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Tareq Salahi

'No Interest' in Dating Right Now

And Why Would He?

9/24/2011 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi might be the most famous soon-to-be single man around, but don't look for him to get back on the dating scene in the near future ... especially since his single life involves hanging around with a madam and her porn star pals.

We caught up with Salahi and his new BFF -- Manhattan madam Kristin Davis -- last night in NYC heading into her birthday party ... where he told our photog he is not looking for love these days and certainly "not hot about the whole marriage idea after being betrayed by Michaele."

Sorry, ladies.


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Kill yourself you worthless piece of shiz. How can you show your face after your ugly old hag leaves you for a deaf has been.

1104 days ago

who dat    

The guy looks like a pasty dough boy. What woman would be interested in his broke as a joke azz. Except money he receives from all these worthless stories he sells to tmz.

1104 days ago


What is that hideously disfigured thing in the background? Leathery skin, Joker mouth, and a terrible Barbie wig? **shudder**

You know, normally I disregard comments that accuse TMZ of posting stories they've been paid to plant, but this is getting ridiculously obvious and impossible to deny. Why are upwards of 5 or 6 posts a day going up about these people who are only famous for crashing a White House party and not being important enough for the "Real Housewives" series? Have no celebs flashed their coochies recently? Have no football players been arrested? Isn't there something else we can read about besides these soulless as****s and the atrociously disfigured people they associate themselves with?

1104 days ago


Why are you knuckle heads making this guy out to be famous both him and his wife are two worthless fame whores.No one cares about them get a life tmz.

1104 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Just exactly what is it that you think would be desirable about this pathetic whoring loser? He can't manage his money, he clearly can't satisfy a woman, and he's old and dim-witted. Plus he's Palestinian, so you know.... I think we can all draw accurate conclusions regarding the size of his organ...

1104 days ago


Does anyone else see what's going on? This is a publicity stunt for a couple of fame seeking whores. How much do you want to bet that the divorce papers will be taken back and that these morons will re-unite (for the cameras of course). The only ppl that will care are the tabloids, TMZ and Access Hollywood with that idiot Billy Bush. The more credible news sites will be covering something with subtance

1104 days ago

There's a problem here    

OK so somewhere in the picture is a pimp lady, but who is that man to his left?

1104 days ago


First, I don't know who that guys is. And second I think I was more with watching that lady in the background to be honest lol. Actually, she kinda looks like a guy hmmm!

1104 days ago


I'm sure women worldwide are sobbing their hearts out knowing he's not ready to date right now. He's such a stud lol.

1104 days ago


I agree with Meghan--I can honestly say the women of the world will survive without this loser on the market. But that thing he's standing next to...that is one ugly person, who looks more like a "man" than a "madam". Either way--hard to look at. (both of them).

1104 days ago

Christina G.    

At least he's honest about it. Most men would brag about all the ladies they're sleeping with since the wife left. And if this is a publicity stunt, then Journey has to be in on it too. I doubt it.

1104 days ago


Oh that is just great.....get back at the ex by catching diseases. That is just getting lower than you could imagine.

1104 days ago


So he surrounds himself with prostitutes and he wonders why his wife left him high and dry.

1104 days ago


Haha why do I get the feeling this moron had contact with the prostitutes way before he was going through a "divorce"?

1104 days ago


Is that a man in drag he's with. OMG!!! That thing is tore up from the floor up. SMH

1104 days ago
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