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Al Sharpton

Occupy Wall Street

Is a 'Good Thing'

10/10/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1010_al_sharpton_launch_2Al Sharpton is on his way to "Occupy Wall Street" in NYC right now -- and he tells TMZ, it's about time people started rising against corporate greed in America.

Al landed in LaGuardia moments ago -- and according to the Rev, he's so moved by the 99% ... he might just camp out on Wall Street himself.

As for what Al thinks of Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain -- it involves racism and pizza ... check out the clip.


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Al Sharpton is part of the 1%.
We will now watch him perform by feigning outrage and what ever else is necessary to further his lucrative career.

1118 days ago


Al Sharpton is part of the 1%.
We will now watch him perform by feigning outrage and what ever else is necessary to further his lucrative career.

1118 days ago

For Sooth?    

This protest is total socialism and I SO smell government operative involvement as a deflective end game.

The protest should be taken straight to 160...0 Pennsylvania Ave. and left at the door step. You don't need to waste your resources by going anywhere else. Wall Street and our government are entwined like a bowl of tossed spaghetti, they totally profit off of each other and strive to maintain the status quo at all costs. Keep the heat on your bestie, Obama. You are wasting your time targeting other cities and other entities. But then again, you might be too dumb to realize your protest was co-opted from the beginning, so good luck with that non starter, you are playing right into their hands. IDIOTS!!!!!

1118 days ago

For Sooth?    

And as for Sharpton - He is no stranger to mob action. In fact he might prefer it if the protest were more violent because that's what he is known for.

1118 days ago

For Sooth?    

It's a socialistic protest pure and simple, that's why Barry is giving it a wink and a nod. I'm sure his operatives are right in the thick of it.

We have laws in place that SHOULD keep the greed, the double dealing, the lobbying, the back door deals, etc., from continuing. But hey, the White House cronies make mega profit for themselves, their family members, and their campaign contributors. These idiots are protesting the wrong arena. Take the protest to Congress AND vote the culprits out at every opportunity. I mean which came first, politicians being in bed with Wall Street or Wall Street being in bed with politicians? Answer - They're entwined like a bowl of tossed spaghetti. Resco ring a bell? That's just a small clue. Take the protest straight to your corrupt leaders in Washington people- march right down to 160...0 Pennsylvania Ave. and leave it right there on the door step. The greed and graft goes all the way from the bottom of our government to the top. It begins and ends there, in my opinion.

1118 days ago


Finally, Al's on TMZ, move over MJ

1118 days ago




Herman Cain's '9-9-9' Plan Would Tax Poor People's Food, Clothing

Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan, which the former Godfathers Pizza CEO and current Republican presidential front runner claims will slash taxes and consequently boost the economy, includes some tax increases that may not go over well with many struggling Americans: specifically, sales taxes on both food and clothing.

During an interview with CNN's Candy Crowley on Sunday, Cain said food and clothing would not be exempt from the 9 percent national sales tax he would attempt to enact if elected in 2012. Crowley, who seemed surprised by a potential tax on those basic necessities, pushed Cain to expand on his reasoning.

"So a poor person is paying the same amount of taxes on groceries as I am? Does that sound fair to you, just in a va****?" she asked.

Cain responded that "Yes, it does sound fair," claiming the tax would even out since under his policy, those same low-income individuals would not pay taxes "if they need to buy a car or a home or some hard goods that are used."

Cain argues that because the 9-9-9 plan -- which would implement a 9 percent flat-tax on personal income and corporate income, in addition to the national sales tax -- would lower income taxes for many Americans, they will have more money to spend and will be able to afford higher taxes on food and clothing.

CAPD: Cain's Tax Plan Would Increase Taxes Paid by Lower-Income Americans

However, Michael Linden, the Center for American Progress' Director of Tax and Budget Policy, told Think Progress that because the bottom quintile of earners currently only pay about 2 percent of their income in federal taxes, under Cain's plan they would be paying considerably more. Specifically, he said with the 9 percent tax on every dollar they make, as well as every dollar spent, the poorest Americans would pay a whopping 18 percent of their income in taxes.

Comparatively, Linden said middle-class earners would see their taxes rise from 14 percent to about 18 percent, while the richest one percent of Americans would see their tax rate fall from about 28 percent to 11 percent under the 9-9-9 plan.

"It would be the biggest tax shift from the wealthy to the middle-class in the history of taxation, ever, anywhere, and it would bankrupt the country," said Michael Ettlinger, the vice president for economic policy at the Center for American Progress, told The Wall Street Journal.

While Cain has touted his plan as the solution to the nation's economic struggles, Linden's analysis found that, based on 2007 tax data, it would actually result in the largest budget deficits since World War II. If applied that year, the 9-9-9 plan would have yielded just under $1.3 trillion in total federal tax revenue -- 9.2 percent of the GDP - compared to 18.5 percent of GDP in tax revenue that was actually collected that year.

Cain's plan to tax food is so surprising that even the Tea Party group FreedomWorks assumed certain vital goods, such as food and medicine, would be exempt from the 9 percent national sales tax.

Thirty-one states as well as Washington, D.C. exempt most groceries from the state sales tax, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. In addition, seven states tax groceries at lower rates than other goods and five states tax food, but offer credits or rebates on some of those taxes for low-income earners. Only two states - Alabama and Mississippi -- currently apply their states full sales tax on grocery items.

1118 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

Al Sharpton is a racist. He deserves only to be ignored.

1118 days ago


every now and then Sharpton crawls out of the woodwork to gain attention- he is redudnant in this day and age and his ideas are archaic
he and Jesse Jackson need to step aside and let the younger leaders through- those who have been raised more in a culture of equality and who are not still clinging to to the past as a podium, but who are aware of the past and are interested in helping forge a continued better day for race relations...including Hispanic and legal immigrants
minorities are not just black

1118 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

wanna know what's worse, mr shrapnel? individual greed. 250 million times worse than corporate greed. i can bet you on that.

1118 days ago


Ideed lets protest corporate greed while we have cooperate Unions among our ranks,
lets rally against a debit card fee while shrugging our shoulders at a half trillion tax payer dollar loss to Solyndra in return to political favors.

Lets lay around the citys and protest what we don't have, while we are being forced to buy a costly product from the govt and pay for that product from birth to death or be fined.
Lets potest what we don't have to buy, don't have to use such as debit and ignore that which we are forced to pay for and watch being wasted away such as trillons of tax payer dollars, lets not protest unemployment that just wont end instead lets embrace it and give 4 more years to all of this diaster once called hope & change.

1118 days ago


Al Frankin looks like my friends' pug.

1118 days ago


Al Sharpton is a freaking idiot. The guy needs to shut his ugly, racist trap and just slink back under the rock he came from.

1118 days ago


Why does anyone listen to this race baiter?

1118 days ago


Do YOU have a 401(k), 403 (b) or an IRA? Then I hate to inform you that you are a share holder and one of those greedy Wall Street fat cats you are complaining about.

1118 days ago
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