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Dumping Pain-In-the-Butt Home

9/22/2011 1:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has had it up to here dealing with her beleaguered Orange County home -- vindictive neighbors, endless mortgage troubles -- so she's decided to cut her losses ... and put it up for sale.

A rep for Nadya Suleman tells TMZ, she hasn't paid her mortgage in three months because she doesn't want to live there anymore -- and the place is scheduled for foreclosure next week.

According to the rep, Octo's going to try to sell the home before the bank takes it -- but if she fails, c'est la vie ... Nadya just wants to get the hell out of there. Credit score be damned.

The rep says Octo had the place appraised recently for $500,000 -- pretty good in this economy ... but the bad news is she still owes $450,000.

With bare wires in the ceiling and holes in the walls and doors -- Nadya's list of grievances is endless -- but the rep tells us, Octo simply can't justify the $3,500-a-month mortgage payments ... especially when the place is in utter disrepair .

We're told Octo's already got her eye on a few (more affordable) places nearby.

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No Avatar


This woman is insane. WHEN will she get some help??? No matter where she lives it will turn into a pit because she is NUTZ. God bless the children....what a sad mess.

1096 days ago

John G.    

Amazing the damage "14 KIDS" can do !!!

1096 days ago


Gee, I think they need to find the person (persons) responsible for the holes in the walls and the crayon markings on the walls. Maybe lower your gaze to about rug rat level. What amazes me is that she takes no accountability for the condition of her house. And even sadder, she is raising 14 children to think like she does...heaven help us!

1096 days ago


Celeb mom?? More like infamous mom.

1096 days ago


The pictures seem to be damage from mistreatment and negligence, not structural. When one owns a home, they has to be prepared to maintain it. With that many kids, it's not surprising that the walls would have crayon marks and possible holes. Fix it!!

1096 days ago


Octo Mom is like a leech or a locust - she uses things up, discards them, and then moves on to her next kill. Who is she going to complain to about the disrepair? SHE is the owner so she has no one to blame or complain to but herself and her troop of kids. Things sure don't seem to be working out the way she thought they would.

1096 days ago


Guess Octo Mom's story wasn't worth what she thought it was. For once, the media actually grew tired of someone!

1096 days ago


your kidding right? how in the hell did she even get a mortgage for 500,000? no wonder banks are going under and govement bail outs....geeez woman doesnt even hold a full time job

1096 days ago

shut up    

All together now, "But Mom we don't want to live in 500,000 dollar home that we destroyed."

1096 days ago


she is not smart for having all those kids very dumb of her she needs to have those kids taken away from her that women makes me sick sick sick

1096 days ago



1095 days ago


I can imagine how her FOURTEEN children wrecked this house! She probably has NO control over them and they obviously run wild and tore up the place. Wherever she goes, the kids are going to ruin it in the blink of an eye!
She doesn't even have a job, how the hell does she afford a 500,000 dollar home? She's only moving because nobody in the neighborhood can stand them and all her 14 kids! Nasty! You know it's a loud, scuzy mess around her at all times! She seems like a brainless ditz!

1095 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

Her house has been in foreclosure since December 2010.

Her father bought it and then transferred the deed to Octo's company Harmony Enterprises.

However, it seems the last owner Amer never informed the bank that held his mortgage on the house trying to defeat the due on sale clause.

BTW, that house was NICE before Octo and the kidlets moved in. I have seen photos when the house was for sale before she moved in and it was a great house.

Octo and her gang did ALL that damage.

Their last (mother's foreclosed) house was another house they wrecked before being thrown out.

Yes, Octo and her parents are deadbeats.

1095 days ago


Well, duh...she's got a dungload of brats, Octomom can expect to live in squalor the rest of her life! She's just looking for more handouts. Live with the mess of your life, enjoy did it your way, lady!!

1095 days ago


I guess she didn't factor in the work it would take to run a nursery school (8 kids) + a dorm for 6 others ...

It's amazing to me that for commercial childcare, the state regulates the adult:child ratio and the qualifications of those adults - for good reasons. But that doesn't seem to be happening in this case, as evidence by the mess in the house and a recent TV interview, where the kids ran wild on the set & reportedly there were problems on the airplane flights to/from NY too.
Aren't there any local church groups that would be concerned enough for these children's well being to volunteer to help (potentially without compensation, and certainly without opinion of the mom) ... ?

1095 days ago
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