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Rebecca Black

Yanked Out of School

After CONSTANT Harassment

8/10/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rebecca Black Friday
Rebecca Black was getting made fun of at school SO MUCH after "Friday" came out -- that her mother decided to pull her out and began homeschooling the singer.  

Black just told ABC News ... students were constantly targeting her, explaining, "When I walk by they'll start singing 'Friday' in a really nasally voice ... Or, you know, they'll be like, 'Oh hey, Rebecca, guess what day it is?'"

Black's mom told ABC the move will also help the 14-year-old focus on her career.


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Bullying is awful, but her parents might as well have put a big sign over her head that read, "bully me!" Parents who won't say no to kids with no talent anger me!

1169 days ago


She needs to get it through her idiotic head that she does not have a good voice, and to shut her mouth!

1169 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

Focus on what career? She put her own video on youtube. Does that make it a career? Well, then I'm a pop superstar. So what the kids asked her what day it is? Get a grip. If you can't handle that then you definitely not cut out for the music scene where people will tear you apart? This is a Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the making.

Her and her mother are delusional.

1169 days ago


Winnie Cooper from the TV show The Wonder Years!

1169 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

What did you expect them to do? Congratulate her? They would have made fun of her even if the song didn't suck, kids are mean and their brains are undeveloped.

1169 days ago


OMFG!!! I would just like totally die, LIKE TOTALLY! If someone were to sing my own song in a nasally voice and ask me I know what day it is....Like...OMFG! I would totally like kill myself for shaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! That is the most disrespectful thing evaaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!

1169 days ago


what career? she has no career ahead of her. she sucks more than anything... she has NO TALENT. i would've made fun of her too

1169 days ago


You all seem to forget, when saying all of these mean-spirited things, that she is still a child! At 14, you're still going through puberty and adding on bullying from your peers can really make things even more tough.. Yeah, Friday was a train smash, but it's absolutely innappropriate to say these intentionally hurtful things about any child. Lay off her!

1169 days ago


She has to know that she's known for NOT having talent, right?

1169 days ago

The PMG    

What a little crybaby, I heard worse things than that in 3rd grade. Now if she only had a career for this move to help...

1169 days ago


NERD! I would have picked on her. She deserves it.

1169 days ago


Still no reason to make fun of her. Kids like that grow up with McDonalds careers.

1169 days ago


HER CAREER?!! aaaahhhahahaha! That is amazing, lol! Does everybody EXCEPT Rebecca Black in the world realize that she became a viral phenomenon because she made, quite possibly, the worst song in the history of recorded music? The reason why it was so popular was because it was so lame! Jesus Christ, this just goes to show why people shouldn't give so much attention and power to things that are banal and worthless - They'll wake up thinking they're celebrities with talent!

1169 days ago


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1169 days ago


and now you have to tack on other social disfunctions that home schoolers have

1169 days ago
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