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President Obama

The Real Carmageddon

9/27/2011 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


President Barack Obama proved he's the REAL carmageddon -- by royally screwing up Los Angeles traffic with one helicopter, hundreds of police cars ... and a little fundraiser.

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fioo hoos    

number one is full of number two he saved the banks saved the auto industry is bring back ourt troops has`nt started a tea party give away war bucks war and got the worst enemy of the jewsish race.Right wingers sent your jobs to china via anti trust mobsters same waltion and reagan goons.Harvey hates we the people but loves to screw`um and wimp wrist slap`um with fake BS sony circus hollywood BS news.THE PRESIDENT is BLACK dude face it love it or leave it back on your smit ship to china lead toys and toxic drywall for tea partys on the greens at right wing nutjob Killroy ex half president little girl killer chenny`s bush`ka.Hands off this president or we`ll go all grassy on yourt tassys again just like we use to do 1960...

1088 days ago


He won't be messing up traffic for very long. He's another Jimmy Carter -- one term and out.

1088 days ago

Eldridge Cleaver    

Fah Q, Barry. Liberals elected the janitor to be CEO just so they could pat themselves on the back. Thanks, morons!

1088 days ago


Dear L.A.,
Deal with it.
Love, Washington D.C.

1088 days ago


Like Obama said to black people the other day: "Shake it off. Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying. We are going to press on."

He right, he give everyone free food stamps and other free stuff, stop complaining, ya all don't need to be drivin anyway.

1088 days ago


It ain't Obama screwing you, its the rich man. Obama helping you by making the rich man cough up more money so Obama can give you free food stamps. You don't even have to work cause Obama gonna take care of you. Stop complaining!

1088 days ago

fioo hoos    

Rightwing nut jobs tryin to sham WOW joe Q to vote for a Kilroy rightwiner.Who dah F do you THINK is in power NOW? right wingers dead locking a president whom found and killed the worst enemy of the jewsish race in history Killed his tas dead and dumped him in the nowheres.Hollywood is full of blowhard fake jews acting like the REAL DEAL which they an`t.Mob is mob and anti-mob is anti-mob as in anti trust laws inforced mean sam walton spends his life in jail with the other fakes cons so does berkshire fake stocks holder.The left an`t in power now you are and it`s still f`ed up due to the right and it`ll be a stand off until your fake goverment mobsters are taken down and a real grass movement happens and real jobs happen due to real actions taken by mom&pops or buy china lead and toxic dry wall and sue yourselfs to death

1088 days ago


L.A. traffic is horrendous anyway. I don't think he made that much of a difference.

1088 days ago


He is so self important that he doesn't worry about things like making others wait for
his hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel to raise a few thousand.
Yet millions of people can't afford groceries! What a con job this man did in getting

1088 days ago


There were no traffic problems at all. Get over it. We are should be honored that the President was here.

1088 days ago


Obama needs to do fundraisers to get money from rich people so he can do battle with, um, rich people. Yea that's it from A to B. He get rich people to donate to him so he can get re-elected so he can raise taxes on rich people to give you free food stamps and other free stuff. Go Bama, Go Bama,....

1088 days ago


Obama also confesses that he wasn't always the best student and didn't love every class he took.
"I'll let you in on another secret: I still don't always know the answers,"

No **** Sherlock.

1088 days ago


Obama knows how to crash a party....bring on the collapse----OBAMA 2012

1088 days ago


I don't get how partying like a rock star and rubbing elbows with millionaires and billionaires on the taxpayer dime is being a "warrior" for the middle class.

Can somebody explain this to me. Anyone?

1088 days ago


What a prick.

1088 days ago
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