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Rebecca Black

Yanked Out of School

After CONSTANT Harassment

8/10/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rebecca Black Friday
Rebecca Black was getting made fun of at school SO MUCH after "Friday" came out -- that her mother decided to pull her out and began homeschooling the singer.  

Black just told ABC News ... students were constantly targeting her, explaining, "When I walk by they'll start singing 'Friday' in a really nasally voice ... Or, you know, they'll be like, 'Oh hey, Rebecca, guess what day it is?'"

Black's mom told ABC the move will also help the 14-year-old focus on her career.


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"When I walk by they'll start singing 'Friday' in a really nasally voice"
So, you mean they were "singing" it EXACTLY like you do it? Shes a loser and a joke.

1172 days ago



1172 days ago


Mommy!!!! They keep on making fun of how I sing! They keep singing Friday to me! They're SO mean. Can I stop going to school? Thanks Mom!

1172 days ago

some guy    

By career does she mean 15 minutes of fame? Because that ended over a month ago already.

1172 days ago

Loving Monterey    

She wanted fame. Well, Welcome to it.
You are popular now! Just for the wrong reasons.
Deal with it!

1172 days ago


be careful what you wish for, kids.

1172 days ago


WHAT is wrong with parents today? Do they all have stars in their eyes?
This poor thing can hardly sing, she has very little talent to begin with. Certainly not a natural, but, yet, her Mother thinks this is going to be some kind of career?! She is cute as a button, but, a singer, a serious singer? No.

She is 14!! She needs to be in school, she needs to see how the world works, how to judge people, whether or not you can trust them, how to work out problems with friends, how to learn to be responsible. Go to the mall, have boyfriends, or sleepovers...

So much of that is a learning process in school. Home schooling? As if Mom is a teacher now? Come on, this is ridiculous.

NOTHING good ever comes out of attempting to be a star, just what if, and you end up one? No thanks, the money might be nice, but goodbye freedom.

This is what she wants for her daughter? I think Mom and dad need a reality check.

1172 days ago


what career?

1172 days ago


public schools turn girls into sluts and guys into ******** she'll be better off home schooled.

1172 days ago


If I were her I would just say, "wow - did you come up with that all by yourself?" and walk away. People are being harrased a lot more than that every day. They just don't have fame to back them up.

1172 days ago

Some Dude    

AHAHAHHAHAHAAHHHAAHHAHA! stupid b*tch. How come we have to listen to the same crappy songs over and over again on the radio but she get's pissed when she hears her own song a few times in a day. I call it "overnight success karma".

1172 days ago


What career? People really need to stop pretending that she's gonna be the next britney. because shes not. she sucks. this is really irritating. rebecca, you have NO career.

1172 days ago


Waaa. I made money out of a pile of **** and now people make fun me of me because they smell me. Waa.

1172 days ago


I'm reading things like "kids can be so mean" - what are you basing this on in this story?! That they asked her "hey, what day is it?" Yeah, wow, that is SO CRUEL.

1172 days ago


No surprise there. It's easy to say "grow a thicker skin" but when you're young and in school "mean girls" like that can make your life a living Hell. The world at large often rewards mediocrity, especially in middle and high school. Be smart but don't be too smart because then you'll be a "nerd." Be talented but don't be too talented because then you'll be a "beeyotch." Even with the little, admittedly minor success Rebecca had, of course there were some mean, small, jealous little things who couldn't deal with someone else getting their fifteen minutes. I personally know another girl who has a killer voice and was working with big-time pro people like David Foster when she was just 13. She was the sweetest girl you can imagine and she kept her success on the d/l because she had been tormented so much because of it in another school she had to move out of state. Good luck, Rebecca. I hate your song but nobody deserves that, especially for being successful.

1172 days ago
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