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Floyd Mayweather

Goes Nuclear on Sportscaster After Fight

9/18/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was still jonesing for a fight after his controversial knockout of Victor Ortiz last night, so he started one ... with an 80-year-old sportscaster!

During the post-fight interview, Floyd started screaming at HBO's Larry Merchant, getting up in his face and yelling, "You never give me a fair shake. HBO need to fire you. You don't know s**t about boxing. You ain't s**t! You're not s**t!"

But Merchant didn't back down, getting in the final words when he said, "I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your a**."

Frisky old guy, ain't he?

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mayweather don't have this he don't have that, i tell you what he does have is that motha effn belt. All of you hate mayweather bc he is a black champ that don't hold his tonge for nobody compound that with his millions over all you OTHER people yall can'tstand that WE KNOW Ortiz lost eat it like Ortiz ate all of those right hands that mayweather fed him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO........i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1132 days ago


Your ignorant! Just sayin!

1132 days ago


What a jacka$$! For certain a cheap shot and he knows it!! WOWWWW He's suppose to be professional?? He's a low life thug. And his old a$$ dad, lol. Sit down and shut up, you look like you couldn't afford to watch it on pay-per-view!! See how far fightin gets ya, stupid. You'll be too old very soooon... then what? You live in a world with people that have more respect for your common criminal than yourself!! haha He'll probably end up in jail first!! In fact, I'd bet on it!

1132 days ago


Who gives a crap. Larry Merchant has always been an annoying ass. Mayweather is a a piece of crap thug. Boxing as a sport is crooked as hell. MMA rules.

1132 days ago

just one    

Another Stupid IGNORANT without education. Thinks that he is the **** just because he knows how to box big deal. We will see you latter doing stupid reality shows to make some money, since most of his money is going to be spend it in bunch of sluts!!!

1132 days ago


I think floyd bribed the ref and ortiz to lose the fight. Everything was a set up...

1132 days ago


Look at the results of the survey all you dumbasses who think what MW did was fair.. I guarantee you are all as classless as he is. His own team was telling him to STF up when he was going off on the announcer/reporter. Manny needs to kick his ass.. Someone needs to shut him up.

1132 days ago


all you stupid ppl posting Racist comments "Rickster" need to get a life. You are the one making these posts racial by your ignorant comments. These two fighters were minorities so to see either win is a victory in itself to me! I was actually rooting for MW, but now that I see how classless he is, I hope he looses everything as fast as he gained it. This has nothing to do with him being a black champ and people hating him for it. This has everything to do with him admitting himself that they both did wrong.. He was not protecting himself from anyone or anything because ref had not cleared to fight, Ortiz had apologized. You can't tell me that this is what Ortiz gets. How many ppl in our country make mistakes and are forgiven for them.. ALL THE TIME, the ring is no exception. You are as ignorant as he is, and I guarantee you are also black. YOu are stupid for thinking everything is about race. There is so much more to this than that.. WE are in the new century stupid!

1132 days ago

Camille Jones    

The first rule in fighting in the street an in the ring is don't let your guard down. Looks like Mayweather taught Ortiz a lesson he won't forget. As far as the new caster he was out of the box. You never start an interview with the winner by pointing out what "he" thinks the fighter did wrong. He should have started off with what he thought about Ortiz's headbutting him.

1132 days ago


its just about time for Floyd to shut his mouth and fight Pacquiao

1132 days ago


If you fighting you better be on your P's and Q's at all time and don't let your guard down. Ortiz let'em down so he got what he got. It's a wrap. Floyd you still the man, brush them suckas off Floyd... Ortiz did a dirty move and since he want to play dirty then Floyd just showed his punk a**

1132 days ago

Jacque L. Mcclary    

The GOLDEN RULE... protect yourself AT ALL TIMES!

1131 days ago


I Think Mayweather won streat up.. So i Think Its time for Pacquiao fight?.. What U Think?...

1131 days ago


If he was 50 years younger he would have gotten his ass kick, LOL! Ref got them to break, got out the way, they tap gloves-fight on! "I wasn't ready!?" I haven't heard anything that lame since dude cried "No Mas" cause he ate too much steak before his fight with Suger Ray Leonard.

1131 days ago


Larry Merchant is the worst. He should have been over. If he was fifty years younger he would have been knocked out in the first round. He had nothing negative to say about the dirty head butt, and they did touch gloves so its time to fight. All knockouts occur when the fighter makes a mistake in his defense. Put your hands down in a fight and you get knocked out...simple

1130 days ago
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