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Jermaine Jackson Music Video

1978 Called...

9/3/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jermaine Jackson is shooting a BRAND NEW music video for the Jackson 5 song "Blame it on the Boogie" -- problem is, he's missing four Jacksons ... and it's not 1978 anymore.

The 56-year-old was putting the video together earlier this week in Venice, CA.

FUN FACT: When "Boogie" came out in 1978, Jermaine wasn't even in the band anymore ... he had been replaced by his brother Randy.


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CNN) -- Conrad Murray, the physician who is charged with causing Michael Jackson's death, is urging a judge to delay his upcoming trial so that lawyers can revisit the issue of sequestering the jury.

A Los Angeles County judge denied Murray's lawyer's request to have the jury sequestered during a hearing in August.

On Friday, lawyers for Murray filed an emergency petition asking for the trial to be delayed.

The attorneys are requesting that the trial be delayed until the issue of jury sequestration is decided by an appeals court.

In the 28-page petition, the attorneys questioned a recent ruling by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael E. Pastor, saying he did not fully realize the amount of media attention the trial was going to get.

They compared the upcoming trial to the recent coverage of the Casey Anthony murder trial and said Murray could not get a fair trial if the jury was not isolated.

"Because of the international notoriety of Mr. Jackson, it would be impossible for a juror to browse any news source on television or the Internet without seeing a boldly printed headline discussing the trial," the attorneys said in the petition.

The Los Angeles coroner has ruled that Jackson's death on June 25, 2009 was caused by an overdose of the surgical anesthetic propofol, combined with other drugs.

Prosecutors have accused Murray, one of the pop star's doctors, of having a role in the overdose. Jury selection is set to begin next month in his trial.

Opening statements are set for September 27.

Murray's attorneys, Nareg Gourjian and Edward Chernoff, had contended, in court papers, that "there is reasonable expectation that Dr. Murray's trial will be the most publicized in history."

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Dr. Conrad Murray's Lawyers Appeal Judge’s Decision Not To Sequester JuryDr. Conrad Murray's Lawyers Appeal Judge’s Decision Not To Sequester Jury
Posted on Sep 03, 2011 @ 04:00AM print it send it
Splash News/WENNBy Jen Heger - Radar Legal Editor and Alexis Tereszcuk - Radar Senior Reporter

Dr. Conrad Murray’s criminal defense team has just filed an appeal of the judge’s decision not to sequester the jury in his upcoming trial has exclusively learned.

Dr. Murray will be tried for involuntary manslaughter in the death of superstar Michael Jackson, who was under his care when he passed away in 2009.

Notice was given to Judge Michael Pastor of the appeal on Friday afternoon. A source connected to the case told “It is absolutely essential that this jury be sequestered to ensure Dr. Murray’s right to a fair trial is guaranteed.”

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

The decision not to sequester the jury was made at a pre-trial hearing on August 25 as Murray's defense team vehemently argued that Dr. Murray’s right to a fair trial would be compromised if the jury was not sequestered.

The judge said that the cost to sequester the jury would exceed over $500,000, and that juries that are sequestered often feel like inmates themselves, and are emotionally cut-off from their families.

PHOTOS: Katherine Jackson Holds Memorial For King Of Pop In His Hometown

Judge Pastor said he would admonish the jury to no*****ch or read any coverage about the case once the jury was formally impaneled. The DA's office didn't think the jury should be sequestered either. The defense stated in their original motion filed in August that the cost of not sequestering the jury could result in a mistrial at any point because of an increased risk of juror misconduct, which would result in a new trial.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin on September 8, with opening arguments most likely to take place the last week in September.

1112 days ago


Okay, Jermaine, I know you're reading this, so take heed, because we're trying to help you bro. You've just read it several times: REINVENT YOURSELF. Hire someone to do a complete makeover: head to toe. New, longer hair (wear a wig/weave if you have to; everybody's doing it these days), get your eyebrows done, use some eyeliner, less stiff wardrobe. Who was the wardrobe person on that shoot? Fire them. That outfit did nothing for you. Grey pants, blindingly bright red shirt, too stiff, too formal. The whole thing was dreadful.

See a career counselor and identify your strengths. FIND YOUR OWN WAY. DITCH THE PAST. Sometimes you just have to let go. Work in the industry behind the scenes. Can you act? Try a few acting jobs. Team up with someone LEGITIMATE for a merchandising deal: e.g., QUALITY sunglasses, men's scarves, a GOOD smellin' cologne, something like that. Call it the Jermaine Jackson line. Do NOT allude to your brother at all. If it's excellent quality, people will buy it. Read a book on business ethics, and take it to heart. Do NOT follow your father's lead and team up with every charlatan/criminal/thief in town.

I give you an E for effort. Ignore the haters and naysayers. Just keep pushing until something happens for you. Focus on hard work, ethics, quality, honesty and something will happen eventually. Good luck.

1112 days ago


I stole your video for my blog lol

1112 days ago


1112 days ago


this is sad

1112 days ago


If you have not seen this yet, please watch. Is a little length but well worth it. "Man behind the Myth". and please share afterwards. This video is for everybody fans or non-fans. Very enlightening.

1112 days ago


The trial of Murray is supposedly starting on the 8. On the 13 Jermaine will be in London, signing his book. This is from his twitter:

For the UK RT @WaterstonesPicc Exclusive: Jermaine Jackson signing Tues 13 Sept 5.30pm! #books #london

So much for respect for the trial and showing support for the prosecution.

On Michael's birthday,,Randy said he'd visit Forest Lawn. The children were with Katherine in Gary, Indiana. Where were the others?

1112 days ago


Is he really that pressed for cash? If he wants to re-invent himself, maybe he should ask Snookie to dance in his video?

1112 days ago


i cant understand why ppl wont leave that family alone, everybody loved them in the hayday why cant ppl give them some respect. they lost their brother. its not a competition because he is gone, and if jermaine wants to sing and dance why cant he, there are some ppl who will actually watch him. i love michael jackson but i also loved the jacksons as well as janet. please let the ppl who love them have a chance to see them without all the malice. theyve done nothing to you.

1112 days ago


Locked in the seventies Dude!!

1112 days ago


Jermaine Jackson - You do not have to dress Like MJ. Everyone know's who you are. I think MJ would have looked alot like you had he not had surgery. Get rid of MJ look and just know you will always be associated with your brother.
Now PLEASE the hair has to go. HAS TO GO. Girls today do not like the stiff greasy look. They want soft long or mid long hair. And quit layering your clothes. Its 108 in AZ and it is just unbelievable. GET RID OF RED that was MJ
You would do better with even Maroon. And the Sunglasses are also MJ - dude dis-associate already. I would be interested in your music as long as there was no reflection of MJ in songs, cloths ect. You can't compete with perfection. So do your own

1112 days ago


@ igotfleasfromtmz: 11 minutes ago -

good nick! ;) I hate this ugly site where you-know-who looms, mainly come to talk about MJ.

Now we have all tried to talk sense with Jermaine, but do you think he'll listen? Nah. He has his own yes-sayers. So he won't have that late life break throw, since he doesn't care for what a potential audience thinks and doesn't feel like working hard. By now, I find it difficult even looking at him.

1112 days ago


" blythe: about an hour ago

i cant understand why ppl wont leave that family alone, everybody loved them in the hayday why cant ppl give them some respect. "

It's very sweet of you, and I'm sorry if you feel people are unnecessarily mean. Perhaps you're right. But a lot of it comes from how family members have been acting, I won't go into that, but you have read about it.

But most of the advice to Jermaine on this board is actually meant to be helpful. Of course he can sing and dance, and that's what he's doing. But to many MJ lovers it's painful to watch, because he places himself in MJ's shadow by singing his songs and emulate him in other ways, when MJ was perfection. I don't want to see MJ's brother in small venues and cheap videos doing things that inevitably makes me remember Michael's masterpieces and great settings and millions in the audience, and forces me to compare them.

I think Jermaine should listen to advice.

1112 days ago
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