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Girl Scouts

Reality TV Shows

Turn Women Into 'Mean Girls'

10/14/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Girl Scouts of the USA is warning its legions ... reality television shows are turning young women into "mean girls."

The Girl Scouts Research Institute conducted a study on reality TV ... and concluded, "teen girls who regularly view reality TV accept and expect a higher level of drama, aggression, and bullying in their own lives, and measure their worth primarily by their physical appearance."

A rep for the Institute also noted that reality TV shows "more frequently portrays girls and women in competition with one another rather than in support or collaboration.  This perpetuates a 'mean-girl' stereotype and normalizes this behavior among girls."

The Girl Scouts did not name any of the shows involved in their study.

But it wasn't all bad news ... the GSRI says 68% of girls surveyed agree reality shows "make me think I can achieve anything in life" and 48% believe they "help me realize there are people out there like me."

The Girl Scouts note, "We don't want girls to avoid reality TV, but want them, along with their parents, to know what they are getting into when they watch it."

So we gotta ask ...


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Delaware D    

Well, I do loive their cookies.

Meanwhile, this was posted earlier on the “Amy Adams, What's the Worst Movie EVER?” thread. And I’m now obsessed with it. lol

Movie is titled ‘13th Grade’ and it stars Screech and that chick from Bachelor Pad.

here's the trailer:

1107 days ago


The Girl Scouts don't have much room to talk - they BOUNCE paychecks

1107 days ago


I don't know enough about the Girl Scouts organization to say whether I support them or not, but I sure do agree that reality tv offers a shockingly bad representation of females. From the white trash pregnant teens to the catty mean girl 'women' on the Housewives series...women set themselves back and serve as horrible role models for future generations. That said, men on reality shows typically come off just as bad.

1107 days ago


All that reality shows have showed me is that there are really stupid people in the U.S.A. Also, that this generation has no hope. I hear people are calling it 'Generation Doom'? What can you do when you see middle school kids, who look like their in their 20's. Jersey Shore has made teens these days act like fools thinking getting drunk and fighting is a way to get famous.

1107 days ago


Chocolate mint cookies!!! Yummy!! On another note, not all reality programs are bad. Just the ones where these kids and young adults get drunk and beat each other up, or where a bunch of old hags yell at each other through the whole show.

1107 days ago

Takea Guess    

Well, I am the mom of 2 Cadette Girl Scouts and I DO think that reality TV is bad for most everybody, but especially kids. Most kids are allowed full access with out supervision to pretty much anything they wanna watch...and most of them aren't choosing to watch anything that might be educational or more family oriented.....bad behavior, sex and other extreme behavior sells and is much more appealing....I am guilt of watching reality TV....but I also know that what I am watching is not NORMAL..Kids see it and think they need to act like that.

It boils down to parents being ACTIVE in their parenting and in their kids lives. Our society is sorely lacking in the parenting deparment, IMO.

Scouting, be it By Scouts or Girl Scouts, foster good things in children...teamwork, respect for self and others, community involvement and other skills that people need to be successful.

1107 days ago


Wrong! Bad parents create mean girls.

1107 days ago


I agree..... Bad parents make mean girls!! My girls are bullied at school because they don't run with the 'mean girls'. America has a SERIOUS parenting problem that in turn has created a very serious bullying problem. And these are people who will take care of us when we are old....that is damn scary.

1107 days ago


"more frequently portrays girls and women in competition with one another rather than in support or collaboration. This perpetuates a 'mean-girl' stereotype and normalizes this behavior among girls."
Like being pressured to sell a million cookies didn't put us in competition? And being shunned and bullied for not wanting to sell a thousand to our already poor families on the threat that we wouldn't be able to go to camp if we didn't sell enough? Girl Scouts are such hypocrites who only ever bullied me for being poor.

1107 days ago


I think it may be the other way around. Mean, vindictive, greedy, and selfish girls are more likely to work for a reality show. In my book it's the first signal that no matter how good they look reality show girls are likely damaged goods. Remember, if you want to take one of these women for a spin to always use a condom and flush after use just to be sure.

1107 days ago


I actually find them a good opportunity to talk with my daughter about how NOT to be. She agrees.

1107 days ago


Don't you ever tend to think that 55% of most reality TV is all fake?

1107 days ago


I haven't seen every reality show on TV, but from what I have seen, there are no role models in any of them. They all appear to be vapid and superficial. I can't imagine any parent wanting there child to grow up and emulating any of the reality "stars" (meaning ********).

1107 days ago


Reality TV is a blight on all humanity, so of course it is bad for girls... it is bad for everyone!

1107 days ago


Based on the title alone, I 100% agree. I have witnessed it first hand in every day life from young women. Certain reality shows breed bad behavior! It then seems to become acceptable in MODERN day society. Who really wants to deal with that kind of attitude all the time? If it continues this way just contemplate the FUTURE.

1107 days ago
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