactly what she wanted, and surrounded herself MAYBE with enablers. Just a train, that took the wrong track, just a matter of time. RIP - must be a stressful business, seems many cannot handle it well.

Prayers for the dad!! Like someone said it must have been the longest flight ever! I would have chartered.

1196 days ago
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