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Al Sharpton

Occupy Wall Street

Is a 'Good Thing'

10/10/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1010_al_sharpton_launch_2Al Sharpton is on his way to "Occupy Wall Street" in NYC right now -- and he tells TMZ, it's about time people started rising against corporate greed in America.

Al landed in LaGuardia moments ago -- and according to the Rev, he's so moved by the 99% ... he might just camp out on Wall Street himself.

As for what Al thinks of Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain -- it involves racism and pizza ... check out the clip.


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Soros, Iran and now Brother Al support the protest, HUMMMMMM, got to LOVE it..

1073 days ago

Joshua Gamen    

Growing up, most of us were taught that if we wanted to change things in America, we could do it at the ballot box. Well, today large numbers of Americans are realizing that both major political parties have been bought and paid for.

1073 days ago


what do you want from a guy who can't even get the lable right, it's not "occupation" wall street Al.
by the way isnt Al working for and drawing a paycheck from a corporatation.

1073 days ago


This guy is one to talk. He is the permanent victim, he and Jessie Jackson have made an entire lucrative career being the victim and propping up false victims. They hate Herman Cain because he is a black man that isn't afraid to tell them the truth about themselves and their supporters and victims. Wall st. is full of thieves, that is true, his being there is just adding to the number.

1072 days ago


The drug dealer speaks!!!

1072 days ago

Troy McNEILL    

October 20, 2011

Dear Reverend Sharpton:

Look, Al !! You have enough grass roots organizational skill to see that the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, is in dire need of your assistance. I sent you a copy of the attached proposal a few days ago, but I did not tell you what you were suppose to do with it. I am sending a copy to Reverend Willie Bacote of Troy, NY. The greed on Wall Street, and elsewhere, is only symptomatic of the real problem that we are having with the politicians representing us. You may be able to persuade the movement’s leadership to move in this direction. If so, most of our present and future problems, will virtually cease to exist. This is where we need to be in this country, right now. Also, the ‘Street’ movement, does not have an email address (a crucial error), depriving them of the combined brain power of all Americans. They need our help, and they need your help.

Al, you and your people need to start working on this right now.

Sincerely yours,

Troy S. McNeill

OCCUPY Wall Street, But Do It Right !

The Biggest Problem With Our Great Country

The politicians that we elect to represent us during their terms of office, far too frequently forget their mandates once they are elected. Once in office, politicians, essentially, have a ‘free ride’, until the end of their term, which could range from 2 to 6 years. If we elect the wrong person to represent us in the House of Representatives, or the Senate, we are deprived of effective representation until the end of the term, which is always way too long, and often results in the failure, or delay of key legislation.

I believe that the People need to compel the enactment of a new type of constitutional amendment, that gives voters the Constitutional Right to ‘Recall’ inadequate politicians within 2 to 6 months. A ‘recalled politician should be required to return to his, or her home state and appear before that state’s, which would be granted original jurisdiction in handling ‘Recall’ matters, and be examined by the Court, and be held accountable for his or her voting record in the Congress. If the state’s highest finds significant cause, it must vacate the office held by the Senator or Representative, and order a new election in the applicable districts, within 2 to 6 months.

‘RECALL’ Procedure

The ‘Recall’ procedure could/would be initiated by presenting a signed and notarized petition containing e.g. [ 20,000 verified signatures, or 20% of the District, which ever is smaller] to the Clerk of the state’s highest Court. The same person may re-run for office and be re-elected, and cannot be ‘Recalled’ a second time, if re-elected.
A politician should not be ‘recalled’ more than twice during the same term, if the Court returns the politician to office.

A constitutional amendment, granting the People the right to initiate ‘Recall’ remedies, is unlikely to be ratified by the House and the Senate. Therefore, it is proposed, that the amendment be enacted, exclusively via Voter Referendum, and perhaps, setting aside usual ratification by the states prior to enactment, in order to consider the prospect of actual enactment in each state where its voters approve the


Since the constitutionality of this proposed amend would be hotly contested, even if approved by voters, I believe that several components of our constitution can be shown to imply, or convey the Right of ‘the People’ to conceive, develop and enact a Constitutional Amendment to protect the right of the People to improve the Constitution in order to achieve effective representation in the Congress.
Wall Street Bailouts & Wall Street Greed

Wall Street was victimized by its own greed, and the bailouts were mismanaged by the people we put in office to represent us. A few months after the bailouts, Wall Street continued its opulent bonus practices, and it became clear that no one is watching the store. They did not bail themselves out. We, the People, bailed out Wall Street, and our United States Treasury is entitled to at least half, [if not all] of that windfall profit
bonus money.

The OCCUPY Wall Street movement, is long overdue. Don’t waste it ! Develop clearly defined goals, and align your people behind only the politicians who strive to make significant, effective, long-term solutions, to economic, health care and educational solutions.

We need to get rid of everyone blocking the President’s ‘Jobs Bill’.

Our Constitution is one of the greatest do***ents ever conceived, but it is not perfect yet. It is our duty to perfect it. Without the necessary perfection, politicians will always be in a position to virtually ‘dismantle’ the diligent efforts of the People.

All Power To The People !

Troy St. John McNeill

1063 days ago


It states that he is a Baptist minister; my description of him is just one word; Agitator .

1063 days ago


it will be a glorios day when this bafoon finally shuts up

1063 days ago


who made this nut a preacher. We need to hang that person because this man is a antichrist. He never talks good about a white man. A man of God should love every one and try to win people to christ and stay out of washington.Him and jessie Jackson are so antichrist it is not real how bad they are. MLK would turn over in his grave if he heard these to athiests nuts. They dont believe in God. Only there money wagon God. It is getting to late to talk trash get to saving people you nut job.Your going to make hell a lot hotter if you dont repent and shut your nasty mouth. Every time you talk its about some white man. If not for the white man you wouldnt have a job stupid.

1063 days ago

jackie pate     

hey al look and see who has recived the most money from the wall street boys obama you missled blacks and feed them a bunch of lies just to line youro on pockets you have solid them out

1061 days ago
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