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Floyd Mayweather

Goes Nuclear on Sportscaster After Fight

9/18/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was still jonesing for a fight after his controversial knockout of Victor Ortiz last night, so he started one ... with an 80-year-old sportscaster!

During the post-fight interview, Floyd started screaming at HBO's Larry Merchant, getting up in his face and yelling, "You never give me a fair shake. HBO need to fire you. You don't know s**t about boxing. You ain't s**t! You're not s**t!"

But Merchant didn't back down, getting in the final words when he said, "I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your a**."

Frisky old guy, ain't he?

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It was not a cheap shot as far as victor getting knocked out the refee said fight and they touched gloves. Victor was busy trying to plead his case for the head butt that May continued to fight. come on that like you in the middle of an fight an the person bite you the fight is broken up but you want to continue do you say sorry and not keep your guard up get out her it was legal. And you people that are saying it was not are just haters and one sided look at the real picture and stop being racist.

1129 days ago

Lisa Williams    

Floyd should fight Pacquiao and stop picking on old me. Oops he's to afraid of that. A head butt will be the least of his problems and he knows it, that's why his chicken butt won't take that fight. Larry should have asked him about that. Forget the 50 years younger, he'd have had to fight right then and there.

1129 days ago


To all you haters,YOU GOT KNOCKED THE **** OUT MANNN!!!!!!!!what is the bottom line in boxing (protect YOURSELF at all times) if he wouldn't have head butted floyd he wouldn't have gotten his ass knocked the **** out MAN......

1129 days ago


Hoorah for Larry! Mayweather is a thug, always has been and he and his rat pack family are ruining the true spirit of the sport. I will pay whatever they ask for PPV when he fights the real champion, Manny P. Larry you spoke for us all! God Bless You! Nothing wrong with the freedom of speech, you should have gave him a cheap shot upper cut with the microphone!

1129 days ago


They are both dirty. He's much too willing to give Ortiz a rematch. Just another reason for that coward Mayweather to chicken out of a Pacquiao fight.

1129 days ago


I wish Gayweather was 50 years older so I could knock HIS A$$ out!!

1128 days ago


I've been reading people's comments and in my humble opinion Floyd sucker punched Ortiz he could and should have knocked him out fairly. The fact that there's so much controversy surrounding the fight shows the fight was not fought fairly...and as for his tirade afterwards maybe Larry Merchant is an annoying old bag however Floyd handled himself like a low-class, ignorant, poor winner...he could have just walked away or told Larry that he's done with the interview or that he didn't like his questions there were so many better ways to handle yourself...he didn't have to blow up and start cussing and elderly man out just shows his ignorance and his obvious lack of self control...I hope one day someone sucker punches him...

1128 days ago


This is the reason why boxing is dated and is falling by the wayside. There are too many other combat sports whose athletes have class, composure, and respect. The sport of boxing is nothing but a money game full of punks, gangsters, and talentless big-mouths...and as a fan, I think it's sad.

1128 days ago


Don't be so jealous about floyd WINNING. Someday you guys will have your chance but today is not that day take that ass whippin and go home, PEOPLE, FLOYD IS A BETTER FIGHTER HE'S NOT 42-0 FOR NOTHING, the man just kicks ass, face it.Only LOSERS talk about having class in a brutal sport like boxing, IT'S BOXING. If the fight would have came out like you all wanted it to it would have been fine even with his head butt, but since he GOT KNOCKED THE **** OUT you want to make him look bad by calling the CHAMP names, BTW wasn't pacman on roids. lets go toe to toe without the roids. then we can talk.

1128 days ago


Just goes to show all the money in the world can't buy class.Just like his Dad and Uncle.Can't wait for Manny to stomp his punk ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1128 days ago


Floyd and Ortiz both took cheap shots, and there's no denying that. Anyone who denies this are clearly delusional. Floyd may have a good record but that doesn't change the fact that he's scared to fight Pacquiao. If Floyd truly thinks he's the best fighter in the world, he would have no problem fighting Pacquiao. But what is he doing? He's making all kinds of excuses not to fight him, and that shows how big of a coward he is. He is not confident that he can beat Pacquiao.

1128 days ago

Alex Morris    

Why is it that when a black athlete expresses his mind all of a sudden he has no class? a comparison to mike Tyson is crazy I would say more like Muhammad Ali which America has now grown to love. I can guarantee you that all of you haters will not pay to watch an Ortiz fight against anyone and the reason is simple he's not exciting at all not even a little, What Floyd does is market and promote every single one of fights so that haters such as yourself can pay to watch him. He get's no credit even though he has beating every single opponent he's faced and most of them were champions when he fought them but yet and still no credit......Once Pacquiao and Floyd fight boxing will be over because there's really no one else out there who most people will pay to watch so calm your nerves. All Pacquiao had to do was take the drug test if you have nothing to hide then whats the problem but he refused and floyd get's blamed for that so you know what "WHO CARES" I can bet you that you will still pay to watch his next fight

1128 days ago


floyd should have just knocked the old guy out. floyd will always knock out anybody who gets in the ring. if he and pcman were to fight pacman would lose in the first round

1128 days ago


I think it's funny how one cheap shot is passble, but the other isnt. Floyd cheap shot was just better. That headbutt could have injuried him seriously...I would have done the same thing, you want to fight dirty, I can too! Like Mayweather said "You want a rematch, you can have one." Ortiz, turn the fight in to what it ended up as. Ortiz lack of Discipline, he also try to headbutt in the 1st round too. Gimme a break. Maywether back he's word up, that why people dont like him. Give props where props are due people 42-0 now 43-0! Do you thing Mayweather

1128 days ago


Honestly who threatens an old man like that, reguardless of how the fight ended thats classless, plus it was a legal cheap shot he took in a fight he was already winning, makes no sense....but he would have won either way, just a shame hes a classless peice of **** I really would like to see Manny and Floyd go at it finally, because I think Manny would finally be the one to put him in his place

1128 days ago
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