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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

Opening Statements

9/27/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Walgren -- Prosecutor's Opening Statement
Updated 9/27/11 at 9:35 AM

Prosecutor David Walgren delivered an opening statement, using a graphic of what appears to be Michael Jackson's body on a gurney.

* Michael Jackson trusted his life to the medical skills of Dr. Murray and it was "misplaced trust"
* The cause of death was an overdose of Propofol, administered by Dr. Murray
* We will prove Conrad Murray repeatedly acted with gross negligence and incompetence
* Walgren explained that Murray would obtain $150,000 a month, not the $5 million Murray demanded for the duration of the "This is It" tour.
* Murray made arrangements with a pharmacy to purchase very large quantities of Propofol on a regular basis
* Murray lied to the pharmacist by saying he had a clinic in Santa Monica when he did not
* On May 10, 2009, Murray made a voice recording on his iPhone ... the recording documents MJ highly under the influence of "unknown agents" with Murray sitting there.  It shows Murray knew Michael's state and what he was doing to the singer

* In the weeks before MJ died, he was cold, shivering, rambling but Murray kept giving him Propofol, and Kenny Ortega will testify MJ was clearly not well
* A meeting was held at Michael's house on May 20, 2009,  MJ died, with Kenny Ortega, Murray, MJ and others.  Murray scolded Ortega for expressing concerns about his health, saying he was the doctor, adding, "Michael is physically and emotionally fine.  I am the doctor."
* On the day MJ died, at 1 AM, MJ came home from rehearsal and Murray spent the night at the house -- as he did every night for the prior 2 1/2 months -- for the purpose of putting him to sleep with Propofol.


* Walgren acknowledged what TMZ has been reporting almost from the beginning ... that Michael died in his bed -- that he was clinically dead when paramedics arrived.
* Murray was texting and making phone calls while he sat by MJ.  He made 8 phone calls, the last at 11:51 to a girlfriend, and that's when Murray realized there was an emergency.
* Murray calls bodyguard Alberto Alvarez and says Michael Jackson had a "bad reaction."
* Murray instructs Alvarez to essentially hide the evidence in a blue bag ... putting, among other things, the Propofol bottle that was hanging on the IV stand -- Walgren is implying that's the bottle that had the fatal dose
* 911 was called at 12:20.  And, Walgren says, when paramedics arrived, MJ was dead
* Murray never told the EMTs he gave MJ Propofol, even though they asked what drugs Murray had administered
* Paramedics pronounced MJ dead, but Murray insisted he be transported to UCLA
* UCLA doctors asked Murray what drugs had he given MJ, but Murray never mentioned Propofol
* Two days after MJ's death, Murray met with LAPD detectives, and disclosed he was giving MJ nightly doses of Propofol everyday for more than 2 months to put him to sleep. This is the first time Murray fessed up.
* MJ told Murray at around 5 AM that he needed to sleep and they agreed Propofol was the answer.  Murray said he gave MJ 25 milligrams of Propofol, but that would only put him to sleep for minutes.  Prosecutors say much more Propofol was administered.

* Murray explained to cops he went to the bathroom to urinate, came back 2 minutes later to discover MJ wasn't breathing.  Prosecutors says that is called "ABANDONMENT," leaving a patient unattended is medical abandonment. 
* The prosecutor says Murray was on the phone for 45 minutes after giving MJ Propofol
* Conrad Murray acted with gross negligence and was not acting in MJ's best interests ... he was working for $150,000 a month.

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Susanne, Germany    

Samantha 31 Minutes ago,

Why was Michael Jackson able to do his third world tour in 1997 / 1998.
Singing, dancing, LIVE, every evening for one and a half year.
He was short before his fourty Birthday at that time.
And you will tell the world that he was a drug addict.
Drug addicts are dieing young, like Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix and other.
Look at Amy Winehouse, she was only 27 and was not able to sing or dance on stage in her last months.
But you will tell the world Michael was a drug addict.
You are so stupid, because you can see the real YOUNG drug addicts, MUCH YOUNGER THAN MICHAEL JACKSON.

From his lifetime from 25 years until 40 years, he was on the top in his carrier.
You are so funny !!! and stupid !!!

1120 days ago


Is Michael Jackson the one who is on trial or Dr. Murray? I see most people writing on the TMZ boards that Michael was a drug addict and a molester and so on... But what about Dr. Murray? Nobody is labeling him a drug pusher and a con artist. People are defending the doctor and saying he was the last man standing. What's wrong with all of you? Michael was the victim and he died and left three kids orphans. Dr. Murray is not the victim. He is the one being prosecuted.

1120 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Why would Murray make a voice recording whilst MJ was impaired?
Wonder if he was considering an extortion attempt of some sort?

1120 days ago


MJ was an addict and addicts either clean up, go to jail, or die. Those are the available roads. MJ's drug addiction existed DECADES before even meeting Dr. Murray. Should Murray lose his medical license? Yup, absolutely. Should he be prosecuted for illegally obtaining propofol? Right again. But homicide is a NON ISSUE here. Whichever one of them actually adminstered the fatal dose, the truth is that MJ in reality killed himself by abusing hard drugs for years and obtaining physicians who would facilitate his habit. Think Murray's the first doctor to "fix" Michael? He's just the ONE THAT GOT CAUGHT. No one puts the liquor store guy on trial for selling the alcoholic his/her final drink.

1120 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

You're all trash trash trash. Don't give me that right to know crap, you couldn't care less.

1120 days ago

sunset shines    

Oh my....a doctor sitting next to a patient who sounds like that, and continues to administer powerful doses of a powerful drug to said patient at a healthy compensation rate of $150,00.00/month SHOULD BE ON TRIAL!!!!!!!

1120 days ago


Conrad Murray repeatedly acted with gross negligence and incompetence. Thats right, listening to your "patient" talk that way after you administered things that you werent supposed to. He was slurring and incoherent, Murray knew the damage he was doing. GUILTY YOU MURDERING BASTARD!!

1120 days ago


Had to make myself listen to the audio and I am as sick as I was afraid I would be. Everyone that heard him that day KNEW he was out of it, and in my personal opinion, they ALL are culpable in Michael Jackson's death.

1120 days ago


If the prosecution does his job well, Dr. Murray will be a busted down figure, stripped of his medical license as a minimum. He should actually get some jail time. He was playing with fire from the beginning by administered this highly limited access drug to a person off a hospital site.
The defense should be promptly shut down from inferring that MJ did it to himself. If there's no visual evidence of it, it didn't happen. Murray should take responsibility for getting burned by the fire he played with. His ass should go to jail, PERIOD.

1120 days ago


OhWell: 6 minutes ago
We Want To
See The Autopsy
All you have to do is die, Ohwell. Then we can all see your autopsy photos.

1120 days ago


no way in hell that is a recording of michael jackson's voice

1120 days ago


Dont try to tie a voice recording by michael with murray's version of what "he-said-he-said"!
The only connection is the green screen...........just pure desperation........only a feeble minded nut would buy into this spliced and diced gibberish. For all we know the recording could have be slowed down to make michael sound groggy and out of it.

If this is really michael's voice it proves that murray was drugging him. It proves that michael's murder was planned and premeditated. It proves that Murray knew Michael was ill and yet he continue to drug him. Murray recorded this to use later just in case his lies caught up with him....and they have.

No matter what murray does all guilty roads lead directly to him. What doctor records what his patient is saying while under the influence of sedative medication? What purpose would any doctor have for doing such a thing? A plot of Lies, deception and a cover up.... pleazzz with the BS.

Also that is not a person on the gurney. looks as if someone has taken that photo of michael's face as his body was removed from holmby hills.....and place it onto what ever that is on the gurney. If that were a real human body the bone structure is all wrong. Aint no way those bones belong to michael jackson. not those bones....
I love my king's bone......movin on.....

Murray is in real trouble and the jackankle has no defense.........

1120 days ago


at 1 AM, MJ came home from rehearsal
Michael was still at the staples center at 1:00am. The rest of the article is speculative and/or poorly written......

1120 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

Sounds like Joe Jackson to me.

1120 days ago


Maybe Con Rat Murderay Should have put a new battery in the fire alarm and Michael could have gotten to sleep.

Bleep bleep every twenty seconds and Id never get to sleep either.

1120 days ago
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