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"L-Word" Star

Southwest Airlines Booted Me

... Because I'm Gay!

9/26/2011 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actress Leisha Hailey -- who starred in "The L-Word" -- says Southwest Airlines hates gay people ... and claims that's the reason she got kicked off a flight today.

Leisha just unleashed a flurry of tweets to her thousands of followers -- claiming a flight attendant booted Leisha and her GF for kissing on the plane ... because SW is a "family" airline.

Leisha is now demanding a public apology from Southwest -- calling for her fans, and gay people everywhere, to boycott the airline for its "homophobic" policies, writing, "They don't like us."

A rep for Southwest tweeted her back with a quick apology -- asking for Leisha to contact the company privately so they can sort out a solution. So far, no official word from Southwest.



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Yeah well so what Indigo Girl! We let you kiss then you go and start finger bangin' each other in coach. Keep you crap in your bedrooms. A kiss one thing - you two silly les.bians start tounge wrestlin' - nobody wants to see that unless you get a bit more lipstick for the audience.
Who wants to see pasty mullet haired, sleevless flannel shirt wearing, butches kissing?!
Bleech! Get over yourselves you silly wanna be victims!

1126 days ago


When normal people do it, its bad enough. When perverts do it, whether its two men, two women, a man and a child, a woman and a Great Dane... it's especially unwanted. Children don't need to see that - and parents shouldn't have to explain it.

1126 days ago

What Da    

My sister was on that flight. What she was doing was way more than just kissing. Also, her behavior during boarding was atrocious. My sis wondered if they were drunk. Playing the gay card to cover up your bad behavior is just sad. If you cannot behave in public you should stay home. It's that simple.

1126 days ago


Leisha Hailey and Camilla Grey are a couple now?

1126 days ago


WHO ARE THESE NOBODY FLIGHT ATTENDANTS THAT KEEP REEKING HAVOC!! Man, I thought meter maids were the ones we should all fear, now I'll have to include disgruntled fight attendants to my list.

1126 days ago


"Disgusted" said it perfectly--and it sounds like they weren't just kissing. Maybe they were booted because they behaved badly--gay or straight, doesn't matter.

1126 days ago


Once again, TMZ, here you are, pushing your homosexual agenda. It's one thing to promote tolerance, it's another thing to force the homosexual lifestyle down everyone's throats and tell everybody they must LOVE gays and be accepting of all their demands on the rest of us - or else. If this was a full blown make-out session then they totally deserved to get kicked off the plane. And I would expect that to be the consequences for ANYONE acting so poorly on a commercial airliner, no matter what their sexual preference is. Sorry, but we don't all have to accept your terrible behavior just because you're gay. And if the gay community as a whole keeps trying to insist that the rest of us DO have to accept it, they might be in for a nasty shock at the backlash they will get. They are really starting to piss people off.

1126 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

It was probably because she's white.

1126 days ago


I don't think anyone should be discriminated for any reason, but I think that the big question is-were they kissing OR were they full blown making out -get a hotel room-kinda situation? If it was just kissing (peck in the mouth), then, SHAME on the airline; but it the girls were getting frisky...then shame on them. I don't want to see people making out wether they are heterosexual or homosexual. It all depends on the cir****tances.

1126 days ago


It's probably not the kissing but the bad attitudes that they both have. I've delt with them personally and they, often more than not, are not pleasant in any way.

1126 days ago


should have kept in her pants and they are a buisnes who has the right to refuse service ot anyone.

1126 days ago

Scott V    

Isn't this like the third time in a year or two that we've heard anti-gay stories about SouthWest? Wasn't this also the airline with the anti-gay pilot that went on the tyrade over the open mic?

And didn't they kick Director Kevin Smith off the plane for being 'too fat'?

And Billie Joe from Green Day because he had 'Saggy pants'?

Maybe they should rename themselves to 'Supremacy Air'?

1126 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

It all comes down to how they were kissing. Was it a peck on the lips/cheek or were they playing tonsil hockey? A straight couple would get booted for the latter as well.

1126 days ago

Debo Ade    

What's wrong them not wanting gay and lesbian in their's a family oriented airline.they don't want to be con fussing children.

1126 days ago


I fly Southwest. I wonder if gay folks would consider boycotting Stater Bros., Taco Bell, Chili's, Arby's, Chevron and Interstate 5...... Longer list to follow.

1126 days ago
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