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Mel Gibson

Producing a Jewish Movie


9/10/2011 6:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is facing criticism from some members of the Jewish community who think it's a travesty for him to do a movie about Judah Maccabee, a famous Jewish hero. Now that Warner Bros. has signed on, we gotta ask:


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I do not see the problem in Mel making this movie. Good Christians stand up for God, one another, and what is right, and the truth. The Passion told the truth, and if some don't like it,talk to the hand, because his heart was in the right place. Mel did no wrong in making The Passion.

1137 days ago


Kathi j: 10 hours ago

I understand why Jewish leaders are upset with Mel Gibson, But, if Jewish leaders can forgive fashion designer John Galliano for his racist rant in France after he was found guilty. They said they were happy with the verdict and felt it was time to move on and hope people learn from it. If Jewish leaders can forgive John Galliano, why can't they forgive Mel Gibson? I think mel Gibson is disgusting and I think John Galliano is equally disgusting but why the difference in the treatment?

Isn't something? God can forgive people that have done far worse than these people here think Mel has done. These people have done something in their life time that doesn't set right with God themselves, and can be forgiven. Why can't these people forgive Mel? Hmm.. and they think Mel is the hater and hold*****e in his heart. They need to take a step back, and take a good look at themselves, before they talk bad about other people.

1137 days ago


See h*a*t*e was Xed out. It is bad to h*a*t*e

1137 days ago


I'm just wondering when the truth became anti-semitic. The reason the Jews only consider the first five books of the Bible is because the remainder of it foretells the coming of Jesus and how the Jewish leaders would hate him and have him killed. Passion of the Christ was right on, just as scripture explains it. The Jews need to get over themselves. Really, who do they think they are? They're not the only race of people that have suffered throughout history. They really need to understand because a person states the truth about them does not mean he is anti-semitic.

1137 days ago


Thanks, Diane..well said.

Isn't the Jewish people God's chosen one?
Jesus was a Jew.
Hell, if he had something against the Jews, God would have had Jesus come here as a talking animal.

1137 days ago


Yes he is a good filmmaker. In his movie "The Passion of the Christ," he had the added avantage of the great artist and cinematographer; Caleb Deschanel. It is my hope that he uses Deschanel for this film. I don't know of a bad movie Caleb has done. Google his list of movies and see if you don't agree.

1135 days ago


All his movies are good. The movie Tim will touch your heart. Bird On a Bird was a cute movie, but the ones I love is his Lethal Weapon movies.

1134 days ago


Bird On A Bird? WTF! I wasn't trying to talk nasty. LOL
I mean Bird On A Wire.

1134 days ago


johanna: 8 days ago

Judging by the votes taken here....the voters are all anti-simetic!
Na, it just goes to show ya, that some people can forgive and not carry around hate for someone for years and years.
Mel is no more anti-simetic than the next person is This is what you want to see him as being and/or label him as.

1131 days ago


Mel Gibson is a incredible filmmaker and actor...has always been...and will always be...

None of us are perfect in this world ( some pretend they are sadly)...and we all struggle with life issues ( yes, everyone !) ...thats got nothing to do with what "is right" or "talented" about a person...

Mel is an Awesome talent...

He has made some bad choices...and paid for them dearly...and so have many "other" people...lets all move on now and look at the log in our own eye before we look at the splinter in another persons eye...:)

1127 days ago


Yeah, you tell them girl!!

1125 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Joanna, the VOTES taken here are NOT anti-semetic, They are the truth about Jewish behvior!!!If you disagree with them- you are an anti-semite !!!! No matter

1118 days ago
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