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Casey Anthony's Parents


8/10/2011 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Casey Anthony's parents attended a memorial for Caylee Anthony yesterday on what would have been their granddaughter's sixth birthday -- held near the spot in Orlando, Florida where her body was discovered in 2008.

During the memorial -- organized by a nationwide group for missing and abused children called "Bring Kids Home" -- George briefly spoke to the crowd of nearly 100 people.

George said, "Today it's for the other missing children out there that need to come home. Caylee is gonna be the focal point that's gonna bring [people] here but the other kids need to come home too."


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OMG, what's next a national holiday .

1135 days ago


I hope that all of you who are ongoing with comments realize that a child was lost to the evil hands of people who was suppose to love and protect her? But the failed to keep the toddler safe. Right now the thing to do would be to pray for the safe return of many other children who are missing.Yes it was very sad,the outcome of the jury's decision to acquit her on charges that belonged to Casey,their will never be another chance for her to be charged with murder..even if she confessed to the crime. Therefore let sleeping dogs lie,children are taken from this world by their parents,family members,etc on a daily basis.As long as the public remains interested in the disappearance of a specific child,or person,it will remain in the media..Then once again we have a high profile case that will be thrown out of court. R.I.P Caylee,and remember to pray for the safe return of other missing children...

1135 days ago


Maybe if we put on our sad faces they will buy our book in 6 months!

1135 days ago


Cindy knew the moment she smelled that car, and cleaned it and other evidence up out of it what had happened to Caylee, that her daughter had killed her, period. George also knew that day that the child was dead, by the hands of Casey. That case was based on cir****tantial evidence, and there was PLENTY of it! The "no common sense" jury, just didn't understand that, I guess. I do believe the grandparents loved that child, Casey never did, she was nothing but a burden to her, and she will NEVER mourn her. Her attnys say she is seeking treatment ?????? Treatment won't help Casey Anthony, she is a psychopath.

1135 days ago


Who did TMZ pay for this video?

The same people they PAID for the CASEY in Ohio pics?

What percent goes into the pocket of Casey or her parents?

If it's true that TMZ is trying to get an interview with that baby killer, I'll NEVER access the website or watch TMZ on my local station.


1135 days ago


People who really know this case, know that George & Cindy are just as horrible as their baby killer offspring.

1135 days ago


All the Casey haters have it wrong. Calley committed suicide by drowning to get away from this damn dysfunctional family!!

1135 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Dont BS us with these people TMZ.
We KNOW you PAID BL00D-Money to KillerKC thru the pap that got pix & vid of KillerKC jus strolling thru a neighborhood in Ohio. SHES an AWFUL actress, acting like she didnt KNOW there was a cameraman! And WHO was the DUMBA$$ that gave her the cappachino? The closest $tarbuck$ was TWO MILES from Where she was, and she was walking in flip-flops... AS IF!
WE all KNOW how the system works now, KillerKC NOW gets paid everytime those pix & vid are shown.
F OFF TMZ & F U Harv!
YOU shouldnt underestimate the general public like you have. We KNOW whats up!
(BTW, hows the numbers looking for ya.. viewers falling off?) Blame yourself HARVEY you didnt know **** about this case til it was in the last 2 weeks then you saw the public interest and thought you'd jump in like you were an expert..! You might be a lawyer but your NOT a parent! The fact you even spoke of KillerKC positively made me ill. FIRST you said YOU would cover KillerKC if she was out & about, THEN you said People WOULD watch HER & read her book.. NOT being a parent YOU had NO Idea WTF you were doing to yourself when You opened your mouth!
Bet'cha if KillerKC had killed her DOG & disposed of it like she did to her baby YOU would've been as PI$$ED-Off as the WORLD was with that Lazy jury's Verdict! (out of touch much?)
Your out of you f'n MIND lil man. YOU drank the Kool-Aid from Jonestown. See ya around.. or NOT! I'm done with TMZ now! already cancelled your show off my DVR, now I gotta block you off my computer!

1135 days ago

DWTS lover    

This bunch of trash couldn't even let Caylee have HER day! They had to come and make it abut them...the poor grieving grandparents....the same grandparents that lied under oath so Caylee murdering mother could walk out of court and live the beautiful life. These people has no shame. But God KNOWS!!

1135 days ago


Yea God knows they did nothing wrong and knows who is!!!!

1135 days ago

l stone    

I love TTMZ. ut I will no longer watch or log to the web site. I will no*****ch,or read anything about the Anthony,s , all of them. My sympathy along with any curiosity or interest I had has now ran out. PleSe TMZ don't post or broadcast anything else about these people.

1135 days ago


TMZ are Harvey Levin are the real s***! Hope you get aids and cancer and die a slow horrible death! You are what is wrong with the world today. Sleazemongers.

1135 days ago


Caylee was never really missing. Her mother, Casey, killed her and dumped her little body in the woods near their home so the wild animals could eat it. The grandparents should stay out of the limelight and give up on their purported foundation. They can go get a real job like the rest of us and stop living off of their deceased granddaughter.

1135 days ago


You know, I don't get the connection between them and missing children. Their self centered daughter murdered their grandchild, Caylee wasn't abducted in any way. If they wanted to be be spokes people for mental illness....that I could understand.

1135 days ago


george and cindy - tens of thousands of us watched EVERY snippet of video, heard EVERY microsecond of this case - you're not fooling most. if you have anything to do with the Bring Kids Home Foundation someone out there with nothing else to do is going to find out and expose you. just saying.....

1135 days ago
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