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Mel Gibson

Producing a Jewish Movie


9/10/2011 6:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is facing criticism from some members of the Jewish community who think it's a travesty for him to do a movie about Judah Maccabee, a famous Jewish hero. Now that Warner Bros. has signed on, we gotta ask:


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Okay, Harvey, you are being to sensative to this, let it go. I watch your program TMZ, and beleive me, you guys say worse things, especially you. But not in a stupied angry rant, all the time with you water mug in hand, and pretend to be not judgemental. Get over it. Your are not God, so let it go..... How many times can you put it on the internet and get the same results, what he said was wrong, and hopefully he will learn, but you too need to learn. Well, really we all do..
Stop it now...

1109 days ago


Mel's PR agent pays my neighbor's cousin to post pro-Mel comments on this website. It's his full-time job. Pretty sad that instead of changing his ways, Mel and his camp just tries to normalize his abnoxious and hateful behavior.

1109 days ago


I'm sure is Jew agenda! A Harvy agenda...whatever...

1109 days ago


Harvey---the Jewish Hero was/IS JESUS CHRIST!

1109 days ago


what do you mean allowed? this is america. would aipac sabotage it or what?

1108 days ago


Jews are bullies. They just need to shut up.

1108 days ago


its ridiculous how non-free the u.s. is. I think Mel has a right to express his views and make any movies he pleases. He's a good actor and filmmaker and lives in a free society.

1108 days ago


>>>Should Mel be allowed to make the movie?
You pc types really believe you control the Earth, don't you?

1108 days ago


Either Gibson has a lot of his friends and employees voting in this poll or there must be a surprising number of anti-Semites among this TMZ audience. Whether the guy was drunk or not, there's no excuse for the anti-Semitism he has expressed publicly on more than occasion, nor for his refusal to distance himself from his father's repeated holocaust denials. Then there was the time Gibson called Winona Ryder an "oven dodger." Gibson is absolutely NOT the guy to be making a movie about a mythic Jewish hero in any way, shape, or form.

1108 days ago


Some conservative jews take things to seriously. This America not Jerusalem. We have freedom of speech and the freedom to do whatever we want to do with our lives and believe in whatever we want to believe you know!? I've seen palestinian vs israeli live next door to each other in Los Angeles and they are good friends who laugh at the stupidity that is still going on over there.

1108 days ago


Thank you, Harvey! You're fair, honest and a true defender of freedom of speech.


1108 days ago


Mel Gibson has an anti-semitic history, and it is only natural that people of Jewish (like myself and Harvey) take offense to Gibson's disgusting comments on multiple occasions (drunk or sober). He is also misogynistic and racist. Do we not remember the phone message he left to his baby mama about hoping she gets raped by a bunch if N-words? I am also extremely disheartened not only by the poll results, but mostly by the anti-semitic comments here. Anti-semitism is just as ignorant AND hateful as racism and homophobia. Yes, we all have our First Amendment rights -- that's what's great about America-- but HATE SPEECH by Americans makes us no better than other countries.

1108 days ago


TMZ---Stop trying to start trouble.Check some of your own people.I bet they have some pretty ourageous views.Mel is a scape goat-and you are trying to take him to slaughter.

1108 days ago

Ghost Rider    

This is stupid, Mel should produce the film himself without the backing of a major studio because major studios suck anyway!

1108 days ago


I love Woody Allen movies so I watch them.
I think Roman Polanski makes great movies, so I watch them.

I genuinely dislike Mel Gibson movies. They all have the same vigilante plot with over the top bloody violence. I don't like Mel Gibson, but I've seen enough of his movies to not want to see any more. He should take his money and go away.

1108 days ago
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