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Kim Kardashian

1st Glimpse on Her Wedding Day

8/20/2011 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian made a brief appearance outside her hotel this afternoon -- talking to sister Kourtney as she gets ready to walk down the aisle.

It's nice they were able to share an intimate moment before things get crazy.



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It's all about money and greed. They may be spending millions on the wedding, however, they will be collecting millions and more in payback from People Mags., etc. They are nothing but a bunch of no talent fame whores

1137 days ago


douche bags, intimate moment with 50 camera around?! Give it one kid fast, and divorce, March 2012.

1137 days ago


For someone with no talent, She sure has a lot of money to BLOW

1137 days ago

the truth    

THE LITTLE GIRLS SEE the way mom is treated so now I'm starting to see them treat the mom like garbage. if i ever talked to my parents like that , all i could say it wouldn't be nice and i dont care how old you are. they seriously need to have more respect for her. is it true Reggie Bush is crying and wants Kim back?lol ....someone on here said Kris H looked like the cave men from the geico commercials . i LMFAO . but hes cute.kourt looks like she aged 10 yr*****e the way shes been dressing as of lately. just because your a mom doesn't mean u have to dress and act 70. but anyways.. THOSE LUCKY RICH BASTARDS!! where they going on the honeymoon? and leave Bruce alone.he seems to be the only one who really cares about them .we have kim and her little sister in NY modeling. little sis said i cant go i have cheerleading. then Kim says dont worry were gonna take care of that. Bruce is right. SHES ONLY 15!!hopefully Bruce will raise the 2 girls good and not spoiled. and yes i forgot their names.

1137 days ago

David Burlison    

I still don't get it..Why are they famous..who really cares.
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1137 days ago


C'mon people...This wedding is being paid for by E entertainment. Hope the ratings are worth it.

It's being held in a place that is worth 29 million. The wedding is not costing 29 million. Hell, Donald Trump's re-marriage was a little over 2 million and had no problem saying so. This is trying to be hush, hush, for the TVs shows ratings. E has been hyping this as like it's suppose to be Americas 'royal wedding' cut the crap.

Donald Trump respectifully declined the wedding invation due to he had a golf tournment. Polite way of saying go away.

1137 days ago

PRO US    

Skru her and her whole fracking money-grubbing, humanity-hating, exploitative, money-loving, greedy, azzhole-fracking family! Tired of their BS. They're not smart. They're not attractive. They have no ideas on how to improve this nation or the world. They have nothing to offer but their celebrity, ie. their fame. They are decadent and revolting. They're a total joke and a sad commentary on American society that they make money simply by being famous and contributing nothing of any worth to anyone in America or the world. Kapiscu? Good.

1137 days ago


Stop covering this whore, she's only famous for blowing Ray J on camera. Give her the same coverage you usually give porn stars, which is none. Thank u, come again

1137 days ago

the truth    

i say the same thing about every other reality show. what r they famous for? well its one of the best shows , but after all the wedding thing i do think people are really not gonna care anymore cuz people are gonna get sick of hearing about them just like Pari******on. in this season it was very boring cuz it seemed like they couldn't come up with new story lines. i also cant wait to see who shows up. i wonder if Broody will show. Reggie will show up on his knees crying and saying I WANT YOU BACK .CRYING HIS LITTLE HEART OUT. MOVE ON FOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL

1137 days ago

PRO US    

She likes it hard and big and heavy up her azz for all the world to see as long as she can make a buck off her azz fracking. How charming and elegant and graceful and debonair she is. What a tramp! She is s***, the worst of the worst and an example of everything that is wrong in America, instead of everything that is right with America. She is revolting and a blight upon our nation.

1137 days ago


Shame on you. Your stinking diamond ring could save countless children from hunger. What is wrong with you people??? You have millions of dollars to throw a 'wedding' while that money would be a God send to so many. You are a disgusting excuse for humans.

1137 days ago


Kim's looking a little hefty in that picture. I hope her husband enjoys his sloppy seconds ... thirds ... 8 hundreds ...

1137 days ago

Throwback kid    

How would you like to be that film crew? How boring must it be to follow those two morons around all day while they ask eachother how their hair looks or do you like the color of my nails? Kim and her sister have to be two of the most uninterseting people on TV. The can't act, sing, dance, in fact what do they do good?

1137 days ago


She is lucky she finally found a black guy that would marry her. Not many Caucasian guys go for ghetto booty.

1137 days ago


For so many who bash her and who "could careless" y'all take the time and make comments. No life ey? Congrats Kim!

1137 days ago
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