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Presidents Bush and Obama

Observe Moment of Silence

At 9/11 Memorial

9/11/2011 5:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former President George W. Bush, with his wife Laura, and President Barack Obama, with his wife Michelle, observed a moment of silence at the north pool at the National September 11 Memorial for a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the attacks at World Trade Center.



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Michelle Obama is probably thinking that this is cutting into her vacation time.

1103 days ago


Love him or hate him you have to admit Bush was a leader the country really needed help. I don't particularly like Clinton but he too led the nation when leadership was required. Sad to say Obama lacks this essential quality and we the people are unfortunately worse off for it.

Does anyone else recall Clinton's campaign slogan back in 1992? You're going to be hearing it a lot next year; ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID!

1103 days ago


I think it's a shame that even on a day like this people from both sides of the political spectrum can't keep from making inciting snide remarks. They are no better than those professional hatemongers in that Westboro Baptist Church organisation who don't even respect the sanctity of a funeral ceremony anymore. I don't care what people's religions, ideologies or political stances are, there are things like decorum, manners and grace. And empathy. The political situation in the US will be exactly the same come tomorrow morning as it was yesterday evening. No one would have lost anything, anything at all, by just respecting the dead and their grieving relatives and not abusing this day to fan the flames. Even in the trenches of World War I soldiers from both sides put their guns down on Christmas Eve and it could have cost them their lives. Some Americans can't even let go of their disdain and hatred for other Americans who happen to have different stances on some economic or social issues for twenty-four short hours, and it would have cost them nothing.

Just because you have the constitutional right to call a brother or sister you don't get along with every bad word in the dictionary at a relative's funeral or memorial doesn't mean you can't exercise restraint and self-control for once and keep your mouth shut.

1103 days ago


George and Barbara Bush.....1000 times more class than the other two. President Bush, thank you for the love of our country unlike Obama who trashes it.

1103 days ago


Obama has a look on his face like he's looking for the quickest way out of there, must have been too boring for him since he wasn't the center of attention and was a nobody when it happened.

1103 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

Pres. O'Bummer doesn't even care. Kind of looks to me like he's got his hands in his pockets. No it 2012 yet?

1103 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Ten years later and it was still an inside job, unless you have an IQ that is under 130, and believe that jet fuel can instantly melt steel. Thanks for ushering in the police state, and saving us from the cave dwellers.

1103 days ago


This recounted story of nine-eleven "Destruction of the Twin Peaks" can be read here:

1103 days ago


Once again it looks like Obama isn't paying attention!

1103 days ago


All able bodied men should serve in the US Military, especially those who run for president & especially those criticizing U.S.

1103 days ago

The Truth    

Americans are dumbasses, you want the man back in the white house that was partly responsible for 9/11 inside job. You gonna tell me a fire took down those buildings when other buildings have burned for hours even days and never fell like that.. More proof you are nothing but sheep, you would jump off a building if they told you to do it..

1103 days ago


i was going to say, how good it was to see Mrs. Obama appropriately dressed for a change and then I looked closer and she has a shrug on . Why does she always dress like she is going to a bbq. She needs to help her husband. Dress better and respectfully. Dumb.

1103 days ago


WOW im a white women i hate how so many people disrespect mr.obama its not right at all meanwhile BUSH is getting respect for messing up the united states. president obama came into the white house trying to fix what ex president BUSH **** up he's very shameless Bush is the reason the u.s is underwater. obama became the president at the wrong time our troops wouldn't be coming home in body bags if it wasn't for bush starting that war with osama bin landen how ever his name is spelled.I think Bush started the war for oil and money. well i didn't vote for mr.obama in 2008 but i will be voteing for him in 2012. TMZ really need to get a life and some of you people on here do to. not all of you just some

1103 days ago



1103 days ago

you're done    

You give Americans a bad name, especially today. Get your facts right, you fat lazy pieces of ****.

1103 days ago
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