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The Ecclestones

Taking Over L.A.

One Mansion at a Time

9/12/2011 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


First, Petra Ecclestone bought Candy Spelling's $85 million mansion -- now her sister Tamara is shopping for her own mega home ... in the $50 million range! Since when did money buy popularity? Oh, right ... silly question.

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First you had Paris, then Speidi, then Lindsay. Now that everyone is sick of them you've decided to create the next spoiled rich girls to fill up space on your site.

1138 days ago


Both women look a little cheap to me. Money cannot buy class can it...just sayin'

1138 days ago

Duke Steele    

Wow! They must have REALLY good jobs.

1138 days ago

I'd do them both. At the same time even.

1138 days ago


I've become repetitive about rich people on here but ....... HELLOOOO? they pay taxes on those homes and expensive cars, employ people to remodel, landscape, drive them around, spend in restaurants and stores.

We're all a little, okay alot, jealous but in a good or bad economy RICH PEOPLE SPEND SPEND SPEND AND PAY TAX AND EMPLOY PEOPLE.

When I win the lotto I shall too contribute. It's so depressing :::thump:::

1138 days ago


The more I read about these eurotrash twins, the more I hate them; fame addicted, fake t*ts, the whole LA fake attention whoring thing. They're the european equivalent of the braindead hilton sisters. Just what we need to read about; more spoiled little bitches who spend daddy's money like it's going out of style, have no clue about the value of a dollar & throw their money in people's faces during the middle of an economic meltdown. Stupid whores...

1138 days ago


Seriously TMZ - are you being paid to post about these sisters? NO ONE CARES. This is probably the 3rd time you have posted this exact same thing. That Tamara is "shopping" for a home - not that she has bought a mansion, not that she has done ANYTHING, but she is looking for a home to buy - WHAT THE HELL TMZ?
This is ridiculous.
You know there is a rumor that they hired paparrazzi to take pictures of them when they found out no one cared about their arrival to the US, did they also hire a publicist that is pushing this BS up your ass every day, making you post some nonsense about them?

1138 days ago


You know damn well they are trying to get a reality show (think about it - DUH) and all this nonsense is to try to generate interest in them. Only problem is - no one here CARES. No one cares their father is rich, and NO ONE in America cares about F1 racing. They'll end up having daddy PAY to get them a reality show on some F-list cable network.

1138 days ago


It's great for our economy

1138 days ago


...And again, WHY are you reporting on these two idiots? How much is their PR giving/paying you in exchange for your "important" celebrity reports on the Eccelstones? Here's a grand idea TMZ staffers; why don’t you post a poll to see if any of your viewers give a rat's a$$ about these two, if viewers suspect you are being paid to report on them, if it’s a VERY slow news day, if Harvey is investing in some reality show with them staring, or if viewers even think they are worth reporting on. That's one poll I’d like to take and view the results...and it would be nice if TMZ would for once listen to the general public and not alienate their readers and viewers...

1138 days ago


Why wasn't TMZ on this story sooner. I had never heard of them until 1-2 months ago when you started reporting on them. We could have watched them grow up and been envious longer if you had broken the story sooner.

1138 days ago


In a few months the "reality show" will be on TV. These "privileged" daughters will be on TV acting like spoiled little brats spending daddy's money! People are just ignorant to even give a rats aS@ about them. They remind me of the Hilton's!! And TMZ baby reporters will follow their every move to keep us well informed....... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

1138 days ago

The Doormouse    

Haha wow, go to SkipperBarbie's profile, it's either the girls or an employee. Either way, she's an unfriendly c**t, not making the girls look better.

But it's far more interesting than this Sh*t.

1138 days ago

Yep I said that    

Just what LA didn't need two more wanna be bimbo's, well maybe they can push the Kardashian wh0res off the radar

1138 days ago

Nastia Stefanko     

keeping up with the Ecclestone coming soo on E!

1138 days ago
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