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Dumping Pain-In-the-Butt Home

9/22/2011 1:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has had it up to here dealing with her beleaguered Orange County home -- vindictive neighbors, endless mortgage troubles -- so she's decided to cut her losses ... and put it up for sale.

A rep for Nadya Suleman tells TMZ, she hasn't paid her mortgage in three months because she doesn't want to live there anymore -- and the place is scheduled for foreclosure next week.

According to the rep, Octo's going to try to sell the home before the bank takes it -- but if she fails, c'est la vie ... Nadya just wants to get the hell out of there. Credit score be damned.

The rep says Octo had the place appraised recently for $500,000 -- pretty good in this economy ... but the bad news is she still owes $450,000.

With bare wires in the ceiling and holes in the walls and doors -- Nadya's list of grievances is endless -- but the rep tells us, Octo simply can't justify the $3,500-a-month mortgage payments ... especially when the place is in utter disrepair .

We're told Octo's already got her eye on a few (more affordable) places nearby.

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No Avatar


Yeah, I agree, I came on here looking for a celebrity, and when I saw it was her they had as the celebrity, I Lmao!!!

1135 days ago


This woman is a bloody "blood clot". She disregards human life, the law, and just disregards what it takes to continue to live in a civilized society. She ought to be sent to an isolated island where she can feed off the land. I do wish her innocent children well. I am sure they will eventually be taken away from her. She has fulfilled her dream, she is a celebrity!

1135 days ago


I agree with Moyra-octomom is a waste of human flesh and her kids should all be taken from her and put up for adoption to people who would give them a warm normal life.

1135 days ago


With all of those children to feed, and the outlandish price of food, I can understand why she or anyone would not want to pay $3,500 a month. Wow!

1135 days ago


WHo cares about Octomom and her feelings. Fix the house and make the house livable for your children. You wanted them now take care of them and quit whining.

1135 days ago


The Octomom got herself in this situation and I have absolutely NO sympathy for her. Let her live in squalor.

1135 days ago


So, all of the damage looks like it was inflicted by the kids, kicking in the drywall and the "wires" hanging from the ceiling are where an adult removed a smoke or carbon monoxide detector. Would you want your kids to live somewhere there's no smoke detector? Did she buy the house with all the crayon on the walls too or is that the interior decorating?

1135 days ago


I don't understand how she got a half million dollar house to begin with, and I don't understand why she thinks she deserves to live in luxury. The rest of us who have studied, worked hard, lived responsibly and only had 1 or 2 children deserve it more than her.

1135 days ago


Well this is what happens when you pump out a freaking LITTER of humans! What does she expect? BTW, since WHEN is this Octomom FREAK a celib???????

1135 days ago


The tag was celeb mom - when did the human incubator become a celebrity?

1135 days ago


it looks like she created the damage. fix the house back up

1135 days ago


OK so Octomom has had 14 kids that was her choice and her way to chase fame and freebies. Now they have dried up and she says her house in a wreck. HELLO!!! It is only that way because you let it get that way. You didn't buy it like that... oh wait you haven't bought it you still owe $450,000 and you are going to hand it back. Welcome to the real world where people have to work hard for what they have. Grow up and get a life instead of living on the backs of your kids.

1135 days ago


Sorry to say but the appraisal is just that, she probally wants out knowingly she will only get 400-450 . And fellow americans you and I in the end will pay for this

1135 days ago

no pity    

Nadya should find herself a handyman.

1135 days ago


Who the hell is octomom? That's no celebrity mom. I've never heard of her. I thought you were gonna show us Britney Spear's mom or something like that. FALSE HEADLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1135 days ago
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