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Prosecution to Dr. Murray's GF:


10/4/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Murray's Baby Mama Nicole Alvarez Missteps in Court
Updated 10/04/11 at 9:55 AM

Nicole Alvarez
-- Murray's girlfriend and baby mama -- is standing by her man.

In case you missed it, prosecution grilled Alvarez on Murray's $150K-a-month salary -- but Alvarez denied knowing anything about it until it hit the media.

Prosecutor Deborah Brazil dug up some of Nicole's previous testimony -- in which Alvarez admitted to knowing about Murray's salary long before news broke about it.

Alvarez balked in response -- claiming her memory might be a little fuzzy ...

Alvarez said she met Murray at a Vegas club in 2005. They began dating a few months later. She gave birth to his son in 2009.

She told the court she first met the King of Pop in 2008. She saw him again  2 or 3 times after the baby was born ... saying Michael was "interested" in the baby and wanted to arrange visits so he could see him.

She testified she frequently signed for packages delivered to her Santa Monica apartment  -- later known to contain Propofol ... but insisted she never opened them and didn't know what was in them. 


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James R. - Los Angeles    

I wish the public would stop using the terms 'baby momma' and 'baby daddy'. Call it what it REALLY is - another bastard child born out of wedlock.

1078 days ago


This woman is a friggin' ditz.

1078 days ago


Why is she not wearing courtroom appropriate attire? She seems to be a bit dim and not focused. I love how she turns in her chair so the front of her body is toward the jury as she looks back almost over her shoulder at Ms. Brasil. Very entertaining!

1078 days ago


she got busted shes about as credible as nixon in watergate hearings.
her testimony will be completely disregarded by the jurors she perjured herself in front of everyone watching livestrem and she was lousy at it too!

1078 days ago

Your Mom    

Somebody needs to get their "fax" straight

1078 days ago


I believed her. She's pretty so wouldn't do anything wrong. Although she must have known how much Murray was making because I mean, look at him and look at her! There's no way she'd go for him unless he had some major cheddar.

1078 days ago


Nicole Alvarez is a lying, stupid Skank Ho! They should arrested this dinky skizzer for perjury, lying under oath about the fax money contract of Conrad Murray. UGH! What a disgrace stupid person she is, lying on the stand.

1078 days ago

Say what?!    

"She said she met MJ 2 or 3 times after the baby was born ... saying Micheal was 'interested' in the baby and wanted to arrange visits so he could see him."

Well that's very telling about MJ and his so called pedophile past!

1078 days ago

John T    

That girl is a biatch. You can tell by her voice she is very condescending to the prosecution and you can tell she has been coached. What a sorry

1078 days ago

Mulholland Drive    

Whatever kind of "actress" she THINKS she is, she can pretty much kiss goodbye making any more commercials and acting as a principal in them. Being associated with the slimeball Dr. Murray and her past as a gold digging stripper will jettison her to the back of the line. No major company would pay to have her face endorse any of their products. Sleazy.

1078 days ago


I can't believe she was/is with him!! I'm convinced she saw the dollar signs. I'm confused though, who was living with who? Was it her house or his? He's a Dr., why would he be living in somone elses house? Unless he "needed" her in more ways than one. Maybe to funnel those shipments, so that they couldn't be traced to his address. Just saying...

1078 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Get the light outta yourt eyes, honey. The career you aspire to ain't going anywhere except maybe as an extra on another crappy Will Smith movie.

1078 days ago

Just Reading    

Tsk tsk...bad acting, and although the prosecution made sure to make it clear that she wasn't truthful, you could tell the attorney understood her desire to not bite (too hard even under oath) the hand that clearly feeds her. I mean come on...a "working actress" isn't going on "go sees"...there is no paycheck for auditioning.

1078 days ago


WAIT!!!, so this stripper, slut ,gold digging whore is a liar too?

1078 days ago


Lying Snake!

1078 days ago
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