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David Cassidy Sues Sony

I Want My Partridge Family $$$

10/5/2011 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Cassidy
David Cassidy is suing Sony claiming the studio royally screwed him out of millions of dollars in profits from "The Partridge Family."

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Cassidy claims Sony used his image on merchandising without his permission for 40 years -- and has swindled him out of profits the entire time. 

According to the suit, Cassidy signed a contract with the production company behind the show in 1971 -- guaranteeing him 15% of net merchandise revenues for the use of his image or likeness ... and 7.5% for all other PF merch.

"The Partridge Family" was only on the air for four years -- from 1970 to 1974 -- but over time, Cassidy claims the show raked in nearly $500 million in profits from board games, lunch boxes, magazines, comic books ... and a laundry list of other swag.

To date, Cassidy claims he has only been paid $5,000. But it doesn't end with merchandise -- Cassidy claims Sony also owes him money for PF re-runs and spin-offs.

Cassidy is suing Sony for breach of contract and fraud -- demanding millions in damages. A rep for Sony tells TMZ, “We have dealt with Mr. Cassidy in a completely lawful and appropriate way, and are confident that we will prevail in any proceeding.”


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Needs the money to pay off his Florida DUI, most likely

1114 days ago

gene yuss    

i'm sleeping and right in the middle o*****ood dream and all at once i wake up and realize i haven't been paid for 40 years

1114 days ago


Why did it take so long to sue??? Guess your money has dried up

1114 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Point me in the direction of Youarequirky.... he sure waited a long time to sue. BUT, if they didn't pay him, they should - he was a cash cow for them for a long time.

1114 days ago

DW Wood    

[quote]meatplow: 24 minutes ago

This guy still gets residual poon from 1974, Now that got to be worth something.[/quote]

I believe he was a minor when he first signed his contract with no adult. The show hit big and his very smart manager caught the mistake and took the production company/network to the cleaners. And again it was already a smash hit and they couldn't let Cassidy walk, so they gave him everything he wanted.

1114 days ago


Sony did respond yesterday, TMZ. Your competitors have already reported that fact. Sony's position is that 1.) They have financially accounted to Cassidy's reps fully, 2.) He has been paid what he was owed, 3.) The licensing agreement expired after the show was cancelled and they don't owe him anything more, and 4.) The statute of limitations has expired on any remaining claims. I guess your readers have to do your work for you, TMZ.

1114 days ago


hey...contracts written at that time was not meant for did your job paid.....everyone from that era of sherwood shows have not gotten any type of money from them....check with the brady kids. gilligans island...and heres my problem with this...why come out now...why didnt your sorry azz cry foul along time ago...seems a bit too late to be the whining (p) rick now!

1114 days ago


??? Ruben Kincaid works for Sony now?

1114 days ago


David, I love you very much and have since those days. But why are you so late to complain about this? It is very unfortunate that you haven't been paid your due and I hope you get it. But the case at this late date sounds an awful lot like the Happy Days gang suing this year for basically the same thing. Merchandise non-payment. They're over 30 years late, and you're 40 years late. Bummer! Hope you get something, though.

1114 days ago


Anyone know what ever happened to the lawsuit most of the cast of Happy Days filed for pretty much the same thing?

1114 days ago


Hey DW Wood, David Cassidy was NOT a minor when he signed the Partridge Family contract. Read his autobiography! In it he explains that he was an adult male getting it on around town, jamming to Jimi Hendrix music and was cast as a teenager, Which pissed him off. He wanted to play rock and roll like Jimi, he wanted to be a real actor too. He did not want to be a teen dream. That phenomenon built up around him. He had zero to do with his popularity as teen idol, but probably was due more than $5,000 for the merchandise that was sold with his picture on it. I bought about that much of it myself. He was born in 1950 and the Partridge Family started in 1970. He also renegotiated after the first year and I believe that is what this is about.

1114 days ago


I hope he takes Sony to the cleaners. A person relies on a public corporation to honor their obligations contractually. Evidently there must have been funny accounting gimmicks if all he received was $5,000. Someone said they(Sony) were claiming statute of limitations. Why claim that if you really did pay him everything he was owed? A person has to rely on the records they provided him. How net merchandise revenues were defined is the key. With all the stuff sold over the years, I find it hard to believe they kept selling it for a profit of less than $40,000. Sony has ripped him off.

1114 days ago


I read his first book and he is correct. Go for it David !!

1114 days ago

Mr pro Dj    

I bet the ninja's are going to show up and teach him lesson

did he or did he not kill off his young daughter's singing career a few years back ? if she had blown up like bieber he would have been sitting with a pot of gold,


1114 days ago

David Cassidy is tapped out and needs more plastic surgery

1114 days ago
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