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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

Defense Claims

Michael Jackson Killed Himself

9/27/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ed Chernoff -- Defense Attorney's Opening Statement
Updated 9/27/11 at 11:00 AM

Dr. Conrad Murray
's attorney Ed Chernoff told the jury Michael Jackson caused his own death.

* Chernoff says the evidence will show MJ swallowed 8, 2 mg pills of Lorazepam.
* And Chernoff says MJ self-injected a dose or Propofol that created a "perfect storm" that killed him.
* There was no way to save MJ.  He died instantly.
* Chernoff told the jury what TMZ has reported for the last year -- that the centerpiece of the defense case is that Michael's death is on Michael -- not Dr. Murray.
* Chernoff also said MJ "had a problem" that no amount of determination could overcome, even with his talent, and without help he could not do the "This Is It" tour -- a tour that would score him more money than he had ever made on tour before.
* So, Chernoff says, Michael went doctor shopping.
* Dr. Murray is not a "celebrity doctor" -- he's a cardiologist who saves lives.
* The defense will put some of Dr. Murray's patients on the stand to show his level of care.  He would buy prescriptions for people who couldn't afford it and would generally go well above the standard of care expected of a doctor -- which contradicts prosecutors who call him greedy and reckless.  Murray seemed to tear up as he listened to Chernoff.


* Murray treated MJ for several problems, including toe fungus and a broken foot.
* Chernoff said Murray had no idea at the time that MJ had a much deeper problem
* MJ didn't have insomnia -- he had "an absolute, total and thorough inability to sleep."
* When Murray met with detectives 2 days after MJ's death, he thoroughly answered every question.  It was no holds barred and they hid nothing.  Chernoff said Murray told cops, "I don't know what killed Michael Jackson.  I want to know also."
* Michael Jackson told Murray the only way he could sleep was with Propofol and he always took Propofol.  MJ told Murray exactly how it was to be administered.  He even had a nickname for the drug -- milk.  MJ knew Lidocaine was essential in administering Propofol to prevent a burning sensation.
* MJ told Murray he would use Propofol with or without Murray, so Murray then agreed to provide Propofol.
* Dr. Murray provided Propofol for 2 months for MJ, and during that time the singer slept, woke up, and lived his life -- suggesting it wasn't negligent to administer the drug.
* The evidence is going to show is that Michael Jackson died when Dr. Murray stopped.  Murray told cops he believed his role was to find a way to help MJ sleep normally, urging him to get off Propofol.
* In other words, Murray was trying to ween MJ off Propofol and give him other, more traditional sedatives.  And, on June 22, 3 days before MJ died, Michael agreed to let Murray to try to get him off Propofol. And on that day Murray gave MJ half the Propofol he had been giving him.  And it worked. MJ slept.
* On June 23, Murray gave MJ NO Propofol at all, giving him other drugs instead.  And, on the day MJ died, the plan was not to give Propofol.  It was to go to other sedatives.  That's why in the recording,MJ pleads for the Propofol.  That's why Murray gave him other drugs instead during the night. 
* Chernoff says MJ had certain "personality traits."   He kept various people in life separate from one another. 
* Chernoff will present an addiction specialist, who will testify DR. ARNOLD KLEIN ADDICTED MICHAEL JACKSON TO DEMEROL.
* Things were so serious 5 days before Michael Jackson died, reps from AEG and others had a meeting at MJ's house and talked about "pulling the plug" on the tour.  And subsequently MJ made it clear to Murray -- he needed to sleep or the tour would go down in flames.
* Chernoff insists Murray only gave MJ 25 milligrams of Propofol just before MJ died -- and that is not enough to kill him.  Chernoff says MJ went to sleep, and Murray checked his pulse -- which was good.
Murray then sat and watched and left the room "only when I felt comfortable."  This may be the key to the case -- did Murray abandon MJ by leaving the room?
*  Chernoff says when Murray left the room "there was zero Propofol in his [Michael's] system."  Of course, what Chernoff is arguing is that Michael then shot himself up with the fatal dose.

* Chernoff came back from break the defense will show the amounts that Dr. Murray's death could not cause Michael's death.
* The science will prove there had to be more Propofol delivered to MJ's system after Dr. Murray left the room.
*The defense says MJ's stomach content had 4 times the amount of Lorazepam than in his blood, which means Michael would had to swallow the drug himself, after Murray left the room.


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During the trial of Conrad Murray yesterday, the Defense argued that Michael Jackson took that last dose of Propofol...
* Chernoff says the evidence will show MJ swallowed 8, 2 mg pills of Lorazepam.
* And Chernoff says MJ self-injected a dose or Propofol that created a "perfect storm" that killed him.

Ok, should the "doctor" have left access to those prescription level drugs with what the defense calls "an addict"? That is like going to Four Rivers for detox, but they leave the methadone in syringes by the bed.

1088 days ago


If indeed Michael wanted to kill himself he didn't need a doctor in his house to do so!

1088 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

MJ played with fire and eventually got burned. The Dr. only provided the fuel.

The only good thing to come out of this was Michael Jackson's most entertaining recording in over two decades.

Be thankful they cleaned up your hero for the "death photo", you really wouldn't want to see what a person looks like after all those things happened in the hours before.

To all the stuperfans that complain about TMZ and what they put on the website and TV show, why do you look at it? You just love to be outraged. You should be angry that they allow cameras in the court room before you complain about others rebroadcasting what is going on.

Your tragically flawed hero is gone.

1088 days ago


* The science will prove there had to be more Propofol delivered to MJ's system after Dr. Murray left the room.

I dont buy this so done even sell it. I had surgery on 8/1, as soon as the drug was administered, I was out in seconds. So, how could MJ take an additional dose after the Dr. put it in his iv and MJ was asleep. he also admitted to giving MJ a host of other drugs. I had surgery on 8/1, as soon as the drug was administered, I was out in seconds. So, how could MJ take an additional dose after the Dr. put it in his iv and MJ was asleep.

1088 days ago


I think that Dr. Murray had nothing to do with Michael Jackson's death I think Jackson did this act to himself. but I think that with the cult (Scientology) which he was currently affiliated with before he dead

1088 days ago


The facts of this case are undisputed.

The coroner has determined that MJ died of propofol intoxication.

Propofol was being administered by Dr. Murray to MJ when he died.

Dr. Murray was responsible as a physician to monitor MJ during the propofol administration. He failed to provide proper care as evidenced by the fact that MJ is dead.

The prosecution will try to throw up some smoke try to make you look at other things but in the end these facts are undisputed.

1088 days ago


Did he slice his wrist or take a bunch of drugs that should not have been there? What`s the problem here? The Doc`s still guilty.

1088 days ago


Nancy Grace on Dr. Drew - Conrad Murray Was Under Charged

1088 days ago


How would Murray know that MJ injected himself Propofol when he left the room (To make some phone calls),and went back to the room after he was already dead.

Hmmm, with all the lying, I'm starting to believe that he's actually Guilty, why lie if you're Innocent. Right?

1087 days ago


how could mj kill himself if conrad murray gave him propofol mj would have been knocked out befor he could have injected himsel****ain

1086 days ago

Billy Jethro    

Michael was a sneaky self-medicator. No doctor would ever have known what was really in his system at any time. It would have went on like this until he died, either now or later.

1086 days ago

Robyn Hope    

According 2 Globe, Liz Taylor was set to become a defense witness 4 MJ trial - she would've testified that Michael had been battling drug addiction since '86.
Taylor's testimony could've helped clear Murray of the charges by proving MJ knew how 2 hook himself up 2 the IV-drip - and would've helped bolster the doc's claim that MJ gave himself the lethal dose of propofol.

1083 days ago

Robyn Hope    

One of Dr. Murray's patients claims he's a great doctor and saved his life.
This patient could've been a witness 4 the defence.
Why then, did the prosecution bring it in ???
Could anyone explain this 2 me ?

1082 days ago

Robyn Hope    

The defence opening statements were compelling - but the defence won't b able 2 put MJ's personality, or character, or all of his questionable actions on trial - NOT FAIR !

1082 days ago

Robyn Hope    

Did anyone ever consider what Michael would've wanted to happen 2 Dr. Murray?
No one could convince me that MJ would've wanted Conrad behind bars - the doc was a family friend and hired to carry out a job, which he did - rite or wrong - Murray did what he was paid 4.

1079 days ago
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