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51-Yr. Old Doug Hutchison

Schooling His TEEN Bride

8/5/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Sure, 51-year old "Lost" actor Doug Hutchison recently married 16-year old Courtney Stodden. Not creepy? Next, he's teaching his bride how to drive! Okay ... plenty creepy.

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You are a complete s***bag. That is child abuse and rape any way you slice it(I don't care if some people say she's an "adult"). I hope your penis falls off you dirtbag.

1113 days ago


Sure it's "creepy", but Harvey, for most of us, so is putting a man's genitalia in another man's rectum. But you'd call that homophobic, so as a society, it's called "live and let live"! She had consent from her parents, creepy, but hey, totally legal, so Harvey, practice what you preach. Leave the pedophile alone. First they go after homosexuals, then they go after pedophiles, what's next, oh ya, bestiality, we go after those too. On the bell courve of human morality, I find a lot of people's actions, creepy. Like having multiple wives, at the same time, and or during life. Maybe you're just being islamophobic because the big MO married a 9 year old. Just to think, a tabloid journo trying to preach morality, or just preach in general, wow, the irony!

1113 days ago

somewhere in Texas    

Saw her U-Tube video. You are a dumb as*, if you think she married you for your hotness.

1113 days ago


He's not teaching her how to drive, misleading title, but plenty of people learn to drive later in life. Not everyone is counting the seconds until their 16th birthday to get that license.

Though it's moot because this girl is NOT 16. Why does no one at TMZ understand that? Same reason they never ask him about it, because it'll ruin the joke and "shock value" of it. I like TMZ but sometimes this site is just plain insulting.

1113 days ago


Bud-if that's what you're attracted to and you can't find anyone else your age, you have some real problems going on. Get some help, you need it you piece of ****

1113 days ago


Doug Hutchison is a..


1113 days ago


LESSON #1: How to give road head on a bumpy road.

1113 days ago


Courtney you are an idiot. U will NEVER be anything but a joke to 99.9999% of all people out there. Doug...pervert...couldnt wait till she was legal? Are you even trying to get her to pursue her diploma? College??

1113 days ago


She sounds drugged. Anyone else notice how she was speaking. And she looks 35. Either she is 35 & their just lying or she has had some horriable plastic surgery. I don't know, the whole thing creeps me out.

1113 days ago

And thats the truth    

I honestly dont think that this girl is 16. I think she is alot older and this is their way of getting attention.

1113 days ago


yeah, because a 40 year old woman doesn't know how to drive. publicity stunt for sure. no way in hell is this girl sixteen. lol her face & body look at least 50 and if she is indeed 16. than that is the ugliest fake ass sixteen year old i have ever seen. she looks hideous. fake boobs and a plastic face is not attractive. she's just trying to help her music career which if she really had talent than she would make it on her own but since she sounds like a dying cat she needs help to boost her ****ty music career by looking an acting like a total slut.

1113 days ago


This chick looks 50. I think this is all BS. In fact I'd bet money this chick is nowhere near age 16.

1113 days ago


it doesn't specify in the story but I hope this is not occurring in America. I don't ever post on Actually, nix that. This is like the 4th time. In like 4 years of checking this site. But am I not the only one up in arms that a 51 year old dude is married to a 16 year old hottie? And it isn't jealous. What is going on right now in this country?

1113 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

I personally find that chick to be way creepier than that dude. And that really is saying a lot.

1113 days ago

Daniel Mountain    

Lucky man...

1113 days ago
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