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Dr. Conrad Murray

You Be the Judge

9/11/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A jury is about to be selected in the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial. Two years have passed since Michael Jackson's death, and we now know a lot -- but not everything -- about what happened on June 25, 2009. So, on the eve of the trial, we gotta ask:


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You know Michael was a full blown heroin addict. OK lets break it down. Heroin is Opiates, Opiates are heroin, and so is Propofol, an Opiate. Murry is no more responsible than Michael, and a lot of his family members. They killed their own Golden Goose, so not to lose their meal train.

1101 days ago


Michael was an addicted person. His doctor should treat this problem, not go on providing more and more drugs.

1101 days ago


I was hospitalized in Jan of this year. While in the hospital I had a procedure done that required anesthesia. I was given Propofol and let me tell you I would NEVER, EVER have that crap again. When I was coming out of the anesthesia I overheard the nurse saying to the anesthesiologist that my heart rate had dropped below 40bpm so they turned the monitor down so that the alarm would not go off! Then I got so sick from the Propofol that I was constantly vomiting. I felt worse after the procedure than I did before. My IM physician came in and saw me afterwards and said I must have had a reaction to the medication. Never again will I ever have that stuff. My husband knows to tell any physician that I had a problem with it. Yuck!!!

1101 days ago


Propofol is an IV medication that is used to put people asleep for certain procedures. It is a safe drug if administered properly and the patient is closely 02 sats, vital signs, etc. A lot of people have had propofol and don't even know it!

1101 days ago


I believe that if he was not MJ's doc he wouldn't be in court now. How many other ppl in that house and on his staff looked the other way knowing what was going on. If you are going to look what went on keep it even.

1101 days ago


Calibabe: Of all the anesthesics available for surgery propofol became the most popular because it didn't create the side effects like vomiting like the others do. You may want to double check with the hospital to make 100% sure what the anesthesiologist used and list that drug on a medical alert card in your wallet. Thanks. From concerned.

People who state MJ used street drugs, a child molester or wanted to have white skin always reveal their educational level by believing tabloid trash vs reading the legal do***ents.

Conrad Murray is guilty of:

(1) inappropriately administered a potentially lethal anesthesia; (2) outside a hospital setting; (3) without formal and necessary training; (4) without proper monitoring equipment; (5) left his patient unattended; (6) failed to immediately call 911; (7) failed to competently administer CPR; (8) then failed to inform arriving paramedics about his use of propofol; (9) tried to hide the evidence; (10) lied to ER doctors; (11) didn’t keep a medical log; (12) jerry-rigged the drip bag; (13) re-used open bottles of propofol which created bacteria growth; (14) re-used dirty needle when injecting flumazenil; (15) oxygen tank was empty;

1101 days ago


The saying "the buck stops here"can be used for Dr Murray.The Dr has free will, and could have not taken Michael on as a pt.I have no interest in Michael's former drug use,it is Dr Murray actions that are on trial.and Dr Murray need for money.I am having a hard time with "involuntary manslaughter" meaning Dr Murray did not mean to kill Michael,well,if you keep NO equipment for emergency's to monitor Michael. give a med that only should be used in a hospital,everynight not have the right training to administer the med,what are your changes the pt will make it.Dr Murray, EVERYNIGHT WAS PLAYING WITH MCHAEL'S LIFE.WHERE IN HELL WAS DR MURRAY MIND?

1101 days ago


The question: "Would you let your doctor administer Propofol to you?", is poorly written.
The correct way to have written it would have been: Would you let an anesthesiologist administer Propofol to you in an operating room with all the necessary medical equipment & personnel available?
That would have garnered a different result.

1101 days ago


The ignorance continues! As an anesthetist, I administer propofol on a daily basis, several times a day. This drug is used all over the world with no problems. It must only be administered with proper monitoring and anesthesia support--never outside a proper OR. I disagree with the occasions it is used in other areas by untrained personnel. The drug is not the problem. The fact that this "physician" felt it necessary to administer an anesthetic in a home situation is reckless and without regard for life. General anesthesia is NOT sleep. If anything, it is more akin to a controlled coma--the person will not wake up "refreshed", but is more likely to waken feeling tired and hungover. The whole situation is a travesty, but the one that should be blamed is Murray, who did not have the balls to tell MJ that this was an inappropriate treatment and refuse to use an anesthetic in the home. He should have to pay the consequences of his malpractice. (for the record--I am NOT nor have I ever been a Michael Jackson fan)

1101 days ago


29% of respondents would let their doctor administer propofol. lol.
41% believe MJ administered the fatal dose. Highly unlikely.
Doc Murray gave more than he acknowledged because he wanted MJ sleeping and that left him free to do his business. This is exactly what the doc did and when he returned MJ had died. He made a mistake and then panicked and tried to cover it up ever since with one desperate attempt at a defense after another.
Would anyone expect a man who cheats on his wife and mistresses while neglecting to pay child support for his numerous children to take responsibility? He got greedy and wanted easy money. He liked being with a star of MJ's status and all the perks that came along with it but he didn't bank on a death.
As for him being a scapegoat, no way. It was his choice to become MJ's personal physician and administer a drug he wasn't properly trained to administer and he knew it was wrong.
MJ also shares responsibility but he paid with his life and that doesn't excuse Doc Murray. He should get some jail time or probation and definitely lose his license but it's California and anything seems to go there.

1101 days ago


It surprises me that almost 40% finds Murray "a good person". Let´s just forget the name of the patient for a while. If it was your Dad, your son, your husband/wife who died due to a doctor´s recklessness, would you have thought nothing of it? And if you found out that your Dad is dead because a so called doctor preferred to speak to his girlfriends on the phone instead of monitoring your Dad, failing to call for help when he found him dying and unable to give him CPR, would you have said: "But he is REALLY a good person!" ??

1101 days ago


There's a video on Youtube that shows what Conrad Murray was doing while MJ died called MICHAEL JACKSON DEATH CELEBRITOONS.

1101 days ago


I think MJ administered the final, fatal dose. Dr Murray was an esteemed Doctor - I highly doubt he would have administered such a heavy dose.

Plus MJ had other drugs in his system - are we to assume that Murray forced him to take the other meds (benzos)..?

This man is a scapegoat for all the ignorant, lynch mob - Wacko Jacko fans.

Do you guys really think that MJ would have wanted his doctor crucified like this?

1101 days ago

Barb. A.    

TMZ, REALLY!! You censored the word h i t in my post. WTH you need a better program for your site..

1101 days ago


these left wing weirdos at tmz that don't have a high school education obviously proven by their inability to spell or even click on a spell checker delete your comments if they don't like them even if there is no profanity or name calling. Bye tmz, all you are is a no talent side show that likes to stir up controversy. This is the last time I will be on this peice of dung site. Take you agenda and put it where the sun don't shine.

1101 days ago
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